Community Shootaround: Carmelo In Portland

Many people were skeptical that another NBA team would take a chance on Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony and his representatives spoke openly about his desire to play again but it seemed as if he would be either forced into retirement or explore overseas options.

The call the longtime All-Star had been waiting for came from the Pacific Northwest. The Trail Blazers were suddenly thin at the power forward spot when Zach Collins suffered a shoulder injury that could sideline him the entire season. Barring a last-minute snag, Anthony is expected to sign with the Blazers this weekend and make his Portland debut next week.

Anthony struggled with the idea of being a role player last season with the Rockets and lasted just 10 games before a mutual parting. Now, he’s got another chance to show he can be an asset in the modern NBA game.

The fact that Anthony, 35, had to settle for a non-guaranteed deal reinforces the notion that this is likely his last chance to show he can blend in rather than being the star of the show.

The fact that journeyman Anthony Tolliver and Mario Hezonja have taken turns replacing Collins with limited results means that Anthony could quickly jump into the lineup. Meshing his offensive skills with high-scoring guards Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum will be a work in progress.

Whether Anthony can defend his position and switch out on younger, quicker players is an even bigger mystery. But there’s no denying Melo can score in bunches when he gets on a roll.

That brings us to our question of the day: Do you think Carmelo Anthony will last the whole season with Portland or will he flame out quickly as he did in Houston?

Please take to the comments section to voice your opinion. We look forward to what you have to say.

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21 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Carmelo In Portland

  1. Jason Lancaster

    I’d bet that he’s included in whatever trade Portland makes to fix their roster.

    I could see him heading back to NY as part of a Gibson or Morris trade, and then retiring a Knick. Dolan gets his publicity, Melo gets his farewell party, and Portland gets better.

    • turner9

      This move basically signals “we gotta try something to make the playoffs”

      But let’s face it, even if this sparks a nice run, they make it to the finals, they better hope Milwaukee or Toronto aren’t there too

      Budenholzer and Nurse would pick Carmelo apart and he wouldn’t see the floor, then you double Dam and CJ every touch. Game over

  2. If he buys in to his role he’ll play and stay. Look at Dwight in LA. It can happen. Melo can still get you buckets

  3. jump shot

    Melo can hoop. Portland is a good spot for him, alongside McCollum, Lillard, and the young gun from Florida prep school. They wont win a championship or anything – everybody cant – but those guys just come out and hoop like its a pickup game and they’re trying to stay on the court. If Mel stays healthy he’ll be there the remainder of the season.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It’s not a question of whether or not Melo stays healthy.

      The only question is whether or not he can play any defense.

      • jump shot

        Clearly, at 35, he is who he is. Has he EVER been a A1 defender? Portland didn’t sign him expecting him to (all of a sudden) be someone defensively we all know he’s not. If he stays healthy he’ll be there the rest of the season.

  4. phillyballers

    Everyone acts like Melo is a chump. HOFer. His game is iso mid range. Thunder and the Rockets didn’t put him in a position to thrive. He doesn’t lurk around the 3 pt line. That is Korver, Frye, Green, etc..

    • IslandFlava

      Totally agree with you! Melo is a lock for the HoF despite all his haters, that is a fact!

    • Eric Lord

      The Thunder didn’t ask him to play at the 3 point line. They wanted him to come off the bench because they played better, especially defensively, when that happened. Melo didn’t like coming off the bench & he didn’t mesh with the rest of the team because he didn’t like being the third option. That’s why the Thunder moved him. As for the Rockets, that was a bad fit from the beginning. Melo never should’ve gone there in the first place.

      • formerlyz

        I dont really buy the issues in OKC. They had no spacing b/c Melo was arguably their best shooter, and their elite defense became worse without Roberson, for obvious reasons, but they were still good. If they had signed Belinelli in the buyout market or another shooter, they could have been really good. They never added a shooter

    • Reflect

      Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time but that doesn’t mean he’d help the Trailblazers if they signed him today. It doesn’t matter what Melo used to be.

  5. Eric Lord

    It all depends on Melo. If he can accept a lesser role and be a team player, then he can last the rest of the season. That hasn’t been something he has done in the past. He has to realize that this is probably his last chance and he has to accept whatever role he is asked

  6. formerlyz

    Depends on how they use him, and if they turn him into a scapegoat the way Houston did…

    Nassir Little should see minutes defensively at the 4/3 spots at times. They have a positive net rating with Hezonja. I would let Hezonja start at the 4, and then have Bazemore, if he plays, Melo and Little play together in that 2nd unit…the only problem with that is Hassan Whiteside, who should be coming off the bench, but Collins, Gasol, and Nurkic are all injured, and not sure if they’d consider starting skal over Whiteside. Not sure he and Melo can play on the same floor together for several reasons on both sides of the ball

    CJ and Bazemore have been awful this year, although they’re still plus with CJ on the floor.

  7. Buckman

    If you look at Melo’s top 10 comp players at basketball reference there is only 1 HOF in that group, Alex English! Melo made the all star teams but is statistically lacking.

  8. H.Henderson

    Melo should only guard fours. All players at the three spot are faster than Melo. Other than that an efficient 15 points and decent defense Melo should play 15-20min. I think this is a good signing for Portland.

  9. Stoop Down Low

    Carmelo can bust up most guys in the league including about ten Trailblazers. My guess is he’ll be ready to ball out now and with an attitude besides. He’s not that old, either. It would help if he’s trim and in shape.

  10. stevep-4

    The replacement center they need is out there, and he would still be useful when Nurkic returns. Joakim Noah. He is still a great passer and can provide some rebounding, so he is a reasonable analog for Gasol, who no doubt is a better shooter even now. He would also be a good pairing in the interim with Melo. He could be signed for vet min, so no cap issues, same kind of contract Melo and Howard have with no guarantee. Dump Labissiere to make roster room.

    • formerlyz

      I actually agree that Noah would be a great fit for them. I felt that way before they traded for Whiteside and signed Gasol

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