Kings Notes: Ariza, Centers, Dedmon

Trevor Ariza, who joined the Kings this summer on a two-year, $25MM contract, understands he might not get a chance to see the type of minutes he’s accustomed to while in Sacramento, given the club’s crowded frontcourt.

“As a player, as a competitor, you always believe you can compete at any level, against anybody and I’m one of those players that feels that way,” Ariza told James Ham of NBC Sports. “But I also understand that this is a team sport and a team game and whatever works best for the team is the road that you have to play.”

Here’s more from Sacramento:

  • In the same piece, Ariza spoke about why he choose the Kings in free agency. “The main reason I chose Sacramento is because it’s closer to home for me, I’m familiar with the coaching staff and I believe in what [head coach] Luke [Walton] has to offer and what he’s doing,” said Ariza, who was raised in Los Angeles.
  • In a separate piece, Ham writes that the Kings’ center position will have its share of healthy competition. “We can go with [Dewayne Dedmon] who can space the floor for us, which can allow [De’Aaron Fox] to have that funnel right to the paint as often as we need him to,” Walton said. “We’ve got [Richaun Holmes], who is one of the most dynamic rollers in-game to play at the five. We have Harry [Giles], who is one of the best playmakers on our team from what I can tell from last year.”
  • Dedmon signed a three-year, $40MM contract with the Kings and the big man believes Sacramento’s offensive approach fits his game well. “This definitely fits my style of play,” Dedmon said. “Fast, get up and down, run, it’s going to be fun.”
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11 thoughts on “Kings Notes: Ariza, Centers, Dedmon

  1. Clippers should possibly look at tracing Maurice Harkless and Jerome Robinson for Trevor Ariza and Harry Giles. Maybe throw the kings are pair of secon rounders if need be.
    Trevor would be happy playing for a competitor in LA under a good coach in Doc Rivers. He would add more defence and another shooter to a really good Clippers team. Giles would also be a nice addition a young PF/C.
    In return the kings get a Harkless who’s on an expiring deal and offers what Ariza would a back up 3/4. The Kings get Jerome Robinson who didn’t get much NBA minutes last season but he was a former 13th pick. He’s a good shooter and all round player, averaged 19/4/4 in the g league this year. Maybe a couple seconds to the kings to sweeten the deal

    • teamdennis5

      so you want the kings to trade a piece of their future in Giles for an expiring contract in Harkless who doesnt fit the current rosters and a former 13 pick who hasnt had much run of late in the NBA?

        • Theone23

          If they just gave him that contract, why would they want to dump said contract??? And lose Giles on top of that. That makes no sense.

    • formerlyz

      Lol no way Sacramento moves Giles in a deal like that, especially to the Clippers

    • They already have so many bigs Bagley, Holmes, Dedmon, Bjilica, Lydon, Swanigan and Harnes is looking for like a 4 than a 3 now.
      So obviously the Kings don’t exactly need Giles and he won’t get much minutes if he stays. That’s why I suggested they get Jerome Robinson. Robinson would be a really good young back up behind Hield and with Bogdanovic going off contract he could potentially save the club having to give him a big deal to keep him. Giles is probably a slightly better prospect that’s why I suggested you might have to throw in a pair of second rounders. Ariza for Harkless is pretty straight up. The two of them are back up 3/4s, getting Harkless saves the kings salary and is on an expiring deal, he’s also only 26 so they may choose to extend him longer if he plays well. Ariza is already old and is probably slightly overpaid. He would jump at the chance to get more minutes and play under Doc on a better team.

  2. david722

    Would love to see Luke and Sac-town jump all over that embarrasing franchise in LA.

      • Theone23

        Yes, in every sense of the word. About to go to another level too when they miss the playoffs this year and AD bolts for Chicago

        • IslandFlava

          The hate you give to the Lakers is way too much, just jump off the hate wagon before it does your health in!
          BTW the only embarrassing franchise in LA as far as I know it always has been the Clips… I mean they never done anything in like 40 years, right?

  3. Ironmonger835

    How does Trevor Ariza keep getting these big contracts? This dude has been below average for 3 plus years. Everyone still thinks he’s good for some reason. Must have a really good agent or something…

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