Sixers Expect To Pay Luxury Tax In 2020/21

Sixers managing partner Josh Harris anticipates that the team will be a luxury tax payer for the 2020-21 season, as he told Rich Hofmann of The Athletic in a Q&A session that also included GM Elton Brand.

Harris said there “are definitely issues” that come with being a taxpayer, including some roster restrictions. But he has no qualms about that prospect.

“If that’s what it takes to win, we’re going to do it,” he said.

The luxury tax threshold is approximately $132.6MM and Philadelphia is currently a few million below that number. However, the Sixers already have nearly $144MM in contract guarantees for next season. That’s due in large part to Ben Simmons‘ max extension. He’ll jump from $8.11MM this season to $29MM in the first year of that extension. The combined salaries for Tobias Harris, Joel Embiid and Al Horford next season total up to more than $91MM.

Harris and Brand provided some other interesting insights in the Q&A:

  • Harris expects the team to get deeper in the playoffs and everyone is accountable:  “I think we all feel some pressure. Elton does. I do. Brett and the players all want to deliver for the city,” he said.
  • Harris had hoped Jimmy Butler would re-sign but was impressed by the way the front office shifted gears to re-sign Harris, acquire Josh Richardson in a sign-and-trade with Miami, and bring in high-profile free agent Horford. “He obviously had a lot of choices and we’re happy for him that he’s with a great organization,” Harris said of Butler. “But for us, the job that Elton and his team did to pick up Al Horford and Josh Richardson on the heels of that and to get Josh Richardson back in a sign-and-trade obviously, I watched it from the inside and it was incredible.”
  • Brand presents Harris with various scenarios in free agency and trades to spell out how each move would impact the bottom line: Brand told Hofmann how he breaks it down to his boss. “Hey, these are our options. If this happens, I don’t know, but this player could be available, this player could be available, this player could be available. This looks like a 50-win season, this looks like a 55, our penetration could be this in the second round to the Eastern Conference Finals, to the finals. If we lose this player and can’t do a sign-and-trade, we’re going to be here.”
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10 thoughts on “Sixers Expect To Pay Luxury Tax In 2020/21

  1. Tazza

    Would never happen because of the rivalry but imagine a Joel Embid for Jason Tatum trade.
    Embid on the Celtics would be insane, they would be solid defensively with him and Smart together. Kemba at PG and his shooting suits Embid more, Hayward would be the do it all wing.
    Tatum at the 6ers would be sick too, Horford moves to centre, Harris to PF and Tatum to SF. With Simmons and Tatum you’ve probably got of the leagues best young players together. Not having Joel means the paint is more open for Simmons to work his game.

    I’d rather see Booker come to Philly tho maybe
    D. Booker K. Oubre to Philly
    J. Embid B. Beal to Phoenix
    J.Richardson D.Ayton Z. Smith and 1st rounders from Suns 2 seconds from Philly to Washington

    Philly gets a an amazing shooter in Booker to pair with Simmons, plus a solid wing player in Oubre.
    Suns get Embid who is probably the most dominant player in the league, and they get Bradley Beal who replaces Booker as the teams outside shooter.
    Washington gets to rebuild they get former number 1 pick Ayton, J. Richardson who’s got a great contract and is a solid player, Z. Smith who’s got loads of potential and a bunch of second round picks.

    Philly locks up being the best team in the east for the next 5 years. Phoenix becomes a playoff team, Rubio is a great leader and alright defender, Beal is the scorer and leader, Bridges defends well from the 3 spot, Saric spaces at the 4 and Embid controls the paint. Washington begin the rebuild now before winning to much games. Ayton and Rich are the starting points, Hachimura Smith Brown Bryant Wagner are the other young guys. They probably try to look to get whatever they can for John Wall and be happy with that.

    • Tazza

      Again deal that should happen this one more likely.
      Robert Covington for Eric Gordan and a first.

      TWolves don’t need Gordan but his contract would hold value and might do it for a first. Houston would benefit a lot from this deal. It would give them a starting SF that is an elite defender and good 3 point shooter. It would give them two solid defenders that can hit threes in Covington and Tucker. It would be like having Trevor Ariza back but better.

      Would push Houston over the top and on par with Clippers as top of the west. In fact I think it would match them up well with the Clippers, Covington takes PG, Tucker takes Kawhi, Capela against Harrell and you need a defensive guard for Lou Will. But on offensive Beverly has struggled against Russ but if they switched Kawhi they would be fine. Harden is near unguard-able at his best, and if you leave Covington or Tucker open in the corners it’s green light. They would also have a hard time guarding Capela in the paint.

      Against the Lakers Covington on Bron, Tucker on AD might be alright. Then on offence Rondo and Green can’t handle Russ and Harden at all. And if LeBron sleeps on Covington or Tucker in a corner, green light.

      • Chucktoad1

        Why would the Rockets add a 1st? Gordon is very good and could start if it weren’t for Harden. Gordon can run the pick and roll, he can shoot and he plays hard nosed smart defense. Covington’s a good defender but a streaky shooter and can’t create for himself or others.

        • Tazza

          Cause Gordan is shooting hot trash right now. The rockets don’t need shooters they need players than can defend. When your in the finals against AD Bron or Kawhi and George you’ll need defenders

    • IslandFlava

      Dude Embiid is way better than Tatum will ever be, if Philly did that they would lose their chance at a ring, no thanks. This trade is totally lopsided in favor of Boston. In the last 50 years Boston only had Bird at the level of Embiid, so you would be doing a great favor to Boston.

      • dynasty in boston

        Bird was 1000 % better than Embrio will ever be. Your guy is a rich man’s Taco Fall. Talk to me AFTER Embrio has 3 rings. It will be the 12th of Never

    • dynasty in boston

      Tatum has more of a ceiling (and so much more talented) than Embrio will ever be. No thanks

      • IslandFlava

        What’s up troll, can’t you spell names properly?…
        Didn’t think so!!!

        • dynasty in boston

          Embrio bothers you? How about Embred? I have to admit, that one is my fave, Flava

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