Cavaliers Listening To Offers For Kevin Love

It’s become part of a fall tradition like no other in Cleveland. The weather gets cold, the Browns inch closer toward elimination from the postseason (check out Pro Football Rumors for the latest on the NFL club), and the Kevin Love trade rumors heat up.

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Cavaliers are indeed ready to listen to offers for the big man, as he explained on ESPN’s NBA Countdown (h/t Ben Pickman of Sports Illustrated).

“I’m told that Cleveland is ready now to listen to offers on Kevin Love as we get to that December 15 date and then the February trade deadline,” Woj said on the telecast.

Love is in the first year of a four-year, $120.4MM extension he signed back in 2018. Wojnarowski said a number of teams in both conferences could have interest in the power forward and if a deal happens, expect it to come after December 15 when many of the league’s offseason signings are eligible to be dealt.

The Cavaliers have always been willing to listen to offers for Love, Chris Fedor of tweets. According to Fedor, the team isn’t actively shopping the five-time All-Star, though if the right deal presents itself, Love will be on a new team.

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26 thoughts on “Cavaliers Listening To Offers For Kevin Love

  1. afsooner02

    Is he even worth 30 mil a year? Does he even hold any value? I know he’s only 31, but he seems like he’s playing like he is 37. His best days seem many years ago.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Maybe, maybe not. But if you’re a capped out team looking for a way to improve, it’s not really relevant.

      Phoenix could package Tyler Johnson with one or two more contracts, toss in a deeply protected pick, and get better. Maybe even make the playoffs. Miami could package Waiters or Johnson with Winslow and maybe a pick and get even better. Orlando has the pieces too.

      • Jeff Zanghi

        I think Miami could definitely be a potential landing spot as a team with Butler and Love would definitely be a playoff contender — they wouldn’t be much more than that but after striking out in FA trying to really bring in premium FAs they might be ready to “settle” on pairing two “stars” though in fairness I’m not really sure Kevin love is all that much of a “star” anymore and his extension makes him a significant liability as he ages — it’s definitely plausible though that a team like Miami could look at him as a ticket to semi-relevance in pairing him with Butler and maybe then setting themselves up to acquire a legit front-line superstar this off-season or something. Though they may also prefer to keep future cap space available given the age/length of Love’s current deal he would really tie up any acquiring teams cap for the foreseeable future.

        • Mjm117

          Miami’s already projected to be a playoff team and they landed Jimmy Butler whos clearly a “star”… Love would only enhance the team. More likely, Riley will be shooting for younger Belugas.

      • Theone23

        O do t think that trade makes the Sun’s better. Suns have a ton of options at the 4, with Oubre, Bridges, Dario Saric, Frank Kaminsky, not to mention guys like Check Diallo as well.

  2. Equinsu Ocha

    He has value to the right team. Miami seems like a good fit since they have a player they need to move. And the Heat need to make a deal for a talented big to play with Butler.

  3. phils phanatic

    offensively love’s putting up probably his best season since joining the cavs, defensively….WOOF! have to think he’d be best utilized going to a team that already has a lockdown paint defender but then teams will attack in transition.

  4. formerlyz

    Although I could see him helping the Heat with their size issue, as well as their issue at the 4 in some lineups (although not sure how much he really can play the 4), his contract doesnt fit, nor does the idea of giving up anything of importance for him. Also, I’m not sure it really does too much in those areas that guys they already have cant do, in regards to his skillset

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    The only thing different in Cleveland is the Browns were actually supposed to be good this year, although only foolish people believed it.

  6. x%sure

    Blake Griffin has two full years left. It may behoove the Pistons to let him heal this year, since he’s not doing much anyway. Lobe could sub for Griffin this year and Drummond next.

    Trade… KLove for expiring guards Galloway & Jackson (or one of them and Snell) and an asset, Doumbouya or their first. A bigger deal is possible here.

    I would like a Boston trade with their rookies.

    Somebody leaked about Beilein & I wonder if this Woj bit is related to that Charania bit.

  7. How Miami can trade for love? JJ and Waiters aren’t expiring… And Miami has not tradable picks

  8. Michael Chaney

    Mentioning the Browns was kind of uncalled for, in my opinion. It doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the story.

  9. IslandFlava

    K-Love should be wanting out, he is years light better than any player in the team & hardly gets to touch the ball, much less gets shots… SMH.
    In a team this bad he should be getting consistenly 15-20 shots per night instead he is hardly shooting 11 times!

  10. hiflew

    A couple of ideas

    Nuggets get
    Kevin Love

    Cavs get
    Gary Harris
    Jerami Grant
    Michael Porter Jr.

    Suns get
    Kevin Love

    Cavs get
    Tyler Johnson
    Mikal Bridges
    Frank Kaminsky

    Both work financially, but I don’t think the Nuggets would do that. Although it would just be cool to get Michael Porter Jr and Kevin Porter Jr on the same team. The Suns deal is more of a realistic return.

    • Theone23

      Heck no. Where would he fit?? Pascal plays the 4, Serge also capable, OG too. God, God no to Kevin Love on the raptors, even for free.

  11. Love has wanted to go back to Portland for years would seem right to send him back home but I can’t see a deal happening.

    Maybe Love for Wiggins

    Love goes back to the Wolves, gives the team a legit big 3 with RoCo and Towns. Would make them a hard team to face potentially with two bigs that can shoot it well.
    Cavs gets back a young SF who’s starting to play well.

    Maybe KLove and McKinnie for Tyler Johnson and M Bridges and a protected first

    Again Cavs get back a young SF and they get back an expiring contract and a protected first. Suns get a PF that can shoot well and be a leader. Would be a good pairing with Ayton and would be a good in pick and rolls with Booker.

  12. Simple Fan

    To LAL for Kuzma, Caruso, and Kostas. Then Caruso and Kostas go to Phoenix with a pick or cash for Aaron Baynes

    Lakers get: Kevin Love
    Cavs get: Kyle Kuzma & Baynes
    Suns get: Caruso, Dellevadova, Kostas, & a Lakers pick or cash

    • Salaries don’t even get close to working. KLove is on almost 30mik while Kuz is on about 5mil.
      Not to mention why would the Lakers trade their youngest and most exciting young player for an old overpaid Love

      • Simple Fan

        It’s because Lakers can lose Caruso and Green on the same contracts. Beside that, KK isn’t their oldest and younger player

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