Pacific Notes: Rondo, Jones, Ayton, Bogdanovic

Rajon Rondo could be available tonight against the Jazz if his sore calf doesn’t flare up again, Mike Bresnahan of Spectrum SportsNet tweets. The veteran Lakers point guard participated in a scrimmage during Thursday’s practice. Rondo, who missed Tuesday’s opener, will start “a lot” at point guard, according to coach Frank Vogel, Dave McMenamin of ESPN tweets. Rondo will play 25-30 minutes on a regular basis whether or not he starts, McMenamin writes in a separate post.

We have more from the Pacific Division:

  • Suns GM James Jones is “disappointed in the actions” of center Deandre Ayton, who was suspended for 25 games by the league on Thursday for using a banned substance, Gina Mizell of The Athletic tweets. Jones added that the franchise remains “committed to his growth and development on and off the court.” Aron Baynes is expected to move into the starting lineup while Frank Kaminsky could see more action at center, Mizell writes in a separate story. Cheick Diallo, who was not part of Wednesday’s opening-night rotation,  could also be in the mix, Mizell adds.
  • The Suns will likely add a center once they’re able to move Ayton to the suspended list, John Gambadoro of 98.7 FM Phoenix tweets. Phoenix will be permitted to add a 16th player to their roster after their game against Memphis on November 2.
  • Bogdan Bogdanovic isn’t thrilled about the prospect of being a sixth man with the Kings, according to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon and Brian Windhorst (hat tip to NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman). There’s no spot for him in the lineup with Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes at the wings and locked into long-term contracts. Bogdanovic, who scored just two points points in 22 minutes during the Kings’ opener, will be a restricted free agent after the season.
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13 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Rondo, Jones, Ayton, Bogdanovic

  1. Simple Fan

    It’s daggers to the heart of the team FKA as the Phoenix Suns. So what in the hell really happened. The only thing is how’s Ayton’s chances to make Phoenix a contender this year, and surely they have had the stability and the stature to be composed that way. If he doesn’t bring up in honest opinion that he tried neither marijuana or performance-enhancing drugs then they have to see straight to it, and i’m glad they are… ’cause something isn’t going to cost the Suns anything this year, especially when it’s something that wasn’t their problem. They have to be smarter than that, just talk to De’Andre so his fans can really know what really happened

    So far it isn’t justified and I just don’t know about it. The Suns org. is so screwy though, for trying to keep their fans’ attention, then blowing all this money, are they ever going to pay attention? They should prove it if they have it. So personally I think the topic shifts to being about Ayton’s leash.

    It should be a Suns leash. See it still has to work for him no matter what. I don’t like the James Jones comment, that he’s “disappointed in the actions” of De’Andre Ayton. That’s not good for the Suns, I think that’s going to make Ayton reconsider his time there, because who wants to work for someone with zero faith and then it’s nobody!

    I don’t know if Ayton is innocent but I still believe him when he said he doesn’t know.

    • myaccount

      Crazy rambling of incoherent thoughts topped off by a wild theory. Any organization would be upset with Ayton.

      • Simple Fan

        Ayton’s just gotta have respect for his team where he doesn’t slip for them. What I’m trying to say is that he didn’t do something wrong, so the whole thing with him having taken illegal medicine can’t be true until he testifies for them.

  2. x%sure

    I think Barnes with his movement skills over-impress bb people and other players (like GM Divac) with his movement skills.
    I would call him a placeholder and like GSW let someone else pay him.

    It is being said his contract boosted Hield’s which boosted Brown’s. Anyone else?

    • I understand Hields getting boosted cause of Barnes deal. But from my perspective I still think Brown is a huge overpay. Brown may have more potential but Hield went from being a piece in the Cousins trade that people joked about to a really good young player, who’s proven himself a few times. Hield last season averaged 21/5/2.5 while shooting 43% from deep. Plus Hield has a good connection with Fox. Brown who is a SF playing SG averaged 13/4/1.5. Yes Brown is a better defender but he hasn’t proven himself worthy of that pay day. I think Marcus Smart is a better player than Brown and his deal should be a factor. Smart is a better scorer, passer, defender and leader than Brown and is only getting about 13 mil. Because Hield is getting just over 20 and Smart is getting 13, Id pay Brown 18, 20 at a stretch.

      I think as this year goes on Brown won’t have a huge improvement and I think Brown should be straight swapped for Sabonis. Sabonis can be the Celtics current and future C, which is a bit of a problem area for them. Indiana get Jaylen Brown at an overpay but he might fit nicely with Oladipo and Turner.
      If I was Indiana even tho Brown is abit of an overpay I’d definitely do it. Oli Brown and Turner would be good in both ends. I’d after that even try swap Brogdon and a first or 2 first for Dloading. Brogdon fits GSW perfectly with his efficiency and defence and Dloading would fit Indy great, Russel and Oladipo would probably be the best backcourt in the East. Dloading Oladipo Brown Warren Turner that’s a strong team there, with Lamb, McBuckets and others off the bench too.

      • x%sure

        Celt Sabonis, Pacer Jaylen Brown, Warrior Brogdon sound like fits. I need to see what happens with D’Lo on GSW, later in the year.

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