Malik Monk On Knicks’ Radar

Some members of the Knicks‘ organization view Hornets guard Malik Monk as a trade target worth pursuing, sources tell Ian Begley of However, Begley cautions that it’s not clear whether New York and Charlotte have actually had any conversations about Monk.

Monk, who will turn 22 next month, hasn’t developed like the Hornets hoped when they drafted him 11th overall in 2017. This season, he’s averaging 8.4 PPG with a career-high .429 FG%, but his 3PT% has slipped to a dismal .252. A change of scenery could benefit the former Kentucky sharpshooter.

As Begley writes, the Knicks are believed to be interested in acquiring a starter-level player who could help the team in both the short- and long-term. However, the front office appears reluctant to part with any of its top young prospects or future first-round picks, so acquiring a starter-level player will be a challenge.

Landing a reclamation project like Monk might be a more realistic scenario, though the Knicks haven’t had much success with another change-of-scenery prospect from the 2017 lottery, Dennis Smith Jr.

Whether or not they pursue Monk, the Knicks seem likely to be active at the trade deadline, according to Begley, who notes that contenders around the NBA continue to monitor New York’s veterans, including Marcus Morris.

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15 thoughts on “Malik Monk On Knicks’ Radar

  1. Major Factuh

    “A change of scenery could benefit the former Kentucky sharpshooter.” Whether NY is the new landing spot or not, I do believe this to be the case.

    I remember watching his highlight reel before he went to UK, it was unreal. Him and his family faced a lot of hate, even being told they ‘better move’ and ‘traitor’ by local sports news personalities, fans, and the like . Bobby Portis also took shots at him for his decision to go to UK instead of Arkansas. Best of luck to you ‘Just a Kid from Lepanto.’

  2. The firing needs to start with those members of the FO, and then whoever hired them. For this purpose, it doesn’t matter whether actual conversations took place. It’s a thought crime.

  3. emac22

    The biggest issue with the Knicks continues to be the lack of a plus PG and until that is fixed players will continue to play worse in NY. The idea of rebuilding a struggling player with no PG and the extra pressure Of NY is pointless.

    Things like point guards and shot blocking centers should be plentiful on a roster and we continue to act like they are secondary considerations or that bargain options are a viable solution.

    How does a team repeatedly fail to appreciate the value of the guy who runs your offense.

    Just eat the overpay on CP3 (Assuming OKC knows they have to pay to move him) on the theory he can at least teach young PGs how to play and can recruit good players. Waiting for a star to come to a team without a driver isnt going to pay off.

    Griffin to OKC

    Paul and Morris to NY

    Randle and Portis to Detroit.

    • mcmillankmm

      I don’t know that trade particularly helps OKC….they save $5-7M each season for the next two seasons….would think they would want a little more than payroll savings since their payroll drops after this season…..I think it’s an intriguing idea though

    • $38M per to teach others how to play… Let’s be honest, what the Knicks currently have at PG has already reached its ceiling. It’s not going to get better – they need someone who excels at the position. Hopefully the draft will provide one.

    • Sounds like a really good idea to me.
      Moving Paul allows SGA to takeover at Point full time which will help his development and make him better. Griffin going to back home to OKC is a nice storyline too. Griffin who is injured for the rest of the season is still actually a decent player when fit. He’s a 20-10 guy that can score in a number of ways, he basically carried the Pistons during the playoffs last year and I think that shows he’s go more to give. He’s love to be in his home town.
      Obviously CP3 would be nice for the Knicks. He would take a lot of pressure of RJ Barrett and he would just be a flop general and run this team a lot better.
      As for the Pistons they could then resign Drummond 25 and pair him with Randle 25, Portis 24, Kennard 22, Doumbouya 19 and start the next wave over there. Use Jackson’s and Galloways expiring deals to get some more talent, trade DRose for another young player or first rounder.

  4. phillyballers

    Okay where is Lefty Orioles?

    DSJ to the Sixers [praise baby jesus]
    Malik to the Knicks
    Zhaire to the Hornets

  5. emac22

    Why can’t you reply to people who reply to your comments?

    The logic for OKC in trading for Griffin would be to trade from their surplus at PG to fill the hole a PF next year. Unless they’ve decided SGA isn’t a PG.

    Saving money is a nice bonus when you’re capped out.

    • Yeah I had the same issues on my phone then I downloaded the app and it’s working fine now.

      Also agreed with your trade idea and thought it was nice. Another good point about Griffin replacing Gallo next year, OKC could them use his 22mil and Robersons 11 mil to bring in some free agents. I’d recommend some young guys on cheap deals like Denzel Valentine, Dario Saric, Josh Jackson, Thon Maker and Harry Giles. Get a young group like this, and spend like 5mil per year on each player and see what they have…

  6. x%sure

    When Payton after injury was played over 20′, the Knicks went 6-4; over 30′, 3-0. Then in the last 12, with Payton between 19’to31′, 2-10. So something happened, but the NY writers always want to talk about someone else, now Malik Monk.
    Mills/Perry are getting advice from all over, in all directions.

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