Spurs, DeMar DeRozan Discussing Extension

The Spurs and star guard DeMar DeRozan are having discussions about a potential contract extension, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic. However, Charania cautions that nothing is imminent.

We heard nearly two months ago that the Spurs value DeRozan enough to keep him around long-term and hadn’t ruled out the possibility of offering him a maximum extension.

In DeRozan’s case, the most he could get on a new deal would be approximately $149MM over four years, starting in 2020/21. That would require him to decline his 2020/21 player option, replacing it with the first year of a new extension, which could be worth up to 120% of his current $27.74MM salary.

DeRozan, a 10-year NBA veteran, turned 30 years old this summer, so investing heavily in his age 31-34 seasons would be a risk for San Antonio. The Spurs haven’t been averse to that sort of deal in the past — two Octobers ago, they signed LaMarcus Aldridge to an extension at age 32. But Aldridge’s new deal only tacked on two years to his existing contract and isn’t fully guaranteed in its final season. The club might want to hedge its bets in a similar manner in its offer to DeRozan.

Of course, given how relatively weak the 2020 free agent class projects to be, DeRozan can reasonably expect to receive a big payday if he opts to reach the open market next July. So an extension offer from San Antonio would have to be lucrative enough to convince him to forgo free agency.

For his part, the four-time All-Star said this week at Media Day that he isn’t spending much time thinking about his contract situation, as Charania relays.

“That’s not on my mind,” DeRozan said. “My focus is to go out there and hoop. How everything will unfold, that’s how it will unfold.”

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13 thoughts on “Spurs, DeMar DeRozan Discussing Extension

  1. D-NBA

    I’ll take it they are sold on using Murray and DeRozan as their front court going forward. At least Murray will project to be a 35 percent and up 3 point shooter and has an automatic mid-range game because DeMar shot 28 percent from 3 point range last year but being that he won’t have to be a playmaker this season I think he will a solid season. I see 24 ppg for DeMar.

    • traderumorzcmntr

      Lol wut^ nothing about that made sense. They are the backcourt for starters, and where is Murray projected at 35% from 3? Also the second half of that I’m still trying to wrap my head around because it was utter nonsense.

    • x%sure

      Derozan is now mostly a SF esp with Murray and Lonnie Walker back and White, Mills, Forbes and Bellinelli still there in the backcourt. Also they are listing their pick Keldon Johnson as a guard, and were slow to re-sign SF Gay. Bas.Ref. says Derozan spent 75% at the 3 even last year, likely because of who he covered.

  2. Gary

    DeMar DeRozan is a perfect regular season guy. He’ll get you your wins and high seeding and average 25 a game. He’s a good player with a lot of skill.

    But please get the ball out of his hands with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter of a playoff game. Don’t want him doing what he’s been doing the last 10 years…, dribbling off his foot, terrible shot with two guys on him, costly turnover, bad pass Etc.

    He can get you 25, but he can’t get you 2.

  3. Buckman

    Pop…don’t…do…it. DeRozan’s game will be less of a fit with each passing year due to his style and his age. I agree with a previous poster that he is a late game liability. Additionally as players who rely on driving get older they get to the hoop less and less due to losing a step and perhaps wanting to avoid the physicalness of that type of play.

  4. Tazza

    DeRozen is damaged goods.
    You don’t want to be paying him 30 mil plus especially not on a new long term deal.
    I personally like DeRozen, but still style of game won’t last very long. He can’t shoot and 3 and he is the furthest thing from clutch in a long time. He’s a perfect regular season player who will give you wins, score 25+ and get you come rebounds and assists. He can’t continue to use athleticism to beat players at score so much and expect to play well at in his thirties cause his body will fail him.
    DeRozen has earnt a good bit of money over his career maybe he is better off playing as a second star on a team with playoff ambitions. Maybe he goes back to Toronto for Gasol and two first. Maybe he wants to chill with someone like Jimmy Butler in Miami.
    If he’s willing to take a pay cut and compete back in his hometown of LA he could join the Clippers with George and Leonard once Harkless and Lou Williams deals expire. Maybe he goes to the Lakers once KCP and Danny Greens deals exprire.

  5. formerlyz

    The Spurs improved DeRozan a lot, but he fell back into his ways when it mattered in the playoffs, and single handedly cost them the series vs Denver

  6. phillyballers

    Extension? Yikes. Playoffs are all that matters and he’s terrible.

  7. Terrodan

    Extension makes no sense for spurs derozan is only going to get worse

  8. IslandFlava

    He had the best season of his career last year, so… counting no star free agent would wanna go to San Antonio & they ain’t picking any stars in the draft… sounds like not such a bad idea to extend him, right?

  9. Tazza

    I think the Spurs should instead of agreeing to pay him which would lock up its salary for a few years they should look to get as much back for him as possible. They already have DeJonte Murray, Derrick White, Lonnie Walker and Patty Mills to lead it’s back court. They don’t have much young forwards maybe a good young forward or two would be better and start to re grow the team. The West has really improved this year and a combo of DeRozan and Aldridge won’t last longer than 2 years. Aaron Gordon would be a good pick up maybe swap Derozan for Gordon and Ross. Atleast then you have a plan of competing for a few years

  10. DynamiteAdams

    He’s not going to be worth the money he wants. I say let him go to a team who will pay him and let him be there problem. Same with Aldridge. I like both players but a team built around them in their mid 30s isn’t going anywhere.

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