D’Angelo Russell Out At Least Two Weeks With Thumb Injury

1:55pm: The Warriors‘ PR department announced that an MRI on Russell’s right thumb injury last night confirmed a sprain (via Twitter). He will be re-evaluated in two weeks. In the meantime, Russell will not be joining Golden State on an upcoming four-game road swing.

11:39am: Golden State’s tough start to the season continued in a loss to the Celtics Friday and their injury woes have not slowed. Point guard D’Angelo Russell sprained his right thumb in Friday’s game, per ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

While X-rays were negative, Russell is set to undergo an MRI on Saturday. If Russell were to miss an extended stretch, it would further deplete an already compromised Golden State roster.

Stephen Curry, who suffered a broken hand, is expected to be sidelined until at least February. Klay Thompson is likely to miss all season due to a torn ACL he suffered during the NBA Finals last season. Even Draymond Green has had some injury problems and likely to see a minutes restriction this year.

At this juncture, Russell is averaging a career-best 24.3 PPG and 6.7 APG through 10 contests. The Warriors could explore trading the 23-year-old at some point this season, which early on has all the makings of a rebuilding year.

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29 thoughts on “D’Angelo Russell Out At Least Two Weeks With Thumb Injury

  1. The Warriors first-round pick is shooting under 30% from the field and usually starts at shooting guard. Their star second round pick just jammed his wrist last night and could be out unless he plays through it.

    Their now starting point guard was an undrafted rookie out of Boston College and was scheduled to play in the G League most of this year.

    But you know what, it’s fun to watch these guys fight and play in learn and strive. I look forward to seeing Who develops and will be key pieces on next year’s team.

    • Green was the only player on the floor last night from last year. So funny how these teams thinking that beating up on the warriors make up for the last 5 years. Next year the all stars will be back and the warriors will probably have a top 3 draft pick.

      • It’s got to be frustrating for all these teams that the Warriors have been embarrassing the last 5 years, Clippers, Lakers, etc. Now they finally can beat the Warriors and no one cares.

        • Yes and what’s also funny about this year is that the supposed crummy teams are beating the good teams. You never know anymore. Warriors fought hard against the Celtics last night and just didn’t have the closers. Sacramento took the Lakers to the limit too. Strange year.

      • Yes you’re right, it all goes in Cycles. The thing that made the last five years so awesome was 30 years before that when only two or three of those the warriors were any good. The rest of the time was looking forward to the NBA draft every year LOL

      • Strike Four

        The low-rent, kicking-while-down type fans are a smear on the entire NBA. Same with the “player=team” media narratives. Its a team game, not an individual one. They aren’t “beating” Curry, who isnt even on the floor. LeBron is paying off all media outlets to constantly smear the Warriors and Steph and it’s gross. Perkins is a disgrace to his profession.

    • macdaddy96

      I agree. Even though they have the worst record in the NBA, they have been pleasantly fun to watch. All you can ask for in a season like this.

      • I think what helps to get through this year is that their roster still has a few stars and the future looks bright. They have tremendous assets.

      • Strike Four

        The Warriors are even bringing dignity and respect to tanking, you love to see it. Best team in the league. The 76ers would never.

  2. DynamiteAdams

    The amount of injuries this team has been hit with the past 10 months is staggering

    • Strike Four

      They absolutely had the talent to win the title this year however compared with the past they had absolutely zero margin for error or injury this year, and of course all the injuries happened.

  3. stevep-4

    Seems almost unfair that they will likely have a lottery pick this year and then get the Splash Bros back.

    • I hear what you’re saying but that lottery pick will still be a rookie. It’ll take a year or two before they even figure out the NBA by then Steph and Klay will be 31 32 whatever years old. We’ll see. I think the future looks bright and management sure knows how to build a roster. I mean, to get D’Angelo Russell instead of just losing Durant for nothing was pretty nice.

    • Strike Four

      Not to mention Iggy is literally ignoring that he got traded and is being seen in public wearing Warriors hoodies, and has repeatedly said he will come back when the hard cap is over.

      • Iggy will be back next year. Think of the team with all stars back and a top 3 draft pick. maybe losing 1 year is good for the future 5 years.

      • amk3510

        Iggy will be 37 by the time he can return. So sure pencil him in as a different maker next season. Delusional Warrior fans already planning the 2021 parade.

  4. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Anyone who bet on the Warriors making the playoffs this season can kiss their money goodbye. Anyone who had them winning it all next year is not very smart, their dynasty is over and done with.

    • claude raymond

      49ers were 3-6 in strike year after 13-3 1981 and first super bowl win. Won 4 SBs after that. One crap year doesn’t end a dynasty. That’s why it’s called one

    • Strike Four

      See your first comment is fine, but ending the dynasty? Nope, nope and nope. Warriors simply took a year off from winning, and you get a year off from losing to them, but rest assured we will be right back to normal at this time next year.

      2020 Warriors are just the 1997 Spurs all over.

  5. C-Daddy

    D’Angelo Russell our for two weeks in November? Better put an asterisk beside whichever team wins the championship this year.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It’s only fair since they put them on both of Houston’s championships.

      • Banesays

        Okay hwm, I’m sick of this. The rockets are not the greatest team ever. Despite what team you put together on 2k. They will NEVER win a ring with Dantoni or anyone else for that matter. There were asterisk by the rockets ones back then because the GOAT wasn’t playing full seasons each year! Get over yourself!

    • amk3510

      Oh the Warriors are winning the ping pong balls too? Sorry I forgot the sun is actually the Warrior logo and the earth revolves around it.

      • It almost doesn’t matter where you pick at the top. The number four guy or the number 6 guy could be way better then the number one or two guy many times. It’s all about scouting and your front office to pick the right guy.

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