O’Connor’s Latest: Thunder, Blazers, Love, Iguodala, More

As we relayed earlier this morning, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported that the Rockets have “serious interest” in Timberwolves wing Robert Covington. That tidbit was just one of many in a longer article jam-packed with notes and observations on the NBA’s trade market, so let’s round up some of the other highlights from O’Connor’s piece…

  • As expected, Thunder veterans Chris Paul, Steven Adams, and Danilo Gallinari are all available, league sources tell O’Connor. However, as Shams Charania of The Athletic reported on Monday, Oklahoma City also seems willing to take on bad contracts and unwanted money, according to O’Connor, who hears that getting out of tax territory isn’t necessarily a priority for the club. The Thunder don’t anticipate a major tax bill this season and know they won’t be back over that line in future years, so they’re willing to live with a slightly bigger penalty this season if it means acquiring extra assets.
  • Speaking of Gallinari, the Trail Blazers are expected to pursue the Thunder forward, league sources tell The Ringer. O’Connor also hears that Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love would like to play for his hometown team in Portland.
  • O’Connor identifies the following teams as ones that appear most open to trading late first-round or early second-round draft picks: The Bucks, Raptors, Clippers, Celtics, Sixers, and Mavericks. Some of those clubs hold other teams’ picks and could dangle those in trade talks. For instance, Milwaukee owns Indiana’s lottery-protected first-rounder; Philadelphia has New York’s and Atlanta’s second-rounders; and Dallas controls Golden State’s second-rounder.
  • League sources tell O’Connor that Davis Bertans (Wizards), Marvin Williams (Hornets), J.J. Redick (Pelicans), and Marcus Morris (Knicks) are among the veterans who are candidates to be dealt before the deadline. Redick likely won’t be moved, but multiple execs believe New Orleans could strongly consider the idea if the right offer comes along.
  • O’Connor hears that there’s “no world” in which the Grizzlies buy out Andre Iguodala. Memphis will trade him — it’s just a matter of when and where, says O’Connor. A source tells The Ringer that the Grizzlies are open to any type of trade package, even if it means taking back a multiyear contract.
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23 thoughts on “O’Connor’s Latest: Thunder, Blazers, Love, Iguodala, More

  1. Skip, Tampa

    Gallinari would be an excellent addition to the Heat roster.
    Iggy, Josh Jackson or Crowder plus a future 2nd for Waiters, James Johnson has workability.
    IF and a big IF a reasonable deal could be reached by any of the 3 teams right now. Getting a jump on the December 15th open date.
    Yepper, it’s a long shot at best.

    • Why would Memphis take back waiter and Johnson’s contracts for the expiring contracts of iggy and Jackson just to get a future 2nd?

      • I give no fox

        I believe Memphis was giving up the 2nd in this proposal…I assume a 1st round pick to Memphis was left out but even then it doesn’t make much sense for Memphis

        • mcmillankmm

          Yeah, Waiters and Johnson are worthless…Miami doesn’t have a 1st to trade until 2025 either

  2. I would love to D Gallinari on Portland. He can shoot he can drive… he can do everything. He’s quite a player really. He gets hurt a little bit that’s cuz he goes to the whole hard.

    A guy on the wing with their big men and guards that’d being outstanding team playoff time. Provided they’re all healthy.

    • x%sure

      I rarely see Gallinari do anything but shoot 3s. He’s not inside/outside like Love, nor a playmaker or defender, nor durable or younger, nor a better presence for Melo. Love should be a preference, esp if they are moving Whiteside. Maybe a sore back is suspected in Love… Olshey has never seemed that interested.

      • I kind of forgot about Melo. I’m still thinking of the Blazers preseason roster…

        Yes because of Love’s better inside game he would be preferred.

  3. jedwards816

    I get that the Thunder have to put out there that getting under the tax isn’t a priority, they really just can’t with Paul’s salary. But the irony there is pretty funny/sad when they didn’t sign Harden partly because they wanted to avoid the tax.

  4. Chris Paul and Nerlens Noel for Goran Dragic, James Johnson and Dion Waiter and 2 second rounders.

    Miami gets a second star in Paul to help Butler, plus Noel has been pretty good off the bench. Thunder get back Dragic (expiring) and Waiters and Johnson who are both in 2 year deals plus some picks. Both teams what ugly contracts, Miami gets stronger and the Thunder continue their rebuild, they’ll lose more, get some picks, and actually save some salary

  5. Morris will be interesting. A test case as to whether there is a real market for any of the Knick 1 year wonder FAs. Morris (playing at a career best level) would appear to be the most marketable, and certainly a guy many contenders would like to add. But even so, is there a team that can send a matching salary (expiring) and be willing to send back a real asset? I’m skeptical. Like will all the guys they signed, the annual salary is inflated (at least based on prior performance).

    • x%sure

      I wonder how Morris’ leadership initiative is panning out. He has made the effort, but is it well-received or considered successful? Something to continue with NYK or elsewhere? It might be good or bad for his profile. I thought I would hear more about it from the NY media.

      • I think any team interested would be a contender, and wouldn’t be looking at him for anything other than his presence on the court. He isn’t signed beyond the year. Is there a contending team out there looking to rent a leader? One who’s led his team to the worst record in the league no less?

  6. x%sure

    I don’t see what the Rockets could move for Covington but I’ve said that before and Morey made a trade. Cov would fit and prob start but he’s not a 4, if Morey is thinking that. Houston would have a good bench if House was on it… he may be better.

  7. Skip, Tampa

    Heat have zero reason to trade for Paul even with both 1st back.
    Can see a Dolan making a trade for Paul just to get a Star. Has the right contracts to make it work.
    Morris could be a good veteran for the Knicks to keep around. The rest of the PF bunch, not so much so.
    Seen a great Blazer, Cavs trade package for Love on BR. Cavs should take it and run.

    • andremets

      What is the obsession with folks commenting on the 4 Power forwards the Knicks signed last summer? One plays center, one plays SF and the other two play PF. Every team in the NBA has 4 PFs. The Knicks only had one big on the roster (Mitchel Robinson, a Center) as the time. Like no one seems to want to comment on the 5 shooting guards we have or the 3 point guards. Such a bizarre obsession.

  8. oregoniansportsfanatic

    Portland would be totally stupid to go after aging injury-prone Veterans like Danilo Gallinari and Kevin Love. The Trail Blazers are the highest payroll team in the entire NBA and taking on gigantic contracts for aging and injury-prone players would be a complete nightmare. Portland is already in a catastrophic position and that would make it a catastrophe. The Trail Blazers are atrocious No Doubt about it. But looking to the Future Portland needs to focus on young, experienced and talented players for their starting lineup and deep depth off the bench. The Trail Blazers bench is the worst in the entire NBA. Obviously Memphis is rebuilding so Portland should send Tolliver, Hezonja and future Draft pick considerations to Memphis for Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder. Than send Bazemore and Future draft picks to Orlando for Aaron Gordon (24) or to Indiana for Domantas Sabonis (24) or to Detroit for Andre Drummond (26).
    Free-Agents: Kenneth Faried, Joakim Noah and Jodie Meeks could also really help the Trail Blazers.
    Portland has absolutely No Defense and the players I mentioned all Excel at Defense and they can score points. Jusuf Nurkic isn’t due back till around the end if February and Zach Collins might return by late this season or next season and Rodney Hood will return next season. So the Trail Blazers are in damage control mode. Where Portland currently sits they are so far out of the playoff picture and sitting closer to the lottery like they were when they drafted Damian Lillard.
    If the Trail Blazers had a starting lineup for the remainder of the season that looked like Nurkic, Anthony, Crowder, Lillard and McCollum. That would be competitive. Now if Portland’s bench was Whiteside, Noah, Faried, Iguodala and Meeks. That would also be very experienced and talented.
    Even without Gordon, Sabonis or Drummond. But if the Trail Blazers had anyone of those 3 players. Portland would be very dangerous to opponents. Just imagine if the Trail Blazers had Nurkic, Anthony, Gordon/Sabonis, Lillard and McCollum. A bench of Drummond, Crowder, Faried, Iguodala and Meeks.
    Than backups who just are not ready Labissiere, Simons and Trent Jr.
    G-League would have Little, Hoard and Brown.
    Trading Bazemore and Future Draft picks for Gordon/Sabonis would be huge. Trading Whiteside for Drummond would be nothing short of Incredible.

    • Nice ideas but most of those salary’s don’t match. I agree these old offence minded injury bugs aren’t the best way to move forward. I think Crowder would be a great pick up especially with Hood out. And I like the idea of them getting Faried with Collins and Nurkic out also. But there’s no way in the world they get Drummond, and next to no chance of them getting Gordon.

  9. Jeff Zanghi

    What was the point of the “teams that could trade late-1st round, early second round picks” comment? lol — like I’m just not sure I even understand what point that was trying to convey — like trade them for what? Any team “could” trade a 1st/2nd Rd pick for the right return lol… why specifically those 6 teams?

    • Luke Adams

      The “could” language was O’Connor’s, but my interpretation was that those are the teams most likely to part with semi-valuable 2020 picks for immediate upgrades. Most other teams either aren’t contenders, have already traded away their 2020 first-round pick (Denver, Utah) or can’t trade away their 2020 first-rounder because of the Stepien Rule (Miami, Lakers).

  10. Jeff Zanghi

    Wow Marcus Morris is shooting 50% for 3’s for the season. That’s pretty impressive!

  11. hinglemccringleberry

    I don’t understand the philosophy . You need to play iggy so teams can get a player who’s ready to help a contender. Why have him sitting at home?

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