And-Ones: Buford, Wiseman, Okafor, Bibby

Wisconsin Herd coach Chase Buford has been suspended two games without pay for a direct and extended public attack on the integrity and credibility of the game officials, according to a league press release. Among other comments, Buford called one of the officials a “clown” after his team, the Bucks’ G League affiliate, got outscored 48-20 in the fourth quarter and lost 126-117 to the Grand Rapids Drive on Sunday. Buford subsequently apologized for his tirade.

We have more from around the basketball world:

  • Projected lottery pick James Wiseman felt he was treated unfairly by the NCAA before he decided to leave Memphis during his freshman season, as he told Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. He left the Tigers during a 12-game suspension for rules violations. His family accepted $11,500 in moving expenses in 2017 from Penny Hardaway, who became the team’s coach a year later. “I was really in the middle of a hurricane,” Wiseman said. “That’s like the worst place you could possibly be.” Wiseman is currently rated No. 3 on ESPN’s Best Available list.
  • Pelicans center Jahlil Okafor has agreed to play for Nigeria in this year’s Tokyo Olympics, Marc Spears of The Undefeated tweets. The team will be coached by Warriors assistant Mike BrownOkafor’s grandfather Chicko was born in Nigeria.
  • Mike Bibby will coach the Aliens in the BIG3 this season, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports tweets. The former Kings guard was the Ghost Ballers’ team captain last season.
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15 thoughts on “And-Ones: Buford, Wiseman, Okafor, Bibby

  1. Chief Two Hands

    I never thought I would see a team name that is worse than the Pelicans. Then I read about the Aliens.

  2. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    NCAA rules are a joke. If people are offering collegiate athletes money you let them take it and remove scholarships and such. They pay fees like everyone else. Let them take money from whoever.

    • hiflew

      You may not like their rules, but thy are not secret. If you can’t play by the rules, you don’t play. If you don’t like the rules, go somewhere else.

      • SheltonMatthews

        I am under the impression that is what Wiseman did, is it not? Didn’t like the rules, so he left.

        Wiseman’s family actually took the money at least a full year before Penny was the coach at Memphis, which seems a little stupid to punish him for something retroactive that he may not have done if he knew how it would all play out. It’s not like he took money from Penny the Memphis HC, he took it well before all that even came into play. Kind of stupid.

        • JT19

          The stupidest part about his punishment is that he had to “pay back” the money he received. Multi-billion dollar organization that won’t let its players earn money for their name/image but will gladly fine a player for breaking a rule.

      • HoopsR

        That’s right. Don’t take the ticket. It’s usually better when they don’t.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Unfortunately for the NCAA. Prospects are actually are choosing to go over seasons because of their rules.

        You can earn a salary over seas and still get into the NBA.

        Secret or no secret the rules are outdated. I can comment on my distaste for the rules all I want. And if enough people stop watching collegiate sports you’d see the NCAA start changing rules to (a) keep players to make money off of and (b) keep their organization in tact.

        Football may never have an overseas alternative but basketball and baseball players thinking of going to college should strongly consider heading overseas instead of dealing with NCAA bs.

    • x%sure

      Then that punishes future players which I find objectionable, when the current player should pay.

      Circumstances are in Wiseman’s favor, since by suspension he basically failed to lose a top position. The one game I saw him in, he had a hard time getting started until the game opened up… not the usual description of a center. This could be a good thing though since traditional centers are getting less valued in the NBA.

      Not sure why Wiseman’s bribe got nailed, since I suspect many others get by, but it should not be ignored.

    • HoopsR

      They shouldn’t have to go to college. The only reason they go is to perpetuate the college system, which we have found out recently that it is as fraudulent as the moon landing. Do NOT take your children to college.

      • SuperSinker

        Alternatively, please do take your children to college. We need less people in the world who think windmills cause cancer.

        • HoopsR

          Or don’t sign them up for a life of debt slavery?
          You’re making a huge jump there from what I said partner. A few less people going isn’t going to destroy the world…
          I mean if your child is going to major in something that makes a profit, e.g. engineering, and has the mental capacity and discipline to finish, go for it. Otherwise, you’re being a bad parent. The vocational school is the better route.

          • kawg

            Vocational schools are a con perpetrated by the Rothschilds to ensure a modern form of serfdom. Wake up!

            Also, the Moon landing wasn’t faked. The landings we’ve made the past twenty years have been covered up though.

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