Dion Waiters Suspended Again By Heat

The Heat have suspended Dion Waiters again. This time, Waiters will be banned for six games for failure to adhere to team policies, violation of team rules, and continued insubordination, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

The move marks the third suspension on the season for the shooting guard. The first was for insubordination and the second was for an incident on a team plane where Waiters ate an edible and had a medical episode.

Waiters has yet to play for Miami this season, though the team is thriving in his absence. The Heat enter the evening with a record of 18-6—only the Bucks have a better record in the Eastern Conference.

Waiters was set to make $12.1MM this season, but he won’t realize that full amount as a result of his suspensions. He’s on track to earn roughly $12.7MM next season in the final year of his deal.

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24 thoughts on “Dion Waiters Suspended Again By Heat

  1. paladin

    He needs to go see the team psychologist. This is much more serious than eating a few too many gummy bears. This guy has some serious mental issues going on and it is horrible to see this happening without him getting professional help. The red lights have been flashing for quite some time now and if he wants to get paid, he should be required to seek & get professional help monitored by the team & the Association if need be. If they let this go on, someone will be hurt. Mental health shouldn’t be an issue….Hello Pat Riley!!!

    • thegoldencheeja

      This is spot on and the Heats public actions show how far the league still has to go in addressing the mental health of its employees. The players union should step in and provide him with the resources he needs, if the team isn’t willing to.

    • paladin

      Like most of your comments! Too real for you? Your picture is of Kevin Love!!! Ask him about mental health issues or ”Are you too proud”? Take a Gummy Bear and go watch a movie!

        • paladin

          Google Kevin Love admits mental health issues.. Then tell us all what you learn please!

          • x%sure

            Less weird than that Gummy comment!
            Three suspensions in a row is odd. I don’t know how this could be described otherwise but IDK the scoop.

            Paladin are you saying Waiters has mental health problems? Because that is YOU talking, not me. It could be right, but given the parties involved, not what I would assume.
            Lets say that paladin thinks it’s because of player craziness. I have been saying Waiters is worth a shot for another team, and probably still is, but Miami is more demanding than most teams for the players, so he looks bad.

            I am aware of Love, but I would not call it madness that he wants to get away and may go to the lengths that Jimmy Butler went in separating from the Wolves. Or is Butler crazy too?
            Love has to post up on the 3-point line centrally to get the ball and the Cavs are losing. Its depressing for me too though not a personal problem.

            • paladin

              I never said a word about ”craziness or madness’ you said it not I. That is YOUR interpretation of mental health issues and part of the issues I am referring to. He should be checked out by professionals and friends, family, players union & Team office should be involved. Who said anything about Butler? What ALT universe do you troll in? Let’s say that x%sure thinks ”Three suspensions is odd” but just goes on his merry old way because Waiters is worth a shot to most teams in his opinion….You equate mental health issues with ”craziness & madness” wake up & smell the coffee that is a 50’s mentality.. You’re on the wrong end of the debate and you don’t like losing…..Why do you think Butler is crazy? Are you saying he faked mental health issues to get out of Minneapolis? From your rantings that is what is projected…..I have had enough, your last paragraph is completely egocentric & lost in translation. ”Posting up the 3 point line centrally to get the ball? Whatever!!! Good Gummies I bet!

  2. formerlyz

    Literally right before this I was talking about JJ and Dion playing hopefully soon…this is getting weird now. I dont really understand why JJ hasnt been playing, and I was hoping Waiters would be back once he was healthy after this illness. Trade season pretty much opening up soon. These are legitimate rotation players. This situation needs to end. What could he have done? Last time, it felt like he was kind of getting punished for the original issue again. Could he have complained again?

  3. Jason Lancaster

    Yikes. I’d Miami trying to get him to accept a buyout? They’re trashing his trade value, and while I get that they have rules, what’s the point of another suspension? If the first 10 game suspension didn’t reach him, a 6 game suspension definitely isn’t going to do it.

    Either he forced them to do this or they’re trying to chase him off the team.

  4. IslandFlava

    Miami must stop suspending this dude, I don’t like him at all btw, but man just play him or trade him or buy him out or do something but stop it. Miami is starting to look real bad here with Waiters & JJ. It will affect the way vets view Miami, if they keep treating them like that.

    • hiflew

      Why? If he is not going to act like a professional, they don’t have to pay him at all. It may seem unfair, but he has to hold up his end of the contract too. Part of that is obeying team rules. He needs to grow up and act like a man.

      If “vets” don’t want to come to Miami because they will have to follow rules, then you probably don’t want them anyway.

    • formerlyz

      I haven’t heard a single Heat player or staffer complain about the way the team has handled Dion Waiters.

      In previous situations regarding other challenging players, I have.

      In that same tweet thread, he responded to a few people saying we dont know the whole story, but Heat have been apparently protecting Dion from something, and are in the right in this situation, and could arguably handle this in an even more egregious way…

      Not sure what that means, but it has to be a big deal for him to be in this situation this quickly, although reports were he would need impeccable behavior for another chance after the 2nd time, so maybe it’s just punishments stacked on top of each other for the same previous issue, in which case, I’m not cool with that. Also not sure JJ would be mixed into this situation, which is why I dont understand why he hasnt played, and his situation is more important anyway

  5. Skip, Tampa

    “Bang Bang Maxwell’s silver hammer came down upon his head”.
    Second the hope that Neon Deon and JJ would return to boost the roster. For real bummer now.
    Also agree that he should consent to a league and team mandatory phycology program. For his own good and that of his family.
    Irving bloody nose, deep depression during surgery rehab and now some serious acting out.
    Monster flashing red lights.
    Maybe a change of scenery would do wonders, maybe not. Only he knows for sure. Just don’t see this as the right way to get it trade done.
    Sincerely wish him the best and it is time for Riley, the League and Waiters to put an end to all this Mickey Mouse trash.

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