Bulls’ Kris Dunn May Not Return This Season

FEBRUARY 19: The Bulls have issued a formal update on Dunn, announcing that he’ll continue his current rehab program for four-to-six weeks before “progressing to functional training.”

There are only eight weeks left in the regular season, so this update from the club certainly doesn’t contradict Johnson’s report (detailed below) that Dunn may not return this season.

FEBRUARY 17: The Bulls announced on February 4 that Kris Dunn‘s right MCL sprain would be re-evaluated in two weeks, which means an update from the team should be right around the corner. According to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, there’s concern that the next update on Dunn won’t be a positive one.

Sources tell Johnson there’s a “growing belief” that Dunn is at risk of missing the rest of the 2019/20 season. As Johnson notes, a similar injury sidelined the fourth-year guard for 23 games last season. Dunn has missed four games so far and Chicago has just 27 contests remaining on its regular season schedule.

If Dunn can’t make it back to the court this spring, it would be a disappointing end to the season for the former fifth overall pick, who will be eligible for restricted free agency this summer. Dunn’s scoring and passing numbers (7.3 PPG, 3.4 APG) have dipped in 2019/20, but he has emerged as the Bulls’ go-to perimeter defender. His rate of 2.9 steals per 36 minutes leads the NBA.

Dunn is also just six starts away from meeting the starter criteria, which we explained in detail earlier today. If he doesn’t make six more starts, the 25-year-old will be eligible for a qualifying offer worth $4,642,800 instead of $7,091,457.

We’ll have to wait for official word from the Bulls on Dunn’s status, but at the very least, it doesn’t sound like his return is at all imminent.

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27 thoughts on “Bulls’ Kris Dunn May Not Return This Season

  1. JBHoops

    Interesting. I’m not sure if the QO dropping would make it more or less likely Dunn resigns. Bulls probably would offer the QO regardless, though, even if, somehow, new management is brought in.

    Dunn is a good backup PG. He’s not a starter as his passing and 3 pt shooting are subpar. Still, he ranks as #2 in defensive rating this year and has decent court vision and speed. That’s someone useful. Like $5-8 mil per year is fair but someone dumb may give him as high as $10+ mil. If someone does this offseason, Bulls should let him go.

    • Bulls are likely to give him a max deal, worst leadership in sports, embarrassing our city one game at a time #firegarpax #selltheteam

      • JBHoops

        No way Dunn gets more than a 3 year deal anywhere and definitely not a max deal. Some team may offer him 3 years/$27-30 million but definitely not a max deal. Hopefully the Bulls offer him a QO and if he takes it, great, and if he wants more than $6-7 mil, let him go.

    • 123Redsox

      Dunn is a starter depending on the team hes on. Hes an underrated passer and also rebounds so well as a guard and can defend 3 positions at an elite level. Hes really cut down on turnovers. The only thing holding him back is his 3 point shot. He struggles from 3 in an era when offenses are built around the 3

      • JBHoops

        “He’s an underrated passer.”

        Have you watched Bulls games? I’ve watched every game the last 2 years. Dunn doesn’t have the coordination to whip passes around the court like Rondo, Curry, Paul, etc. He’s not a great lobber, though, admittedly, Gafford is the only center with hops enough to lob to. He’s not a great feeder on pick and rolls either.

        He’s a solid rebounder for a PG. He’s a very good defender. He has decent speed but his dribbling is never going to fool anyone. He’s not an ISO play player and he doesn’t shoot the 3 ball well. He had a good mid range game last year but he has lost that, in part due to Boylen’s strategy that if your name is not Zach LaVine, you’re not allowed to shoot 10-15 foot jumpers.

        Dunn should get like $5-$7 mil per year for two years. That’s fair for someone with defensive first player with no elite offensive skill.

        • 123Redsox

          I’ve seen dunn pretty much every game since his freshman year of college. He is plenty coordinated… he needs to have players to feed. As you just admitted, there isnt much there. He doesn’t shoot the three well. And hes an elite defender. His ability to handle the ball has only gotten better. He makes better decisions. … 6 APG in 30 MPG on a team where Justin Holiday is averaging over 10 FGA per game…

        • 123Redsox

          No, he isnt rondo as a passer or Chris Paul. But they are two of the greatest passers of all time. Dunn’s per 36 MPG for his career has him at 6.2 APG. Curry is 6.7… curry is passing to klay Thompson. Dunn is passing to ryan arcidiacono lol. And I love arcidiacono but come on my dude

          • x%sure

            Now about that “court vision”… maybe that’s new. His stats are improving except for 3pt%.
            That difference between 4.6 & 7.1 may keep him off the court this year though, esp on a Reinsdorf team. Dunn might be just his guy, charge 4.6 while doing a 9’s amount of work.

            • 123Redsox

              Dunn isn’t an all star. But he is a very good complimentary player. And if he ever developed a shot, he could be talked about as being a potential all star

          • Curry plays on the warriors where they constantly move the ball.

            If curry didn’t play in that system with Green he would have more assists.

            Obviously curry in kerrs system wins games

            • RenAvi

              He can probably play the Livingston role pretty well, minus the occasional dagger 3.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      He only gets that if he starts 6 more games this season.

      It makes sense for Chicago not to give him those 6 starts thus lowering his qualifying offer to a more palatable $4.6M this summer.

      • fishy14

        Yea but bulls might just give it to him

        They took Otto Porter and his 80 mill left on deal for him to sit on bench

        Paid Dwayne wade 50 mill to play around 50 games

        Gave Felicio a 6’7 Center who can’t run or shoot or do much of anything 4/32 mill

        Hired a college coach that liked to shoot 3s and run but gave him team with butler rondo wade and just played half court ran all over him but There #7 pick markaton did well under him

        Fired that coach for hard ass coach who wants to grind out game play D now have a run gun team that would of suited the college coach they fired

        And that’s just like the past 3-4 years

      • But at 4.6 I could see another team jumping in and offering him more then your facing an uphill battle to keep him. I think 7mil and a few years could look like a steal if he continues to be elite defensively

        • 123Redsox

          I mean smart has found his ability to score since, but not when he signed the deal

    • 123Redsox

      Probably looking at smart type money. Both lock down defenders that struggle to score

      • Ironmonger835

        No. Smart is much better than Dunn. Dunn will be lucky to get a room exception.

  2. RenAvi

    Unless they get more shooters or he develops a 3pt shot, he’s better trying to find the former with another team on a prove it deal.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Dunn should come out and say he wants to be Wavied or bought out. Let it be known he has no intention of signing with the Bulls.
    This move is nothing more than a cheap slap in the face to him.

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