Sixers Notes: Thybulle, Korkmaz, Neto, Richardson

It hasn’t taken long for Matisse Thybulle to become recognized as one of the NBA’s best defenders, writes Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Defense was the calling card for Thybulle when he was selected with the 20th pick in this year’s draft, and his impact has been immediate. He leads the league in steals at 2.8 per game and is second on the team in blocks with 1.4 per night

“I try not to look at the numbers, because for me all the defensive (ones) just come from hustle and just getting lost in the game,” he said. “So it’s exciting to see the numbers. But do I really worry about them? No.

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20 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Thybulle, Korkmaz, Neto, Richardson

  1. Strike Four

    We really making definitive calls on players based on 103 minutes in the NBA? Media needs to calm down with this BS.

    • IslandFlava

      So far Thybulle has been a beast defensively, can only get better… He will be a steal of the draft, make no mistake about it!

      • dynasty in boston

        Tell us about it when Philly actually wins SOMETHING. All I see is a team that tanked for years to get a few marginally passable NBA players.

        • Marginally passable what are you on about? They got Embid who’s arguably the best centre in the league, they got Simmons an All Star PG who’s a great passer and defender. They also got the pieces together to trade for Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler which resulted in them having the team they have now.

          After the years of tanking they are the best team in the East and the only undefeated team left. Not to mention a very young team that will continue to do well for a few years.

          In terms of bad moves and trades, they made a mistake drafting Okafor over Porzingis and Booker and Noel over McCollum but I’m happy with where they are now.
          McCollum or Booker would’ve been awesome for this team tho and still would be

          • dynasty in boston

            Please dude. Philly is overhyped, haven’t won anything since forever. Smh at blind homers. And Embrio is not even a top ten big.

            • Embid is top 3 big with AD and Jokic. Your just a Boston fan and a hater, just cause your team went from being up and coming and competing to trash. Let’s go of Kyrie for Kemba (down grade) let’s go of Horford for Kanter (downgrade) Morris And Rozier for a bunch of rookies. Your now left with a team that isn’t top 3 in the east, has no salary cap space and has agreed to overpay for Jaylen Brown. I’ll see you leave first round of the playoffs

        • phillyballers

          Could say the same thing about every team except GSW and the Cavs/Heat for the last decade. So why have a bball rumor page.

    • I mean Thybulle was regarded as one of the best defensive players in college and it has translated over. Defense is something that can translate from college to NBA because at least half of what it takes to be a good defender is effort level. It’s not like the media is saying he is going to definitely be the next elite, shutdown defender. They’re just saying he’s starting to get recognition that his defensive skills are legit and he could become a defensive stopper soon/one day.

      • dynasty in boston

        Maybe one day. But probably not. Dude’s been in the league a month for crying out loud.

  2. Typical Boston fans hating cause they are the dynasty that never was. Meanwhile over in Philly the team that tanked for years and is now becoming more and more successful, they look to have picked a real steal in the draft. Personally I didn’t really rate Thybulle going into the draft cause I thought we wouldn’t need a defender with the likes of Simmons Butler and Embid, but Thybulle was definitely worth the pick. At 20th in the draft your not exactly picking players to start or even score 10 points off the bench, but Thybulle has shown his defence is really solid and at 20th that’s a steal. Even if he can’t keep up this pace in terms of steal numbers we still know he’s got growing and will improve.

    • dynasty in boston

      You’re going to pull a hammy trying to persuade me or anyone else. As far as dynasties, the Celts are IT. Look it up, otherwise you come off sounding unintelligent, which is my overall impression of you. Your team has won nothing. Nor will they.

      • Kemba Brown Tatum Hayward and who is it Theis or something ain’t making it out the first round.
        Whoopty do you win loads on titles back in the day, you haven’t been the best in the east for a while now and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change

          • Barkley never got a ring hahaha I was 83 and we had Moses Malone and Dr J and we beat Magic and Kareem, 2 of the best players ever. Since then you’ve only won 3 championships anyways so what’s the big deal…

            Lakers will have more rings than you guys within the next 5 years

      • phillyballers

        There were 8 to 14 teams in the NBA when the Celtics were a dynasty under Russell. And Bird ERA is like citing the Cowboys in the 90a run as being relevant today.

          • dynasty in boston

            You and Phillyboy are genuine geniuses. 3 rings is more than your pathetic team has ever won, our last was 10 years ago. I don’t even remember how many Celts have collected (17 -19). And back then, there was no diluting the player pool like today’s game, your boys wouldn’t even make the team.

            • First of all your wrong again. 3 championships isn’t more than our team has won it’s exactly how many we have won. What are you on about diluting the player pool. Obviously our boys won’t make the team they wouldn’t have even been born.

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