Carmelo Anthony Reiterates Desire To Play: “Two Thousand Percent”

Carmelo Anthony hasn’t appeared in an NBA game in over a calendar year, but that hasn’t deterred the 35-year-old from continuing to pursue a comeback in the league, according to Neil Best of Newsday.

Anthony, who last saw action with the Rockets in November of 2018, didn’t mince words when asked if he still had interest in playing basketball.

“Two thousand percent,” he said on Thursday night before being led away by an associate, according to Best. “Make that the headline.”

Anthony’s abrupt exit from the NBA has perplexed many league observers, many of whom privately agree that his chances of landing a fully guaranteed contract have begun to dwindle. The question of whether Anthony, who’s currently represented by Leon Rose of CAA Sports, would be willing to accept a non-guaranteed training camp invite circulated plenty before the season kicked off.

Several other veterans remain available on the open market, including J.R. Smith and Jamal Crawford, both of whom have active interest in returning to the league this season.

For Anthony, waiting for the right opportunity may no longer take precedence. This process could be stretched out as the campaign progresses, possibly until around the trade deadline or buyout deadline. It could also be swiftly finalized with the accomplishment of landing one sought-after phone call.

“I’m sitting back waiting to see what happens, spending time with the family right now, and that’s all I can focus on, and other things I have going on,” Anthony said.

Anthony holds 16 seasons of NBA experience, making stops with Denver, New York, Oklahoma City and Houston since being drafted third in 2003.

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12 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony Reiterates Desire To Play: “Two Thousand Percent”

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Menlo can play wherever he wants, except of course for an NBA team.

    I wonder if anyone still blames the Rockets for his poor performance during his final appearance as an NBA player. That would be totally ignorant.

    • dynasty in boston

      Can’t wait to hear your excuses when Rockets lose in first round this year. No more Warrior dynasty (at least not this year)

  2. jump shot

    Those 3 guys would literally play in the league now for FREE. Anthony feels disrespected and wants to leave on his own terms – not by having it dictated to him.
    Smith just wants the nba lifestyle and “perks”.
    And, Crawford just has a love of the game and would rather play it at the highest level rather than at the local LA Fitness on Saturday mornings, Lifetime Fitness on Monday & Wednesday, and the Jewish Community Ctr on Fridays.

  3. JosephCC87

    Ese tipo con tanto dinero y afanando tanto por estar dando carrera como un caballo.

  4. Reflect

    To be fair, he had offers from NBA teams last year. They just weren’t top contenders and he turned them down. He did this to himself.

    • Because diplomacy and bringing people together with his words and actions is his bag? I guess Melo is a tremendous force of peace, love and togetherness said no one ever.

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