Kyrie Irving: Nets Will Take Over New York City

Kyrie Irving‘s first two games have been nothing short of spectacular. After dropping 50 points in his debut on Wednesday in a loss to the Timberwolves, Irving followed that with a 26-point effort along with the game-winner over New York.

After choosing the Nets over the Knicks in free agency, Irving has been vocal about how happy he is to be back home in the tri-state area. As Brooklyn seeks a playoff spot and a possible championship, Irving sees the Nets overtaking the Knicks for New York City supremacy.

“We’re dressed in that all-black all year. We got a lot, a lot of goals to accomplish this season,” Irving told fans at a promotional event Thursday, per Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News. “The team is excited. Obviously we know in the months to follow, we got a sleeping, sleeping monster that’s on our team right there.”

The Nets won’t be at full strength until next year when Kevin Durant, who is recovering from a torn Achilles, is expected to suit up, While it’s possible Durant plays later this year, the Nets are focused on this season and being successful without KD in the lineup.

 “…But for the time being, we’re going to take over the whole entire city. It’s about us,” Irving said.

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22 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving: Nets Will Take Over New York City

  1. dynasty in boston

    Yup, same old Kaylee Irving. Chirping and cooing like a baby. Yeah, you beat the Knicks. But when the losses pile up, Nets fans will see the REAL Kaylee, in his little black dress. blaming others for the team’s misfortunes.

    He’ll scream to be traded by New Years Eve.

    • amk3510

      Yeah ok your the same person that said Kemba is better because he won a big game in his Jr. year of college. Kemba is no where close to “Kaylee” as a player. The Celtics are the 2nd biggest joke in the East only slighlty above the Knicks.

      • Curtisrowe

        AMK, You ever hear or the Hornets, Pistons, Wizards, Bulls or the Cavaliers?

        • amk3510

          None of those teams passed on trading role players for a superstar. Or had a legit chance to win in the post Lebron east but got too cute and failed.

          • Curtisrowe

            Okay, so you think the Celtics are more of a joke than the Cavs. Good IQ check.

          • Alright ill bite, what role players? Selling low on guys like tatum and brown as role players is bad business, their current floor is more of a selling point given their age. As for actual role players like avery bradley or jae crowder, they did trade them. One For a superstar. Didnt work out. What makes them a joke is stems in my eyes from ainges moves after his gamble failed. I doubted an irving heyward pairing would win it all even at full health, but when that all blew up in his face he basically doubled down by spending money. Typical ainge draft as well. Walker isnt far behind Irving in terms of production, but much like irving hes prob not gonna move the needle enough. Theyll be slightly worse, hard to imagine them really reaching their ceiling with heyward, brown, and tatum all on the roster. Next year, with heyward gone, will be more fruitful. Celtics fans should take more issue with ainge then Irving, irving is irving but ainge is doing spins

      • dynasty in boston

        Beating Toronto on the road is barely above Knicks? You have a distorted perception of reality, genius

  2. Yeah, NY’ers ain’t buying that crap. Nets will always be the ‘journey’ second team, bouncing from LI to NJ to BKLN. Two players and 4 years won’t change history or the hearts of NY.

    And I’m from Brooklyn.

  3. hiflew

    Dropping 50 in a loss? Nets fans should get used to that. Irving is about the same as Jimmy Butler. He’ll score an amazing amount of points for a 35 win team.

    Next year, when they get Durant, they will probably be in the mix for the best team in the East. This year, they will be lucky to make the playoffs.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Nets have zero NBA championships after 43 years.

      Even with Kyrie and KD (once he comes back) that’s not changing.

  4. metsie1

    Nets won’t take over Brooklyn. As pitiful as the Knicks are, they are our pitiful team. Blind loyalty is just the fanatic part of fan.

  5. johnstodder

    Just take over Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a great town. My son lives there and doesn’t care about basketball. Make folks like him care.

    Leave Manhattan to the swells. The future of NYC is in the Outer Boroughs, especially Brooklyn & Queens.

  6. yanksallday

    Just talk from someone who’s not from New York. Hear the same from Mets fans / radio every year they get off to a hot start.

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