Knicks Notes: Trade Rumors, Bullock, Ellington, Smith Jr.

Another rocky start in New York has led several Knicks to begin seeking a way out, according to Ian Begley of Sources tell Begley a few players have said privately that they hope to be dealt before the February 6 trade deadline arrives.

That was always a danger for a team that signed so many players to short-term contracts this summer. Of the seven free agents who came to New York, only Julius Randle has any money guaranteed beyond this season. Management has admitted that it prioritized roster flexibility and future cap room after missing out on its top targets in the free agent market.

Begley expects the team to explore trading options on everyone except rookie guard RJ Barrett and possibly second-year center Mitchell Robinson. He notes that several teams, including the Timberwolves, have expressed interest in Dennis Smith Jr.

There’s more from New York:

  • Two much-needed shooters are expected back in the lineup soon, Begley adds in the same story. Reggie Bullock practiced yesterday with the Knicks’ G League team and is close to making his season debut after having cervical disc herniation surgery in July. Wayne Ellington, who has missed the past 10 games with an Achilles issue, may be ready for Saturday’s game at Washington.
  • Efforts to trade Smith will be complicated by an oblique injury that could sideline him for several games, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. Smith started feeling discomfort during an extra workout after playing just seven minutes Monday. There’s no word on how much time he might miss with the injury, which is more common among baseball players. “He pulled something in his oblique while he was playing,’’ interim coach Mike Miller said. “It wasn’t a collision. It was just some kind of movement when he did something, it pulled something. … He’s been testing it and going through treatment as best he can. We’ll just have to see day-to-day how he feels.”
  • Robinson credits an agreement he made with former coach David Fizdale for turning his season around, relays Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic. Any time Robinson commits a reach-in foul during a game, he has to run laps during practice as punishment. “Who wants to keep running all day in practice?” Robinson said. “Why not jump vertical? It worked out pretty great.”
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15 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Trade Rumors, Bullock, Ellington, Smith Jr.

  1. phillyballers

    They don’t even try to develop their talent. Honestly, I could do a better job as GM for the Knicks. Half the ppl on here could. You Know, You Know what other teams can trade… like it’s really not hard to look at contenders and see what contracts they need to move on from and profit off their mistakes. They could have simply taken on salary dumps plus picks. That’s one approach. They still can make moves. Portland needs offense, they have Bazemores turd contract. Dieng. Batum. James Johnson. Dedmon. Waiters. Some deals to be made for junk players.

    • Norm Chouinard

      Don’t believe the NYKs have players to develop beyond Mitchell. At least not players who have a ceiling beyond league average.

      • x%sure

        Is Damyean Dotson worth it? So many Knick posts, so few Dotson mentions.

        • phillyballers

          They have 6 guys that they should be developing into at least serviceable pros. Mitchell had DPOY potential, Barrett has AS potential. Knox, Trier, Dotson, DSJ could all be valuable rotation pieces, if they try to even develop them. Ntilikina is just bad offensively, but could carve out a defensive niche but they have wasted their time with his contract.

          • Norm Chouinard

            Barrett has solid/average written all over him. A valuable rotation piece someday hopefully.

            • phillyballers

              If he were on the right team to correct flaws in his shot selection and up his efficiency he could be an AS.

              • x%sure

                Agree, and it seems like Dotson’s numbers should be better. They’re not but he looks better than other youngsters besides Barrett. His time might run out at 25.

  2. I think the veteran FAs they signed are mostly tradable. But because (except Bullard) they were all signed at higher than market prices, getting meaningful future assets (not a few remote 2nd rounders) won’t be easy. Morris is the one guy who would be worth a late 1st to a lot of teams, but only a few can take that 15 mm/1, with a matching contract(s) that it makes sense to move.

    One of the PGs has to be moved. Pre-deadline decisions have to be made on younger rising RFAs Dotson and Trier.

    Lots to do. So, they don’t have enough time to worry about moving 20 year olds like Robinson and Knox. A primary goal of their trades should be to unclog the depth chart so as to get these two starter minutes for the rest of the season. Dotson and Trier are RFAs at the end of the year, so some decisions need to be made there too.

    The really need to get Mills out of the picture (ASAP), as I don’t think any coherent trading strategy can be effected with him there. He’s stupid and he’s conflicted.

    • padam

      Mills hiring Perry was another bad move. Let’s hire the guy with a poor track record, and move a pick for him.

      • Perry was a career assistant GM for a reason. But what real basketball guy (with or without GM experience) would take the job under a guy like Mills-?

  3. Rewane

    Very casual prediction: Knicks won’t go anywhere unless the FO stop saving cap space and start taking on bad contracts.

  4. mustang

    Very casual prediction: Knicks won’t go anywhere unless Dolan sales the team and someone comes in that players want to play for.
    46 years without a ring !

  5. stevep-4

    Randle, Barrett, Smith, Dotson, Robinson to the Wizards for John Wall.

    Portis, Morris, and Payton to OKC for Chris Paul.

    Rest of the roster to Hou for Russell Westbrook.

    Move the team to the Big3 League and clean up.

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