Knicks Aren’t Ready To Fire Fizdale

Monday’s embarrassment in Milwaukee didn’t push Knicks head coach David Fizdale any closer to losing his job, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post.

A league source tells Berman that management understands the conditions surrounding the 44-point defeat. The Knicks faced one of the league’s best teams and were on the second night of a back-to-back without two of their best defenders in Frank Ntilikina and Marcus Morris. Still, Fizdale will need to show some progress to keep his job through the end of the season.

Fizdale has been on alert since team president Steve Mills conducted a rare post-game press conference following a 2-8 start. New York is 2-9 since then and is off to the franchise’s worst start ever through 21 games. This comes after management hinted that a playoff spot was possible after adding a crop of veteran free agents.

Berman notes that the front office is reluctant to make a move with Fizdale because he has two guaranteed years left on his $22MM contract and because they don’t have an attractive alternative. Berman believes top assistant Keith Smart would depart along with Fizdale if there is a coaching change, leaving Jud Buechler, Caleb Kanales or former G League coach Mike Miller as the remaining choices to take over the team on an interim basis.

Firing Fizdale so soon would leave management with a lot to explain, Berman adds. He was hired last year ahead of 10 other candidates, including reigning Coach of the Year Mike Budenholzer. The Knicks failed to interview Steve Clifford and Frank Vogel, who are both having success with their new teams.

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8 thoughts on “Knicks Aren’t Ready To Fire Fizdale

  1. phillyballers

    This is getting old fast. Fire everyone above Fiz including the owner. What the heck were they seriously expecting? FO didn’t land any legitimate difference maker. They could have used the Mavs picks to get a marque player to lure a FA. Only thing I disagree with for Fiz is not playing the young guys all the minutes he can. Only way to see what you have is to play them and coach them on the fly. FO didn’t do them any favors signing guys that deserve minutes like Morris, Portis and Randle. If you weren’t landing anyone big, you’re set at C, PF, SF, and PG from a developmental standpoint. And sorry Frank fans, but dude is still trash.

    • Spike4christ

      There problem is no one wants to play for them. They have to sign someone because of the minimum salary requirement. At least the are one year deals. December 15 is coming. Hopefully they can trade some players and get some picks. But the trade market looks glum at the monent

  2. bryzzo_2016

    Such a sh**show of an organization. I do believe the NBA is stronger with at least a competitive NY team. Sadly, Dolan has rendered this organization a joke… an embarrassment for seemingly decades. At least when Jordan owned them in the 90’s, they were respected and a legit organization. Ever since? Yikes.

  3. I’m certainly no fan of Fiz or Fiz World. But this nonsense has to stop. Firing a HC this early (or in season at all) is reserved for teams that have championship expectations, a locker room problem or serious FO-HC disconnect where immediate coaching decisions are negatively affecting the long term goals. I don’t see those things. Only 3 Stooges that have run out of ways to put lipstick on a pig, and are desperately looking to save themselves. At least the original Moe, Larry and Curly stuck together.

  4. SheltonMatthews

    The fact that the front office hinted at a playoff spot, and are surprised where the team is currently at, shows all you need to know about their job competence.

  5. Jason Lancaster

    The Knicks, the Bulls, and for a long time the Clippers (not any longer) are evidence that the NBA needs a way to remove owners for poor stewardship.

    If a team has only 1 playoff appearance in say 8 seasons, and/or fails to be within 5 wins of a .500 season 3 out of 5 years – or SOMETHING like that – the owners sh0uld take a vote on whether or not to force someone out.

    If the NBA had a rule like this they could have gotten rid of Sterling long ago, and Dolan and Reinsdorf would be gone too. OR, those teams would have all been better, because the owners would have been forced to do it better.

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