Atlantic Notes: Portis, Celtics, Fall, Sixers, Kurucs

Knicks forward Bobby Portis was ejected from Tuesday’s game against the Lakers for a vicious swipe that knocked Kentavious Caldwell-Pope out of the game. Portis was fined $25K for “recklessly making contact” above KCP’s shoulders (he hit him in the head) and the big man has apologized for the incident.

“It wasn’t intentional at all,” Portis said (via Alex Smith of “Went for the ball. Apologies to Caldwell-Pope. Happy to see him back on the court doing his thing. My intent is never to hurt anyone or anything. Just tried to make a play on the ball, missed the ball, and hit him in the head.

“Like I said, that’s not my intent to hurt anybody, but I do apologize and I am sincere for it.”

Portis, who signed a two-year deal with a team option on the 2020/21 campaign this past offseason, could be on the move in the coming weeks — at least one recent report indicated that he has drawn some trade interest.

Here’s more from out of the Atlantic:

  • A year ago, a surprisingly strong Kings’ season meant that the first-round draft pick they sent to the Celtics wasn’t as valuable as initially believed. That may happen to the C’s again in 2020 with the pick the Grizzlies owe them. Nick Goss of NBC Sports Boston explores how Memphis’ recent hot streak has affected the value of that top-six-protected first-rounder.
  • In an interview with ESPN (video link), beloved Celtics rookie Tacko Fall spoke about his road to the NBA and how he has adjusted to fame.
  • Derek Bodner of Rich Hofmann of The Athletic preview the Sixers‘ trade options and examine whether Matisse Thybulle should be viewed as untouchable. Their verdict? Moving Thybulle should only be considered if the team has a chance to acquire an impact player in a major deal.
  • Prosecutors from Brooklyn’s District Attorney’s Office turned over the evidence against Nets forward Rodions Kurucs this week in his domestic violence case, writes Andrew Denney of The New York Post. Kurucs, who is facing a series of charges that include third-degree assault and second-degree harassment, is due back in court on February 11.

Chris Crouse contributed to this post.

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13 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Portis, Celtics, Fall, Sixers, Kurucs

  1. Wouldn’t trade Thybulle he’s a rookie, so that’s a cheap contract on lots of years and holds value. He’s shooting 46% from deep and 1.4 steals in under 20 minutes. Loads and loads of potential and can play SG or SF.

  2. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Celtics should go all in on Beal.

    They’ve got young assets in Edwards, Langford, Fall, plus many 1st round picks to offer the wizards including the Memphis pick.

    Wizards are looking at a top 5 pick and could package those picks from the celtics to grab another elite selection in the top 10 or have as many as 4 1st round picks this year to fill needs as need be.

    Beal isn’t resigning with the wizards and they would be nearly unstoppable pairing Beal with Brown Tatum Walker and Hayward.

    • DVail1979

      Correct me if im wrong but didnt Beal already sign his extension with Washington?

      • Correct Beal can’t be traded this season and isn’t available for trade until the start of next season.

        Plus in order to trade for someone like Beal who’s getting about 30 mil you have to match salary so in other words you have to give up either Brown Tatum or Hayward. Also positionally you already have Brown and Smart who play SG, Tatum and Hayward who plays SF and getting Beal doesn’t fix their main issue which has been rebounding and needing a centre…

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        It was a 2 year extension, technically a 1 year extension since the 2nd year is a player option.

        Unless the wizards get competitive the next 2 years I doubt he signs a max extension with them.

        • Black Ace57

          Due to the CBA and the deal Beal signed they literally cannot trade him for a year.

          • All American Johnsonville Dogs

            End of this league year or a year from when he signed the extension? Cause he signed it in October 2019 couple days before the season started.

            Beal signed the extension October 18th or so and season started the 22nd.

            The celtics can still trade the assets mentioned before the draft if he’s eligible to be traded after this league calendar year.

    • Never going to happen and no where in this article does it mention the Celtics looking at trades or Bradley Beal….

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        It does mention Celtics and fall specifically. Which both are mentioned in my comment as a destination and player for Beal.

    • tomjoadsghost

      Only the Bulls front office thinks Fall is an asset lol. He’s a victory cigar.

  3. x%sure

    That was a long technical article in TA on the Sixers, but not without what looked like errors.
    One, it is the Collective Bargaining Agreement that sets the rules not “the NBA”. The players’ union leadership is responsible for about half of the result.

    But as usual, more is desired than what is claimed, namely a guard that can run PNRs and shoot 3s… more is needed to make a difference. And offering overpaid Mike Scott as trade bait?– no.
    But this may have been the point… ti;dr.

    Unless they go after Alec Burks.
    But it’s up to Simmons’ego, not The Process.

  4. stevep-4

    Someone should tell Nikola Mirotic that Portis never intends to hurt anyone, that’s a hoot.

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