Central Notes: Bledsoe, Giannis, McKinnie, Cavs, Bulls

After a report earlier this week suggested the Bucks would be willing to trade starting point guard Eric Bledsoe, Jon Horst told Howard Beck of Bleacher Report in no uncertain terms that’s not the case.

“We have no talked to any teams about trading [Bledsoe], since the day that we traded for him,” the Bucks GM said. “And I think it’s evident, pretty strongly, in the fact that we extended Eric, what he means to us.

“The fact that we currently have the best record in the NBA, had the best record last year in the NBA, he’s an All-NBA First Team defender and a guy that we feel strongly should be an All-Star for the Milwaukee Bucks this year. We have not had those conversations, and we are not going to trade Eric Bledsoe.”

It’s hard to imagine the Bucks doing anything too drastic to shake up their roster at the trade deadline next month, considering the team is on a 71-win pace. Bledsoe did struggle in the postseason last spring, so he’ll be under the microscope in this year’s playoffs. If he underperforms again, perhaps Horst’s stance changes, but the veteran point guard looks safe for now.

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10 thoughts on “Central Notes: Bledsoe, Giannis, McKinnie, Cavs, Bulls

  1. Rewane

    Off topic, but I wonder whether Parsons is a very good trade asset right now, if Hawks can convince the other team Parsons is medically retiring before it becomes official. That team could unload a ton of salary to the Hawks and have Parsons’ salary off its cap once he medically retires.

  2. gwhempel

    The next time Gary Woelfel is correct about anything will be the first. I love this site, and I know you guys need juicy stories, but that guy is seriously a hack.

    • Luke Adams

      We didn’t cover the story when it came out earlier this week and only linked it here to provide context for Horst’s comment.

  3. Tazza

    Was thinking about Eric Bledsoe as a trade target a couple weeks back. Obviously the plan for the Bucks is to build a team around Giannis and keep him happy so he doesn’t leave in FA.
    Trading Bledsloe would be a huge move cause it would affect that locker room but his fit on that team is an odd one cause he not a natural 3rd option and his playing style doesn’t suit Giannis.
    Would be interesting to see what his value is and what they could get back for him however…

    • x%sure

      That’s what Griffen thought in 2017 about Irving. Irving found out and wanted out, and the Cavs had a year of drama.

      it’s all up the playoffs with Bledsoe and indeed nearly everyone on the Bucks, so why bother.

    • Tazza

      Irving was always the sidekick to LeBron it’s clear he was the second and Love was the third option. Love didn’t mind cause he knew he’s get his bag $$ and would get a ring or two, now all he wants to do is play out is career in peace.
      Irving was the sidekick and wanted more credit and to be the alpha, Bro. Wanted to stay and be alpha and after Irving left to be the boss in Boston LeBron have it another go with his trash team he was given then left to LA for his son and for the chance to actually win again

  4. HailRodgers12$

    Bucks brass better publicly ask Giannis if its ok with him before they even think about trading Bledsoe or anyone else. Gotta make sure the fans know they have his approval. Wouldn’t want another move resulting in bad chemistry and a bunch of losses like dealing Brogdon caused…

    Nevermind the his free agency plans, hes apparently already gone after that roster wrecker…

  5. I think the DVE has been a failure, whether or not the Bucks use it to retain GA this summer. The question is will a home team (already having the right to offer the most) having this new “right” to offer more to a superstar in years 7-9 allow it to retain guys they would otherwise lose-? No evidence of it so far, and GA re-upping with the Bucks wouldn’t provide any (it was never the case that every young superstar in this category left their home team, particularly if that team has the best record in the league, was built around them and figures to contend for titles into the foreseeable future). Of course, GA not signing would really drive it home, but probably never enough to make the owners actually admit they got it wrong. Problem is the rule starts from the same false owner notion that seemingly every bad CBA rule does. It treats NBA superstars who have already signed 100 mm contracts like working men, or at least assumes they share the latter’s priorities. Money may still be a priority, just not financial security. Like the guys the owners see in the mirror.

  6. gbp4ever

    Everyone acts like MKE is to small for Giannis and he must leave MKE even though he has said several times he loves MKE.

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