Marks’ Latest: Sabonis, Rockets, Grizzlies, Nets

If the Pacers and Domantas Sabonis are able to bridge the gap in contract negotiations and finalize an extension for the big man by Monday’s deadline, count on it being worth more than the four-year, $72MM deal Myles Turner signed a year ago, says ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Insider link). Sources tell Marks that the terms Turner received on his rookie scale extension are considered a “non-starter” when it comes to Sabonis’ next deal.

As we relayed on Friday night, a report from The Athletic indicated that the Pacers are exploring trade options involving Sabonis, since the two sides remain far apart in extension talks. However, Indiana’s asking price in those trade discussions reportedly remains too high so far.

Here are a few more items of interest from Marks:

  • Marks suggests that the Rockets will likely apply for a disabled player exception for Gerald Green, who is expected to miss the entire season with a broken foot. However, because Green is on a minimum-salary deal, that DPE – if granted – would only be worth about $810K.
  • Ivan Rabb‘s 2019/20 salary will become fully guaranteed if he’s not waived today, so the Grizzlies have a decision to make. The team has 17 candidates for its regular-season roster with only 15 spots available, so veterans like Rabb and/or Miles Plumlee could be released, Marks notes.
  • Expect the Nets to be “at the front of the line” if Alfonzo McKinnie goes unclaimed on waivers, according to Marks, who points out that the forward would be a good fit for Brooklyn’s open two-way contract slot or to replace Wilson Chandler when the veteran goes on the suspended list.
  • Marks believes Hornets second-round pick Jalen McDaniels is a good candidate to be converted into a two-way contract or to agree to a longer-term deal than the one-year pact he signed last week.
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12 thoughts on “Marks’ Latest: Sabonis, Rockets, Grizzlies, Nets

  1. rxbrgr

    Wouldn’t McKinnie need to be waived again by the Nets if they claimed him and wanted to convert him to a two-way? I thought that was why GST had to release him.

  2. phillyballers

    How is BR projecting him to score 4 more points with Brogdon, healthy Dipo and TJ Warren on the squad this year?? If anything I think he drops 2 ppg.

  3. hoosierhysteria

    Pay Sabonis!!!!! Trade Turner. Turner wants to chuck up 3’s….Sabonis sets picks and rebounds for VO and Brogdon.

    • chorn47

      sabonis doesn’t stretch the floor or play any defense. turner is the superior player

      • IslandFlava

        Man Sabonis is way better than Turner is. As mentioned Turner doesn’t stretch the floor he just chucks up 3’s… usually rocks, don’t rebound & don’t defend. Now Sabonis numbers are great for his playing time, he can score, pass, rebound… Is a very complete player & much more efficient than Turner.
        Indiana made a mistake by extending Turner, don’t make an even bigger one by loosing Sabonis, pay the man & get rid of Turner.

        • chorn47

          sorry, i dont see it. as a big man if you dont block shots or shoot from deep you have no real role. Turner is significantly better at both. turner is the better player and it isnt even close. Sabonis, as much as i like hom as a pacers fan, fits in 1995 NBA, not 2019

  4. I’d rather Turner cause along he isn’t as good at passing and stuff he does his main roles better. He shoots the 3 and doesn’t clog the paint, blocks shots, and gets about 10 rebounds. Sabonis plays more with ball in his hands and in the paint. Both are good Sabonis is more all round better but Turner knows his role and does it well

    • IslandFlava

      Turner don’t get no rebounds, only block shots & shoot inefficiently from 3, no use at all, anyway my opinion, I prefer Sabonis but I understand you guys see it differently, which is cool!

      • He shot 39% from 3 last year which is really good for a centre. He led the league in blocks with almost 3. I thought he was a better rebounder than what he is, he needs to improve that aspect of his game.

  5. atlas bunts

    They are 2 completely different players. That’s the issue. Their size has nothing to do w/ it.
    Sabonis is a good all around player. Would’ve been great 90-06.
    Turner is a decent offensive player & a great defender.

  6. x%sure

    Pacers started trying Turner & Sabonis together a while ago and it has never clicked. Not surprising if Sabonis wants out. Not well handled.

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