Pacers Notes: Holiday, McConnell, Turner, Warren

More than one rival executive believes the Pacers will be open to trading either Aaron Holiday or T.J. McConnell before this year’s deadline, according to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report.

For now, both Holiday and McConnell are regular parts of the club’s rotation, combining for a total of 42.8 minutes per game. However, once Victor Oladipo returns to the lineup later this month, that extra backcourt depth may be a luxury the Pacers can afford to give up if they get an offer they like, Pincus suggests.

Both Holiday and McConnell are on team-friendly contracts. Holiday is making $2.24MM in the second year of his rookie deal and won’t be eligible for restricted free agency until 2022, while McConnell is earning $3.5MM and has an identical non-guaranteed cap hit for next season. Holiday’s age (23) makes him a more valuable asset than the 27-year-old McConnell, so if the Pacers do consider moving one of those two guards, the price would be higher for Holiday.

Here’s more on the Pacers:

  • The Pacers have played well with both Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner on the court this season, recording a +6.4 net rating, and sources tell ESPN’s Zach Lowe that Indiana continues to turn away teams that inquire on Turner.
  • Still, Lowe points out that Turner averages just nine shots per 36 minutes alongside Sabonis, compared to 16 per 36 minutes when Sabonis sits. Now that the team “belongs” to Malcolm Brogdon, Sabonis, and Oladipo, Lowe questions whether Turner will be content going forward with his part-time role, and suggests that every team in need of a big man should keep an eye on the situation in Indiana.
  • The NBA has fined Pacers wing T.J. Warren $25K and Heat swingman Jimmy Butler $35K for their altercation during Wednesday’s game, the league announced in a press release. Butler received the higher penalty in part for “escalating the incident on social media” after the game, the NBA said in its statement.
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9 thoughts on “Pacers Notes: Holiday, McConnell, Turner, Warren

  1. Tazza

    Would absolutely never happen but what about

    Myles Turner, Malcom Brogdan, Tj McConnell and a first
    DAngello Russell and Draymond Green.

    GSW gets a centre that can block shots, and hit the 3 ball that’s only 23 and will improve a lot in Turner. They get Malcom Brogdan who is prefect for the style GSW play. He was a 50:40:90 shooter so he’s proven as efficient, he can play on ball or off ball and is a good defender. This year he’s done 18/7.5/4.5 while still shooting really really efficiently. They get a back up to Curry in McConnell who is a nice player and get a first.

    The Pacers get Russell who is an all star PG who averages 23/3.5/6 while being a little bit less efficient than brogdan but is still good. He’s also 4 years younger than brogdan and I think between him and Oladipo they would make the best backcourt duo in the East.
    You also get Draymond Green, the former defensive player of the year, 3 time all star and 3 time champion. He would be an elite defender for your team, and does a little bit of everything, he can pass the all really well and he can shoot alright.

    GSW gets 2 starters that fit their system really well, a good back up to Curry and a first.
    Pacers get back 2 all stars that fit what they have and give them a huge boost.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      How many hours a day do you spend coming up with these trades?

      • Tazza

        This one took like 5 minutes.
        I really like the idea of Russell the scorer and Oladipo the defender in a backcourt together.
        Plus the idea of Green and Sabonis sounds really together together.
        Not to mention off the bench they have Aaron Holiday Jeremy Lamb Justin Holiday Doug McDermott and Goga.

        GSW get 4 really strong players, a top draft pick this year and the pacers pick also. They add some depth with McConnell and both players that join would just suit that system perfectly. Brogdan and McConnell for Russell is pretty fair, Turner and a first for Green is pretty fair. GSW gets younger and moves into the future.

        They would have two great wing defenders in Brogdan and Thompson plus Turner in the paint blocking. On offence Curry Brogdan Klay and Turner can all hit threes. Curry and Brogdan can share playmaking roles.

    • sportsfreak52

      Why would the Pacers mess with their chemistry, just trade McConnell or Holiday for picks or a team friendly contract for a scoring small forward once Oladipo comes back..

      • Tazza

        Because why wouldn’t you bring in 2 all star players. So what you mess with chemistry. Russell and Oladipo make the best backcourt in the East.
        You also have two of the leagues top defenders in Green and Oladipo. Sabonis would thrive as the main big collecting rebounds and getting to have the paint. Warren becomes a really handy 4th/5th option.
        Plus you already have one of the leagues best benchs. Holiday Lamb Holiday McDermott Goga, all you’d need is a back up PF with some size maybe Faried and your set

  2. Drew22

    The Wolves are looking for a young PG…Trade the Holiday brothers for Covington. Maybe it takes Leaf too since Covington may be the best legit trade asset at the deadline.

  3. x%sure

    Zac Lowe has the right numbers to speak on Sabonis & Young but GM Pritchard already has his “new” guy coming in Dipo and that should be enough.

  4. kawg

    Yeah, the Pacers are going to sit pat this trade deadline. Brogdon’s injury history makes the luxury of 3 competent point guards too valuable to split up, and they want to give the Sabonis-Turner combination some time with Oladipo before they make a decision.

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