Central Notes: Love, Griffin, Wood, Oladipo, Bulls

In a Q&A with Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love acknowledged that it will probably take a while for the club to become a legit title contender again. However, he was evasive when asked if he could envision himself asking management for a trade.

“What’s going to happen with us this summer? Or at the trade deadline? I just don’t know,” Love said. “It’s just tough because, and I’m not a religious guy by any means, but the old saying ‘You want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.’ Listen, obviously it’s a tough go right now. We’ve got (seven) wins. But in some ways, the grass isn’t always greener. You just don’t know how the s–t is going to shake out. Ever. In anything.

“So could I see it? Yes and no. It’s tough for me to answer. If we got a year or two down the line — I don’t know what their plans are for me even in the short term. But if it got there and we weren’t getting any better, it might make sense for them to completely go young. Maybe it’s that way now.”

Reports this month have indicated that Love may want to be dealt, with Portland said to be among his preferred landing spots. However, moving him won’t be easy, given his pricey long-term contract.

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One thought on “Central Notes: Love, Griffin, Wood, Oladipo, Bulls

  1. x%sure

    Finally HR notes the Love quote. So Love-like. He’s not doing corporation-speak any more.

    Cmon Pistons forget competeing for the playoffs with Griffin. You have to pay him two more years past this one and everything started poorly this year. Trade Drummond while he’s worth something; he has a big offer waiting to get out.

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