Kings’ Dewayne Dedmon Fined For Public Trade Request

Kings center Dewayne Dedmon has been fined $50K for “public statements detrimental to the NBA and its teams,” the league announced today in a press release. The penalty stems from Dedmon’s comments to The Sacramento Bee about his desire to be traded out of Sacramento.

“I would like to be traded,” Dedmon said on Sunday. “I haven’t been playing, so I would like to go somewhere where my talents are appreciated.”

The fine comes as no surprise. While players and agents are generally permitted to ask for trades via back-channels, the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement prohibits them from publicly announcing those requests.

Anthony Davis was fined $50K last winter when agent Rich Paul publicly asked for a trade, so Dedmon received an identical penalty for his comments.

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19 thoughts on “Kings’ Dewayne Dedmon Fined For Public Trade Request

  1. I get the this is the rule now or something to that effect but I’m of the opinion a player shouldn’t get fined when the scenario is something like upon a green to a contract there are verbal or written conditions are promises in regards to roll and playing time that one side clearly reneges on. I suppose you could say that if a player play some self out of the rotation by sucking then that’s on them. And then we also have to discuss the nuances of what’s a fair chance at living up to the player they expected to be and how many chances you get. So I guess I don’t know what I’m trying to say here LOL but still seems stupid to find a guy when he gets promised this and that is under contract for numerous years and then the front office and coaching staff completely switch up on him

  2. x%sure

    People put in a request for transfer all the time. It should not be finable. We’re all adults here.

    • osonvs

      Putting in a request and publicly announcing you want out are 2 totally different things. By publicly announcing you basically hurt your trade value and thus put your team in a difficult position. So if we’re “all adults here,” then no need to go public. Deal with it in house. That’s how adults do it.

      • x%sure

        Some people can’t handle hearing about it. I would call them more childish thus less adult. I do not care about Dedmon’s market value; he can do it like he wants to. The NBA is an entertainment business and I would prefer info be released.

  3. jb10000lakes

    drops a $50K fine comment, doesn’t even bat an eyelash; anyone else see the problem here?

    • rgreen

      Are you saying they make too much money?

      If so,you need to just stop,along with all of the other people who complain they make too much.Its not tax money,the business generates it.Complaining about it is like saying,that guy over there opened a business that makes him and his employees too much,somebody needs to step in and put limits to it.Nobody,not even the government should have that much say in the matter.Basically telling people that they can’t do anything to become rich,no matter how hard they work for it.

      • brewpackbuckbadg

        jb10000lakes in NO WAY said they make too much money. You completely read that into it. What was stated was that 50k is no big deal. Not the same thing!

  4. rick68

    been paid over 17mm over his career, total pedestrian stats. Be happy you have a job. Stop crying about being appreciated.

    • amk3510

      Bingo. This guy is nuts if he thinks anyone wants to take on his 13 million for the next 2 seasons. Exact same ridiculous complaining as Thaddeus Young. Be thankful someone overpaid you to be a role player.

  5. This has some, but very little, impact on the Kings’ franchise. Like AD’s request did the Pels’. But there can’t be two sets of rules. I’m not sure he meant to make it public (like AD’s agent did), but he’s the one who signed the contract.

  6. jorge78

    The guys so pedestrian he’s barely averaged playing a third of a game in seven seasons except in 2017 and 2018 when he averaged half a game of minutes for bad Atlanta Hawks teams. And he didn’t get to play at all in many of his teams total games. He wants a trade? How about a RELEASE! After all this time the guy is the definition of bench player.
    His ceiling is below the floor.
    Look up self delusional in the dictionary and there is his picture…..

  7. jorge78

    And he’s making 13 million plus a year for the next 3 years? He should be shining the owners Cadillac SUV AND his shoes. The Kings are so idiotic to overpay this dude the devil is forcing them to suffer him for the entirety of his contract…..

    • amk3510

      The Kings have been overpaying role players because they cant attract free agents for a long time now. Nothing new with their dumpster fire. They are really paying Dedmon, Ariza and Joseph 38 million annualy that says it all.

    • Strike Four

      “And he’s making 13 million plus a year for the next 3 years? He should be shining the owners Cadillac SUV AND his shoes.”

      Maybe the most disgusting comment I’ve ever seen here. You are talking like they are actual slaves. Grow up. They make billions for the league, ergo, they all deserve millions for doing so. Im so tired of dumb fans who think that being a pro athlete is so easy and they’re just lucky and don’t deserve to make a share of the massive, massive profits their skills create from society.

      Shine their shoes….take a look in the mirror man. Terrible, just a rotten thing to think…

      • Im glad i wasnt the only one who immediately saw into that comment. Shine shoes, to obvious of a race dig. But even the substance of the argument “you make millions” yes to meet conditioning requirements that literally require you to adhere to a certain lifestyle, diet, and routine that cannot be set in “hours” because it is all encompassing. Your on the clock 24/7 nearly 365 days a year (off season is more training not vacation time). Get up at 4am, hit the gym, every day, then practice, then the actual game. We havent even discussed the skill and on court training to actually be an nba player, this is just the conditioning requirements. Nobody criticising these dudes has a job that can come even close in terms of work and time committed. They get paid appropriately, some are prima donas, but even the lazys work harder and longer then us, just to show up to camp outta shape and get called lazy lol. And for every dwayne dedmond theres a guy in the g league doing the exact same amount of work for what, like 5k a game? They get to complain just every other employee out there, but “oh no they should be gracious of their employers who turn a profit off their labor and pay them less then what theyre actually worth” (which is the basic principles of economics

  8. PapiElf

    Why is he mad about playing time? The Kings have played 34 games and he’s played in 23. He should be quiet and go appreciate that he’s being paid $40 million over three years to average 6.4 PPG.

    • Strike Four

      Perhaps he wants to make more on his next contract?

      Theb anti-player sentiment on the trade rumors comments threads is always so perplexing to me. Its a mix of jealousy and a complete lack of a grasp of how much money these leagues make due 100% from the players skills, skills they spent their entire freaking lives perfecting, since the age of 3. But sure, they are just “lucky” – no you are just not special. Grow up and appreciate athletes more than owners.

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