Warriors In No Rush To Deal D’Angelo Russell

From the time the Warriors acquired D’Angelo Russell in the Kevin Durant sign-and-trade, many around the league have been operating under the assumption that the Dubs would deal Russell once they were eligible to do so.

“It’s just going to come down to when they want to do it,” one executive tells Sean Deveney of Heavy.com. “Could do it now. Could do it later. But they’ll do it.”

The majority of offseason signings will be eligible for a trade on December 15 (sign-and-trades like the acquisition of Russell count as a signing) and leading up to that date, one might suspect the Warriors to already be in the process of parsing the market.

However, Deveney hears that Golden State has been quiet with regard to Russell negotiations with other clubs. One rival GM doesn’t believe the Warriors are pushing for a deal.

“If it is something that they’re going to do quickly, like before the end of this month, I wouldn’t say they’re pushing for it,” one general manager said. “Maybe they have a deal in mind, maybe they’re sitting on something and laying low. But I’d be surprised. That’s not how they’d approach it, I’d think. You want to create a market if you are going to trade a player like him, you want to pit teams against each other, drive up the price. You don’t want to lock into one deal. But the market thing, that’s not really happening yet. They’re not pushing the market for him.”

Russell has struggled to stay on the court, as various injuries have limited him to just 11 games. When he has been able to suit up, he’s impressed. Russell is averaging 23.7 points per game, he’s sporting a career-high 21.6 player efficiency rating, and he leads the Warriors in NBA Math’s Total Points Added despite many of his teammates playing twice as many games as him.

It’s likely that the lack of trade talks between the Warriors and other teams doesn’t reflect a lack of interest from rivals. The franchise, which is expected to land a top pick in the 2020 draft, could be planning to keep Russell for the season and then package the point guard with the likely top-five selection for a star via trade since adding a rookie to the core of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green wouldn’t exactly mesh timeline-wise.

Then again, the team could keep Russell and head into next season with a three-guard rotation that is unmatched by any around the league. Deveney writes that the Warriors have let it slip that this could be their approach in talks with rival teams, though one GM says that is likely a “smokescreen” intended to make the Warriors look less eager to trade Russell.

The Wolves are among the teams expected to pursue a Russell trade. Minnesota went after him in free agency. Perhaps a package that includes Robert Covington could entice Bob Myers and Golden State’s front office.

Russell is in the first year of the four-year, max deal he inked this past offseason. Where he finishes that contract is anyone’s guess.

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28 thoughts on “Warriors In No Rush To Deal D’Angelo Russell

    • ChapmansVacuum

      I think the Magic could use him and have some pieces that they could send that would be decent for GSW. Also the Timberwolves already wanted him. Im sure there are other good fits, and we dont know which contender could lose there PG to an injury between now and the deadline. I think the only way they deal him in season is if someone wants to blow them away.

  1. FromTheCheapSeats

    The 2020 free agent class is – by far – the worst in years. Golden State is holding an absolute block of gold. They’re gonna get a king’s ransom for Russell.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      I doubt it. They need to clear that cap space just as bad as other teams want DLo. You can’t realistically have 4 max contracts. Someone’s gotta go.

      • ChapmansVacuum

        You could trade him in June for someone on a expiring deal that you want to resign to get the bird rights, or send him to a team like the Cavs for someone like Love if they want.

        • 123Redsox

          The Cavs have drafted 2 guards in the lottery the past two years. They are committed to a youth movement built around sexton and garland. They wouldn’t be making a move that could hurt their tanking and development of sexton and garland

    • LordBanana

      Who is giving a king’s ransom for DLo? Maybe if their pick stays high they can package him for someone that demands a trade but that’s not very likely. No rebuilding team is gonna give a top 5 pick for him.

      Best bet is either late lottery picks or solid role players/late picks.

  2. Chucktoad1

    You can’t realistically have 4 max contracts? Why not? If you’re willing to spend the money you can have as many as you want. With the opening of the Chase center the Warriors aren’t hurting for cash. I think they will trade Russell but not because of his contract. They’ll trade him for another max contract that’s a better fit at a position of need like SF or center.

    • Natergater77

      So what about working with Sacramento, and bringing Harrison Barnes back?

      And Kong’s get a rotation of Russell, Fox and Hield

      • 123Redsox

        Fox is too small to guard the 3 and hield and dlo can’t guard the 3 primarily. Fox and hield are phenomenal. They wouldn’t do this and they have no need to

    • Otogar

      Just with Steph, Klay, Dray and DLo the Warriors would be comfortably over next year’s cap. That means (apart from huge luxury taxes) they cannot hire anyone except on a minimum salary. And the supporting cast does not look so good right now… I also would say it’s not realistic.

  3. IslandFlava

    I mean of course just about all teams in the league would want a guy like D’lo who wouldn’t, right? But why on earth would GSW trade him? That is the part I can’t see, having Curry, D’lo, Klay, Dray & a decent 5, that is a formidable team.
    So I suppose if they trade him will have to be for a huge return, probably a king’s ransom!

    • ChapmansVacuum

      I dont love him off ball either with Curry or more recently he doesnt seem to play off ball that well. I do think they kind of want to at least wait till summer to deal him unless someone blows them out of the water since they really want to get a look at how a few of these potential starting lineups perform:


      They really need those final 20 or so games of the season to asses how Steph for sure and Klay hopefully gel with the kids after they have had a chance to learn the system. They can judge what they have when they see it all together.

      I do think the first team after Dec 15th that throws a decent offer on Burks/GR3/WCS/Chriss will have them. This will solve adding Bowman who they may even be able to use the remainder of the MLE they used for Smily and Paschall to get him locked in for multiple years as the backup PG, and Lee to full deals. They can then resign any of those 4 that they want who will take offers they can make next summer. I like Chriss more as a long term piece then the others, and any of the others that would take cheap deals would be fine bench pieces, but I think the harsh reality is any of those 4 that play good enough that the Warriors must have them they will cost more then the team can afford to bring them back since they are all maxed at 120% this years salaries. So they all go first good offer that comes, and the team can “tank” now that the rosters getting healthier by dealing pieces that have helped, while also treasure hunting for other gems on two ways and minimum deals to replace them.

  4. phillyballers

    Wouldn’t a 7-1 Wiseman mesh well with this team? They could still deal DLo for a wing though – Wiggins is the most likely candidate or most rumored. They could also do a 2 for 1 deal for lesser contracts to add depth.

    • This makes sense. Imagine a guy like Wiggins and his athletic skills putting it all together and being a force with the Warriors. Then drafting Wisesman? wow Powerhouse team.

      • phillyballers

        Yea they would be the odds on favorite with a healthy squad. I think you’d see a few vets sign the min deals too.

  5. I can see Dlo being traded but not until after the season. I also see GSW getting back a few draft picks and a expiring contract for him. The warriors should draft a young center with their top draft pick and build the team future with players coming back in a Dlo trade.

  6. skrockij89

    T-Wolves should a package of picks/Teague and his expiring contract. I would think that would be more enticing for a team trying to tank and get some salary off the books.

    • That’s not a bad idea but I like what he said in the article about trading D’Angelo Russell plus that top 5 or top 7 pick for a star.

      Since Thompson and Curry and green are all getting around 30 you can’t wait for a 19 year old to get up to speed. Rather have an established star. I like the sound of that.

    • ChapmansVacuum

      except they arent trying to tank. They dont really want the picks. The whole reason you sign and trade for Dlo is because it was the only way to add close to a max player after being over the cap. I think the only way they trade him is if the centerpiece of the deal is a player they want on a real contract. I think most people assume a Twolves offer would need to be along the lines of Covenington + Teague to make the money work going either way, and a draft pick or two. Covenington fits better then Dlo and would be the main impetus for a deal.

      This is not a team that wants lots of picks over the next half decade. They want to maximise talent in the next 3-4 years to get the most out of Curry/Klay before they decline. There is no way they want an expiring deal and picks.

  7. Malcom Brogdon suits GSW perfectly.

    He’s 6’5 and plays Point Guard/Shooting Guard. He can play a lot of roles for your team. He can be a scorer and give you 20+ a night, he can be a creator and facilitate, he’s also a really good defender. He shoots super efficiently, he’s had a 50-40-90 and for his career is a 48/41/90.

    Getting him in would really suit GSWs system, plus Dlo going to the Pacers would be great for them too.
    Dlo is a great leader, is a good scorer and passer at the PG position and I think he would really elevate the Pacers. A backcourt of Dlo and Oladipo would be really good, both players can scorer 20+ per night, both are really good clutch shooters. Dlo would be the facilitator and Oli the good defender.

    I think Brogdon, McConnell and a first rounder for Russell would be really good for both teams.

    McConnell would also be an underrated nice addition. Behind Curry, GSW don’t have much PG depth and McConnell is a good back up. Plus Indy wouldn’t exactly need him with Dlo starting and Holiday as his back up

    • LordBanana

      Brogdon has been better than DLo on a cheaper contract, Warriors would be the one throwing in draft picks

    • Nah no way your looking to much into the current 20 game season.

      Brogdon is having his best year in his career with 19/5/8 averages so far but Russell is 3 years younger, carried a weak Nets team to the playoffs, become an all star and last year in his best year averaged 21-7-4.
      This year he is averaging 22/4/6 meaning he’s scoring more but not having to facilitate as much on offence because of Draymond Green. Meanwhile Brogdon’s averages are up his percentages are down because he’s having to lead the team and take harder shots.

      So really I think Russell is definitely the better player. He’s younger, he’s a better leader, he’s more of a clutch shooter, he’s a better scorer, and he’s a perfect partner for Oladipo. They are equally good passers but Brogdon is a better defender and is more efficient but he doesn’t give you what Russell gives you.

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