Kings Have Interest In Kyle Kuzma

2:48pm: The Kings are unlikely to be interested in essentially swapping Bogdanovic straight up for Kuzma, Sam Amick of The Athletic hears (Twitter link). According to Amick, Sacramento values Bogdanovic’s versatility and is comfortable with his upcoming restricted free agency.

1:34pm: The Kings are among the teams that have made an effort to engage in discussions with the Lakers about a potential Kyle Kuzma trade, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link).

Kuzma’s name has popped up in trade rumors as of late, with a Friday report suggesting that teams had begun to due diligence on the Lakers’ forward in case he’s placed on the trade block. Over the weekend, Sam Amick of The Athletic reported that the Lakers had become open to listening to inquiries on Kuzma. Based on today’s update from Stein, it appears one of those inquiries has come from Sacramento.

Stein goes on to say that the Kings “know they would have to include” Bogdan Bogdanovic in any deal for Kuzma, which is an interesting detail. Bogdanovic, a former first-round pick who plays on the wing, has been more productive than Kuzma so far in 2019/20, averaging 14.5 PPG and 3.6 APG with a .383 3PT%. He also looks like a better fit for the Lakers’ current roster, given the team’s logjam at the four.

Kuzma, who averaged a career-high 18.7 PPG last season, has struggled in the first half of 2019/20 since returning from an offseason foot injury, recording just 11.8 PPG in 27 games. The Lakers are still figuring out how to best use him in a lineup that includes power forwards Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Kuzma has also had to deal with an ankle sprain, as well as a mini-controversy off the court after his trainer criticized LeBron.

On the plus side, Kuzma’s contract situation is more favorable than Bogdanovic’s, at least in the short term. Kuzma is earning less than $2MM this season and won’t reach restricted free agency until 2021, while Bogdanovic has an $8.5MM salary and will be an RFA this summer.

Sacramento may be reluctant to invest big money in Bogdanovic after signing Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield to lucrative long-term deals, particularly with De’Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley becoming eligible for extensions of their own in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

If the Lakers and Kings were to make a deal centered around Kuzma and Bogdanovic, L.A. would have to add at least one more player for salary-matching purposes. Attaching Quinn Cook ($3MM) or DeMarcus Cousins ($3.5MM) to Kuzma would do the trick.

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27 thoughts on “Kings Have Interest In Kyle Kuzma

  1. Jmac2020

    Not sure why lakers would trade kuzma for just bogdon. Kuzma would most likely be used to net a bradley beal or cj McCollum type player than bogdon.

      • imindless

        Dont mind curtis rowe he is delusional as it gets. Obviously other pieces would be involved but lakers have the talent to get it done.

        • x%sure

          Lakers will not be trading James or Davis, so Beal is out of reach. No thanks for trying to use ‘delusional’.

          Kuzma should have been moved on already, instead of Ingram who James spoke well of– and James is a 3 like Ingram. Indeed Bas.Ref. says Lebron is mostly a 1!
          Not a 4, HR!

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Only Lakers fans think that Kuzma is better than Bogdan.

  2. imindless

    Id want bogdon and ariza or future 1st for kuzma at the very least. Kuzma is 3 years younger and a better scorer

    • TJECK109

      You’d have to dump more than kuzma and one of the others mentioned to match salaries

        • implant

          The must be careful not to run the chemistry they have. As much as Duds best days are behind him he fully understands his role and is a big part of this team

  3. amk3510

    The Lakers want Boogie back next year so Quinn Cook is much more likely to be moved. Trading Kuzma for Bogdan is understandable and a lot better than the other ridiculous ideas out there like Kuzma+ for Thaddeus Young.

  4. wright0525

    If you’re not getting a star player back in someway, I say no trade. There is major upside with him, and he’s young. There is not a lot of young talent on the roster right now.


    Its time to trade kuzma.. defense is terrible and doesn’t fit the team dynamic..very game 20 pts, next game 4.. Bogdan is a sniper and is still young. kuzma is always looking for his shot.. many times straight iso..less than 1 ast per game.. this team needs to move the ball.. He’s a great player on a bad team.. Just like Ingram is killing it


    No way u get rid of boogie.. he will be back as a monster.. dump cook or Daniels.. Dudley is more for the locker room and team needs forward depth


    Plus, getting rid of cook and kuzma opens up signing collison.. so 2 holes filled..let Luke have him..

  8. Would make sense for both teams in terms of (top of the) roster balance, but I think the Kings can do better for BB. I’d prefer to trade Hield. BB is a more complete player; although the team would need to gauge what might show up in terms of an offer sheet.

  9. x%sure

    Bogdan would be a fine trade get for Kuzma. Consistently effective and a shooter.

    But while the Kings may not be able to afford Bogdan later, they don’t really need a 4 now either. I’m not sure what they do need besides getting something for Barnes. Kuzma probably isn’t it but what does GM Divas know anyway. Grab some potential!

    What if Kuzma does not like Sacto after being The Kid of LA? Bogdan is leaving anyway.

  10. Uncle Sugar

    Kuz isn’t going Anywhere… that’s just the media looking to get the last of the Young core off the Lakers..
    Hoping they will have something to say if Kuz get Traded and blow up in another uniform….
    The Lakers are in 1st place…with the 2nd best Record in the NBA…..NO MOVES NEED TO BE MADE…

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