Knicks Notes: Fizdale Fallout, Potential Long-Term Replacements

The Knicks fired David Fizdale earlier today while also relieving Keith Smart of his duties as assistant coach. The move comes after a 4-18 start, which ties a record for worst in franchise history.

While Fizdale repeatedly told reporters that he had owner James Dolan’s backing, Jabari Young of hears from an agent who represents coaches around the league that the firing was “inevitable.” Assistant coach Mike Miller will now take over as the interim head coach with 60 games to go in the season.

Former Warriors coach and Knicks guard Mark Jackson has been linked to the team as a long-term candidate for the role (any major hire is likely to come in the offseason) and Young reports that Spurs assistant Becky Hammon would be interested in the job should the team be willing to offer her a long-term deal. Young mentions four or five years as the necessary length of the contract.

Young also mentions former Coach of the Year (2007) Sam Mitchell as a good candidate for the short-term, as Mitchell has a reputation for getting top effort out of players.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • Jeff Van Gundy, Jason Kidd, and Tyronn Lue are among the former NBA coaches that Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic names as options for the Knicks. Vorkunov also lists several potential candidates without former head coaching experience, such as Jarron Collins, Stephen Silas, and Ettore Messina.
  • The firing of Fizdale won’t clean up the Knicks’ issues, Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today explains. Zillgitt believes that the front office should shoulder the blame for putting together this roster and simply expecting Fizdale to produce results with it.
  • Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post argues that the Knicks should fire team president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry. The regime put together a plan of signing big-name free agents and failed to deliver.
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15 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Fizdale Fallout, Potential Long-Term Replacements

  1. Braves29

    The Knicks need a no non sense coach with a backing of a good front office. I do think there is talent but they need a Jason Kidd (player) to lead them. I hope they succeed and someday.

  2. TJECK109

    I could understand wanting an opportunity to coach again in the NBA, but who in there right mind could take that job and believe they will be the difference maker. Take the job and enjoy the money

    • phils phanatic

      gotta believe the only people who’d take the job are guys who will be 1st time head coaches and aren’t going to be in high demand by other teams with potential openings or guys who’ve had a few chances but haven’t done anything(mark jackson, Tom thibs, Kidd,etc.)

  3. formerlyz

    You have to be a crazy person to take that job. Better get at least 4 years, and a lot of money to do it b/c they wont let you do your job, and then they’ll make sure you wont look good coming out of it

    Lol at exactly what I said in the other thread. Keep mentioning the same names (Mark Jackson, JVG, etc). They’re similar to Fiz lol. None of it matters.

  4. Dabofus going to the Padres game

    Becky Hammon. Played for the New York liberty and is learning under the great pop. Give her rest of season to evaluate players and get her off season.

  5. IslandFlava

    Of all the names that keep getting thrown about only J-Kidd is any good, but can’t see him leaving the Lakers for a sad franchise like the Knicks, would be giving up a ring in June for a top lottery ticket, no sense in that.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    About time, now Mills and Perry please. This is suppose to be a rebuild. Yet Frank, DSJ, Trier, Kornet, Dobson, Robinson have all been misused. Mitchs age requires a descent backup center. Playing point requires consistent mins, and O system. Payton is solid backup. Why sign him to take away mins. Like Portis but with him you don’t need Gibson. Morris, Randle and D Russell should have been the signings. U build DSJ up and move him. This team is a .500 team right now. This management has failed. In their own rebuilding. Even the value of our trade assets have been hurt. So we can’t make moves by Dec15. We need to bring in a coach who knows NYC. Who can rebuild the value of the young talent. Sign a backup Center. So you don’t put too much on a 20 yr old. This talent needs a PG who can run an O and dish ast. A 16 and 10 guy. This will make everyone more consistent. We need Randle or RJ or Morris initiating offense. They should help initiate it. PG and system should be first. Knox has to play consistent backing up Morris. Grow the F up already. DSJ, Frank, Knox who are a big part of the rebuild. Gave all looked bad. Now some of that is bad management. But at some point you need to man up. And take control of opportunities and you destiny. NY Knicks is a great place, a historic place. To have that happen. So either get Ewing, or Jackson or Kidd or even Thibbs. Please NO JVG. We need experience in coaching, toughness, teaching. And can deal with NYC media and BS. Still time to shoot for .500. Even build value back up and make moves by trade deadline. The draft is deep this yr. There is a nice player there 8-16. And if we give up we got a nice player top 5. Plus 2021 we got two #1 picks coming. So let’s not totally screw this up. Bring Patrick back and Jason as assistant. Give 3 yrs plus team option for fourth. Give him his shot before it’s too late. You know he can handle NYC. And he will want to give it his all.

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Gibson 16.5 mins a gm. Salary 9 mill a yr. Ellington 14.3 mins a gm. Salary 8 mill a yr. Bullock has not played. Salary 4.2 mill a yr. Payton 22.6 mins a gm. Salary 8 mil a yr. Now I like Payton as backup n Gibson. But we already had Portis n Nittli. Who need to play. You have 30 mill in salary with players that take away away mins from players who need to develop. Who only Payton is getting more than 20 mins. D Russell signed for 28 mill. We should of signed him with the 30 mill. Instead of players who don’t even play. Then build DSJ value and trade him. Frank is better fit backing up 1 n 2. Now Trier can get his mins too. Russell is 24 so he is part of rebuild. Mills and Perry signed these players. As a panic move. Mills and Perry need to go too. Not only is Russell the now n future at PG. He also is not afraid of big lights of NYC. Media makes a big case of missing on Kyrie n KD. Russell at 24 yrs old was perfect fit for a Rebuilding Knick team. His stats this yr 30.7 mins, 22.3 pts, 6.2 ast. Plus with RJ they make up a big backcourt. An all leftie backcourt. He also takes lead n pressure off RJ. This was bigger MISS than Kyrie, KD. All panic No Vision management.

  8. fitsiqis65

    its a mess top down. dolan, mills, perry, fiz, and the players….

    none are good.

    Keep RJ sell everything else. Until then g-d could not coach this team

  9. hoosierhysteria

    Mark Jackson deserves another shot. He knows NYC…he may not want to jump in this dumpster fire. Mills should go now! Roster has lots of issues to say the least.

  10. Regardless of anything else, Mills/Perry can’t be the ones that hire the next HC. The Mills replacement is first and is the hire that really matters (hopefully he’ll be in place well before the end of the year, asap, but it’s more important to get the right guy). That guy should hire the next HC, probably after the end of the year.

    Nobody needs to waste time thinking about maximizing this roster. 8 FAs at the end of the year, the issues are about getting a better sense of the young players and seeing if they can get some assets for some of the vets.

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