Knicks Notes: Branding, Oakley, Dotson, Udrih

The Knicks need more than a brand agency to help improve their image with fans, writes Steve Popper of Newsday. On Thursday, Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg broke the news that the team will be partnering with Steve Stoute’s Translation agency, which helped create a positive image for the Nets. Stoute will serve as a special adviser to the Knicks and will use data and analytics to develop public relations campaigns.

“We have a ways to go,” Stoute told Soshnick. “People can say what they want, but the world knows when you get it right — when the New York team is winning — basketball is better. When the New York Knicks are right, the NBA is a better place. That is the opportunity.”

Popper contends there’s little the franchise can do to improve its image as long as it’s putting a losing product on the court. He adds that the basketball side of the Knicks brand is “poison” because of a “culture of fear and backstabbing” that has executives and coaches afraid to speak out about the problems that are holding back the organization.

There’s more out of New York:

  • The new marketing effort could result in the return of Knicks legend Charles Oakley to Madison Square Garden, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post. A source tells Berman that Oakley and Stoute are friends, and the power forward tweeted a congratulatory message this morning. Oakley has been a vocal critic of team owner James Dolan, particularly since being evicted from the Garden in 2017. Oakley claims the incident has caused some players to decide they don’t want to play for the Knicks.
  • Damyean Dotson‘s improved play has helped make up for the loss of RJ Barrett, who is sidelined with a sprained ankle, observes Greg Joyce of The New York Post. Dotson made seven of 10 shots and scored 21 points Friday night. “We find the minutes for the guys that need to be playing,” interim coach Mike Miller said. “As they’re out they’re playing, Dot’s playing well, so he played the whole fourth quarter.”
  • Beno Udrih has joined the coaching staff for the Knicks’ G League affiliate in Westchester, tweets Ian Begley of Udrih spent 13 years in the NBA, including a brief stop in New York.
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8 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Branding, Oakley, Dotson, Udrih

  1. wildboys

    Dotson is one of the best players on the team and should have been playing all along

  2. x%sure

    Troy Aikman has been saying the NFL is better when the Cowboys and Niners are on top. Ridiculous homerism, and archaic when an ex-Cowboy says it. Maybe it did work for the other team– the 49ers.

    I hope this Knicks campaign will just be local, where bias is the norm all over.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      He was always overrated, on the list of top QB’s in NFL history Aikman isn’t even close to the top. They were still America’s team 25 years ago, but since then the Cowboys have been one of the least important teams in the entire NFL. Jerry Jones has turned them into a joke.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Small example of the media BS in NY. You see how they wrote. Dotsons improved play of lately. Then Miller answering, the way words are used. First Dotson doesn’t play enough. Plus he doesn’t get consistent mins. This is not developing your players. In other cities they let young or new players. Play and adapt without being critical. The only way you get better as a team or young player. Is by familiarity, consistency. The pressures here to perform on coaches and players. Have always put familiarity development consistency. On the back burner. Frank, DSJ, Knox, even Robinson have been used or developed right. Cause of Fizdale fiasco. The media who thinks they are coaches. To the insecurity of the Management. And of course Dolan. I thought Phil would stop that. Media soon got to him cause he never adapted. At least he got the rebuild started. A rebuild needs commitment consistency. We’ve not seen that. The media will never be supportive. unless you are winning or have a star. Frank n Knox should have been in G league their first yr. Robinson too. It’s better to play and develop. Than to sit and play inconsistently. Change core players, coaches. It kills confidence. Robinson who all see has talent. But is inconsistent. So why start him. Why don’t we we have a backup C. Better yet Kornet could have started. Since Ewing it seems they do sh on fly. Frank value is down. DSJ value is down. Knox value is down. This is called miss management. The story line has been. Cap space and why no one signed here. Well why would they. It takes a special personality player. To play in the Garden. That’s something we as fans. Can’t really see or judge. It shouldn’t take 20 freaking yrs to rebuild a team. The owner and management always get in their way. And the media just adds to the fire. So now with trade deadline here. Our options are diminished again. What can we really hope for? I like Drummond but don’t think he is max player. I like Morris a lot. But at 30 and no contract. It’s best to move him. It’s amazing that Russell played in front of their eyes for YEARS. He is 24 and would be perfect here. Yet they thought Bullock, Ellington, Taj would be better. Guys that hardly play. Dolan I’m available.

  4. Dotson and Trier will likely both be casualties of the ineptitude of the current Knick FO this summer, when they will become RFAs – with there being little basis to price them in a competitive market. They needed to find out about both of these guys before the deadline. Not only didn’t they, you wonder if the need to do so even occurred to them.

    Dotson hasn’t “improved” lately. For 3 years, when he’s gotten even quasi-consistent minutes, he’s flashed the same gritty low maintenance 3 & D game. He was an older draftee, who effectively came pre-developed as this. STILL, 3 years go by and he’s still on the team without a coherent role.

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