NBA Announces 2020 All-Star Starters

The NBA has revealed the 2020 All-Star starters. Let’s get right to them:

Eastern Conference

Giannis is the Eastern Conference leader in votes and will be a team captain for the second straight season. Young and Siakam both will be playing in their first career All-Star game (I still believe Siakam should have made it last season). Embiid will play in his third straight All-Star game while Walker will play in his fourth straight.

Western Conference

James, who was the top vote-getter in the Western Conference and the entire NBA, will again be a team captain. Kawhi gets his fourth All-Star nod, all of which have come over the past five seasons. Davis is onto his seventh consecutive All-Star appearance (his rookie year is the only season he missed) and Harden will make it eight-for-eight on All-Star appearances since joining the Rockets. Finally, Doncic will play in the game for the first time of what is expected to be many for the second-year guard.

While the starters were selected by conference, the rosters will be shaken up for the All-Star game itself, with Giannis and LeBron drafting four starters apiece.

Do you agree with the selections or should another player have been included with starters? If so, who’s in and who’s out?

Let us know in the comment section below. We look forward to what you have to say!

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25 thoughts on “NBA Announces 2020 All-Star Starters

  1. Like the starters groups

    There’s a good few names going to be on the reserves.

    Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving, Bradley Beal, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker, DAngelo Russell, Damien Lillard the guards

    Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Jayson Tatum, Nikola Jokic, Tobias Harris, Brandon Ingram, Rudy Gobert, Kris Middleton the forwards and centres.

      • They old trash nowadays.
        As far as guards go from the West I’d rather Russell Booker Mitchell Lillard and Russ over DeRozan

    • justalittleoutside

      Miami should have 2 all stars. Bam should be in there considering your reserves only have 2 C and both are in the WC. I also feel some of the guys on your list have been injured and inconsistent enough to choose others over them. I’m questioning Kyrie, D Russ, and PG selections here.

      • Yeah I rate Bam he’s been hard I’d have him on the reserves too, could easily take out Russell or Kyrie but I think fans want to see Kyrie

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Westbrook is 11th in scoring, just ahead of LeBron, he will be one of the backup guards for the West along with Dame Lillard.

  2. Rewane

    Trae Young for all star is fine, but Hawks lost way too many games for it to have any all star starters. Would take Butler over him.

    • justalittleoutside

      Let the Hawks have this one victory. He’s Steph lite and certainly a fan favorite to watch. He’s gonna be pulling from the logo at AS game.

  3. justalittleoutside

    I feel with the game in Chicago they gotta find a way to get Lavine on the team. He’s got numbers even if they are on a bad team. Plus, he’s had few memorable moments this year much like Trae. Bet Minnesota wish it gave up Wiggins instead of Zach in the Butler trade now.

    • turner9


      Drummond doesn’t deserve to be ahead of either of those players

      He gets garbage points from sitting under the bucket and bullying boards

      It’s not like hes getting set plays all game

      His size is what gets him points and boards, not athleticism and skill

  4. El Don

    Kemba??? Simmons should have started in the East.
    Siakam shouldn’t start neither, Butler should.
    Kawhi, really??? Jokic/KAT should be starting ahead of him.

    • turner9

      Siakam should start?

      Look at his stats sir and look at what his team is doing

      What’s going to be telling is when Giannis picks Siakam #1 to team with him

      2021 Giannis to the Raptors especially after we beat them in the ECF again

      Fred Vanvleet also deserves an allstar nod this year FYI

      Jokic and Kat above Kawahi?? Now that’s just absurd

    • As a Philly fan that hates Boston, Kemba deserves to be starting over Simmons.
      Kemba has turned this Boston team around and Simmons although he’s been solid hasn’t taken the Sixers to that next level.
      Is funny that Simmons is hitting 40% of his thread tho hahaha

  5. phenomenalajs

    Before the Nets fell apart recently, Spencer Dinwiddie was on track to make the team, though he wouldn’t have gotten enough votes from fans to be a starter.

  6. If Gobert makes the reserve roster how are the players on the other side going to like him blocking their shots?

  7. dust44

    Real question is who does Giannis take first after Bron goes AD? He go Kawaii or Luka?

    • Giannis is a stupid captain.
      He should pick Leonard but he will pick Siakim.
      Leonard and Giannis would be the best SF, PF combo and it’s what the fans want to see against LeBron and AD.

  8. There’s more intrigue in who the captains pick, then in the game itself. Which promises to be unwatchable as always.

    Voting is what it is, and I’d never question who the fans want to see. The game is an exhibition for them, regardless of what other purpose people want it to serve. All-NBA teams don’t play, but that’s where the best players are recognized. If a guy like Trae Young is on one of those, then it’s a joke. But he’s perfect for an AS game, where nobody is going to play defense anyway.

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