Heat Glad Goran Dragic Deal Didn’t Happen

Goran Dragic appeared to be on his way to the Mavericks this summer as part of the Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade. However, within hours of the news being reported, the deal was off and the Heat were forced to find other deals that would allow them to bring back Butler’s salary. In the end, Dragic remained in town while Hassan Whiteside was shipped to Portland and the franchise is thrilled that the Mavericks had a change of heart.

“We’re all glad that deal didn’t happen,” a Heat official tells Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

The sense of relief came not only because the team was able to keep Dragic but also because the new terms of the Butler sign-and-trade allowed the franchise to move Whiteside, a player the coaching staff didn’t want, per Jackson.

Miami was able to go from middling team in the Eastern Conference to a legit contender for homecourt advantage in round one due to the club’s ability to make shrewd moves this past offseason. Still, good fortune, like the Mavericks declining the Dragic deal, also helped.

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5 thoughts on “Heat Glad Goran Dragic Deal Didn’t Happen

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Miami didn’t want Whiteside? Shocking.

    Dragic is a winner. Every team he’s played on has competed better than expected. Even after 12 years in the league, he’s putting up better than average numbers via BPM and VORP. Miami should keep him this summer if they can.

    • Curtisrowe

      Dragic is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. He gets it done.

  2. meisterkhan

    Whiteside is an odd case, guy averages 15 and 12 a game and nobody wants him. Makes you wonder.

    • seattlesuperfan

      I think about it in the understanding of work as I’m in charge. I’ve had some really good cooks that can bang it out but their attitude they carry hurts those around them intentionally or not. So I think he’s a prima dona and wants the ball all the time. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my two cents

    • Jason Lancaster

      I think it’s a Miami thing. They act like they’re a military unit, and a lot of guys don’t fit in the military.

      Since he was traded to Portland, we haven’t heard anything bad about him. While it may be that he’s on his best behavior, I think Miami rubs some players the wrong way.

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