Knicks Rumors: Trades, Portis, Fizdale, Davis

Several teams who have been in touch recently with the Knicks have come away with the impression that the team isn’t simply looking to trade for rebuilding assets such as draft picks, expiring contracts, and young prospects, according to Ian Begley of Those teams say New York has shown interest in acquiring “starter-level players” who can help the team in the short term as well as in the future, sources tell Begley.

While seeking only short-term upgrades would be a mistake for the 10-27 Knicks, it makes sense for the club to consider a variety of trade options rather than focusing exclusively on dumping its veterans for draft picks. Still, it’s hard to envision many scenarios in which the organization could use its most expendable trade chips to acquire a starter-level player who could be retained for multiple seasons.

Perhaps if the Knicks go that route they’ll target players who are a year or two away from restricted free agency and could be more comfortably re-signed than a player like Marcus Morris, who will be an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. Players like Kyle Kuzma and Malik Beasley might fit that bill, though finding a Knicks package that would work financially and would appeal to a contender like the Lakers or Nuggets could be tricky.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • Bobby Portis is drawing trade interest from multiple teams, Begley writes in a separate story for Begley suggests that Portis’ pseudo-expiring contract could appeal to teams seeking a frontcourt piece, though I suspect the big man’s modest production (9.9 PPG on 44.0% shooting) and $15MM cap hit will limit his value.
  • Former Knicks head coach David Fizdale said during a Wednesday appearance on ESPN’s Golic and Wingo that he has “no ill feelings” toward the franchise following his dismissal, as Malika Andrews of relays. “That’s the business we’ve chosen,” Fizdale said. “I respect those guys greatly. I miss the hell out of them. … I obviously learned a ton from it and I was just really grateful to have that opportunity to say I was the head coach of the Knicks.”
  • During his radio appearance, Fizdale stated that the “media market” and “scrutiny” in New York put a lot of pressure on people within the Knicks’ organization and make it a “tough environment.” However, Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News takes exception to Fizdale using outside pressure as an excuse for the Knicks’ failures, arguing that media and fans largely gave the club a pass for tanking away the 2018/19 season and weren’t responsible for the team’s questionable roster moves.
  • Anthony Davis had New York on his list of preferred destinations when he asked for a trade out of New Orleans, but he wasn’t interested in talking about the Knicks when the team visited the Lakers this week, writes Marc Berman of The New York Post. “I’m kind of just over the whole situation,” Davis said. Asked what appealed to him about the Knicks, he replied, “That was all in the past. I don’t talk about no other team than the Lakers.”
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23 thoughts on “Knicks Rumors: Trades, Portis, Fizdale, Davis

  1. eyesaiah

    Knicks need to put up a serious trade offer for Andre Drummond as soon as possible

  2. The Knicks current FO isn’t going to be looking for rebuild assets, because they’re still trying to sell (internally) the idea that their rebuild is in its final stages. This is why Mills/Perry needed to be let go by now. They’re vested in the mess they created.

    Beasley and Kuzma? LOL. Beasley would give the Knicks a fifth 2G (and third rising RFA 2G) who won’t get consistent minutes behind RJB. Kuzma, a fifth PF, and one who just shoots (doesn’t defend or board). Randle is already our designated non-defender.

    • lebuck

      100% agreed. But I wouldn’t expect the Knicks FO to make rational decisions so I wouldn’t be surprised if they add some more forwards who can’t defend

    • x%sure

      Lol because it’s true
      How many guys want to be the designated non-defender. Gravy

  3. lebuck

    What happened to randle? He was playing so well including from a defensive stand point during his last season on the lakers. He did well at Nola too. Now, he looks like the year 1-2 version of himself with just more shooting volume. Maybe he succeeds as a third or fourth option but this guy has dropped off.

    • Major Factuh

      Earlier this year he said something to the effect of not struggling due to pressure because “…the money is in the bank.” Seems like the classic ball out in the contract year, sign, and then mail it in. That maybe, and he’s not really a number 1 option guy for a team may be too much.

    • Randle has some special offensive talents (but not shooting) and he’s a very good rebounder. He’s definitely had his stretches, and I think will continue to have them. But, more generally, I think that he’s an ill fitting piece as an NBA starter. He has to be a C. Can’t be a C. Can’t play with a C.

      His top line numbers with the Pels, and the optics of his offensive game, gave him potential “fool’s gold” status in FA. He was destined to be a bad signing for a rebuilding team (at almost any price, since he’s not a building block) and a bad signing at anything north of 12-15 mm (for almost any team). But a 21 mm contract for him also required that a true fool to come along. Enter Steve Mills.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    We all know they will make a move. Getting picks for a future move is good. Can’t get a starter without picks. This yrs draft is deep. Our pick is valuable. Me, I rather see them go after a young potential player. Like D Russell, Kuzma, or Bogdonavic. Stilled pissed they didn’t try n sign Russell. And hold onto our pick. Ingram is a RFA next yr. That’s 25.2 pts, 6.8 reb, 3.8 ast at SF. Just saying

  5. @nbabrothers

    The only trade I would accept is either KAT or Drummond. DSJ, Bobby Portis, and draft picks can make this happen. I would keep Randle, RJ Frank and Payton

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Lol that won’t make it happen at all.

      Drummond or KAT are gonna cost at least 3 or 4 1st round picks if all you’re offering is DSJ and Portis…..

      Drummond is a FA in 2021. Best bet is to look to build up the roster next 2 years through the draft- get a pg, get a pf or c, and if you want Drummond give him a mega contract when he hits FA. Build the team up for him.

  6. steve

    Dont trade for Drummond lols. What do you have to sell him on to resign with this years roster. I guess he coule fall in love with the city but that’s completely out of your control, im of the opinion if hell resign then he’ll sign. No need to give up assets if you can get him in the offseason (and isnt likely you even can). But maybe im just hating cause i want the C’s to dump heyward on you. They could use a guy like portis, throw in knox and gibson and hes yours. Maybe a mavs pick too.

  7. @nbabrothers

    ….but I would trade DSJ, Knox, Gibson or Bobby Portis and a Dallas draft pick for Karl Anthony-Towns! He would start a new era in NYC! With Payton, Frank, KAT , Randle RJ Barret and Marcus Morris we would be a .500 team then we have this years draft picks it would be sunny side up for NYC

    • MarlinsFanBase

      I didn’t realize that the T-Wolves are in the business of making the Knicks better. I thought they were trying to make themselves better.

  8. Otogar

    Why do you think that just adding a player who is not able to make the Wolves a .500 team would make the Knicks a .500 team?

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