Hoops Rumors Commenting Policy

We strongly encourage commenting at Hoops Rumors, but we do have basic rules of civility. Comments of this nature are not allowed at Hoops Rumors:

  • Attacks or insults toward other commenters, the post author, journalists, players, or agents.
  • Inappropriate language, including swearing and related censor bypass attempts, lewdness, insults, and crude terms for body parts, bodily functions, and physical acts. In essence, we don’t want any language that parents would not want their kids to see.
  • Juvenile comments or extensive use of text message-type spelling.
  • Writing comments in all or mostly caps.
  • Spam-type links or self-promotion.
  • Comments about how you’re sick of this topic or it’s not newsworthy.
  • Inappropriate avatars or images.
  • Anything else we deem bad for business.

If you see comments that fit the above criteria, please flag them and/or contact us. Bans may be handed out liberally by our moderators, without second chances. Remaining civil is not that difficult, and most commenters have no problems doing so, nor with helping rein each other in. We are grateful for long-time commenters and readers, though this policy applies equally regardless of tenure.

This policy is always available at the bottom of the site, and will be re-posted monthly.

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3 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Commenting Policy

  1. PapiElf

    Pretty much all the comments on posts about Antonio Brown on here violates the “Comments about how your sick of this topic or it’s not newsworthy” rule

    • Luke Adams

      We have different people running – and writing for – each of the four sites, so unfortunately moderating the NFL comments extends beyond my purview.

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