Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday Available Via Trade?

The Pelicans are believed to consider Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram untouchable in trade talks, and have remained reluctant to trade J.J. Redick, league sources tell Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter links). However, according to Stein, there’s a belief that Jrue Holiday is available via trade.

Stein cautions that it would surely require a substantial offer to convince the Pelicans to part with Holiday. Based on Stein’s report, it sounds like the team is open to listening to inquiries, but won’t actively shop its standout guard.

Still, as recently as this summer, when David Griffin took over as New Orleans’ head of basketball operations, Holiday was viewed as entirely off-limits. It appears the club’s dismal 6-21 start to the season has influenced the front office’s thinking on the subject.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski suggested on Sunday that Holiday loves New Orleans, but might not be opposed to a change of scenery if it means avoiding an extensive rebuild.

Holiday, 29, is considered one of the NBA’s best defensive guards, and has also been his usual productive self on offense so far this season. In 25 games, he has averaged 19.4 PPG, 6.8 APG, and 5.0 RPG with a .454 FG% and a .338 3PT%. He has shot 48.9% from the field and 38.9% on threes over his last 17 games, following an early-season slump.

Holiday is under contract through at least 2020/21, with matching cap hits of $26.2MM this season and next season. He also has a $27.1MM player option for 2021/22. If the Pelicans begin fielding trade offers in earnest, he could quickly become the most intriguing player on the trade block this winter.

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21 thoughts on “Pelicans’ Jrue Holiday Available Via Trade?

  1. L Lawliet

    Pistons FO. Stop the B.S. and get him. Offer Drummond and see where it goes. It works out better. Its too big a risk to resign Drummond. But he is perfect for NO. Holidays contract lines up with Giffin. You can make your run with those 2 this year and next. And let them walk or trade them if it flops. Win Win for both teams as I believe Drummond will resign with NO for the max dollars.

    • ThatGuyBix9

      Why would new Orleans wants Drummond? He doesn’t match their rebuild timeline or roster. They have Zion who needs the paint open to work and Drummond clogs it. They also have a young promising rim runner in Jackson Hayes.

      • hiflew

        But they don’t have Zion. At least not on the floor. No one has any idea who he will mesh with because he has not taken the floor in a meaningful NBA game.

        I’m not advocating a 1 for 1 deal, but if the Pistons gave up Drummond and a couple more assets really soon, then it might make sense. It would give assets to NO, give them an opportunity to see if Drummond could mesh, and see if he is willing to re-sign with them. If all of that works, it’s a great deal for NO. If it doesn’t, you still have around two months to trade Drummond for more future assets.

        • SheaGoodbye

          “No one has any idea who he will mesh with because he has not taken the floor in a meaningful NBA game.”

          Lol what? Where have you been over the last half-decade? Both guys live in the paint and can’t hit threes. That pairing is 100% guaranteed not to work.

  2. king beas

    Trade holiday for a haul and JJ for a couple of late 1sts to a contending team. See if favors can fetch anything even 2 2nds to clear cap. Draft cold Anthony and sign joe Harris and Jae crowder and jeremi grant along with extending Ingram hart and okafor. Trade Hayes and late 1st acquired in return for Myles turner
    Pg Anthony, zo
    Sg Harris, Hart, Alexander walker
    Sf Ingram, crowder
    Pf Zion, grant
    C turner, okafor

    • seamaholic

      No one has the cap room to take JJ for a couple draft picks. Literally no one. Maybe a trade exemption.

  3. Robert G.

    I wonder if there’s a deal that would work with the Wolves—would they want Wiggins and Culver or Okogie and a 1st and 2nd? I’d love to see KAT with a professional point guard who can shoot.

  4. Coach Him

    Salaries don’t work but I would love to see him and JJ return to Philly.

  5. BigGarg

    This guy would be perfect for my Nuggets. Wonder if Gary Harris and Beasley or juancho could get it done.

    • SheaGoodbye

      And they still need another piece to have a real shot at winning. I’d say they are the most sensible match right.

  6. Raps are further ahead than most expected this year, wonder if a swap would be possible there.

    Ibaka, OG and a first for Jrue and Kenrich?

  7. phillyballers

    Depends on how many draft picks teams want to give up to make the money work by sending back trash. One man’s garbage is another man’s ungarbage.

    Something like Winslow, Leonard, Dragic + 1st for Jru and Favors.

    Minnesota starting with Teague and Dieng, but again no trade works in the trade machine.

    Detroit Jackson, Galloway, Snell, Kennard for Jru and JJ. You will likely need to find a 3rd team unless a buyout happens for Galloway or they cut a couple guys.

    • hiflew

      Minnesota works with Dieng and Culver for Jrue. Minny would probably have to add another pick or two though. Teague could possibly be moved in a different deal, perhaps in a deal for Russell.

      • phillyballers

        It actually says successful trade? I get trade failed and it cites 2 different reasons. I think they are set on keeping Culver and more willing to deal a pick from past reports about Culver. Dumping Dieng in general will require a 1st.

  8. Skip, Tampa

    Heat would be a great landing spot for Holiday. Least Griffin can do is getting him to a playoff contender. He’s certainly earned that option.
    Nunn, Jones, Olynik, JJ, 2020 1s, 2025 1st Heat.
    Holiday, Okafor, Jackson, 2020 2nd Pelicans.
    Heat give OKC 2023 1st unprotected for 2 OKC 2nds to free up the 2025 1st.
    Sure looks very workable from cheap seats.

  9. Jrue Holiday and Derrick Favours for Gary Harris, Mason Plumblee, a unprotected first and a protected first.

    Nuggets would be much stronger defensively with Holiday and Favours and it would give the team two more really good leaders. Parting with 2 first would be hard but worth it. I think looking at that rotation your have a great mix of defence and offence, and a good mix of young players and vets. That second unit looks the best in the league and would a few starting units.

    1. Murray. Morris. Dozier
    2. Holiday. Beasley
    3. Barton. Craig. Porter
    4. Millsap. Grant. Hernagomez
    5. Jokic. Favours.

    • Jason Lancaster

      No reason to include Plumlee – Harris + Beasley + Hernangomez gets it done. NO gets a couple of youngsters they can re-sign on the cheap, and a decent young player in Harris that they can probably flip for more assets later.

      Also, because there aren’t going to be a lot of teams bidding for Holiday (most of the teams that could use him don’t have the contracts to ship back), Denver probably won’t have to include any picks.

      Of course, NO could just decide to wait to move him until the summer. He’ll be easier to move at that time. But I bet he doesn’t want to hang out for another lost year at this point in his career.

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