Bulls Preparing For Front Office Changes

7:57pm: K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago echoes many of Cowley’s points in his own report, writing that talk has been “rampant throughout All-Star weekend” about the changes the Bulls are expected to make to their front office. The team is seeking someone to take on the day-to-day basketball operations and become a “fresh voice and face of the franchise,” writes Johnson.

7:21pm: The Bulls are in the early stages of adding a new executive to their front office, sources tell Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times. According to Cowley, vice president of basketball operations John Paxson and COO Michael Reinsdorf have begun to do legwork – through back channels – on potential candidates.

Cowley, who suggests the Bulls are in the market for a general manager “with a louder voice,” writes that the search is expected to be widespread. Gar Forman still holds the GM role in Chicago for now, but senior advisor Doug Collins is among those who are in favor of a change, according to Cowley.

As Cowley explains, the idea would be for Paxson to “slip into the background” as the new general manager assumes media duties. Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf likes the model employed by the Chicago White Sox, with Ken Williams in the background as the VP while Rick Hahn has been more empowered in his GM role. For the Bulls, Paxson would take on a Williams-esque role, with the new GM playing Hahn’s part.

Forman, meanwhile, would likely be reassigned to a scouting position rather than being fired, per Cowley, who notes that the team wants to build up its scouting department this spring.

Paxson and Forman have headed the Bulls’ front office for over a decade, much to the chagrin of a significant faction of Bulls fans. During Friday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take, when guard Zach LaVine was asked whether he has confidence in Chicago’s decision-makers, the fans in attendance began to boo and a chant of “Fire GarPax!” broke out (link via Madeline Kenney of The Chicago Sun-Times).

Assuming the Bulls do move forward with the front office changes Cowley outlines in his report, it’ll be interesting to see whether the club sticks with head coach Jim Boylen, who has received the full support of the current group. Boylen’s current contract isn’t a long-term deal, so it’s possible a new GM would be given the go-ahead to make the call on his future.

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32 thoughts on “Bulls Preparing For Front Office Changes

  1. If Paxson stays may as well not even make the change, this franchise is such a joke

  2. tomjoadsghost

    This is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Gar, Pax, Collins and Boylen need to be gone or it’s a half measure

  3. anthonyd4412

    It’s all a complete mess. Put Doug Collins in charge or hire a true GM. Paxson and Forman drove this team into the ground

    • CubsRule08

      1000% agreed. GarPax needs to go, Boylen needs to go and turn this franchise around and out of the joke status they’re currently in

    • Black Ace57

      Doug Collins destroyed the Sixers when he was in charge. If it wasn’t for him stripping the team of talent and trading away future picks The Process would not have needed to happen.

  4. Bulls seemed to be rebuilding nicely a year or so ago. Lauri Markeneen looked a great pick, Coby White was suppose to be a good starting point guard and Thad Young was brought in to be a good vet leader for Wendell Carter and the other young bigs.
    But they have only gone backwards and the only player making great progress in Zach LaVine.

    • Steven Juris

      LaVine is a great scorer on a bad team or a 6th man on a good team. He’s not anymore then that.

      • fishy 9 dogs

        Idk about all that. LaVine could easily be a starter on a contending team. It all depends on the other starters.

        • Yeah I think he’s a guaranteed starter throughout the league.
          Booker is also a star on a bad team doesn’t mean he would be bad on a good team. LaVine ain’t on that level but he’s definitely on the rise

      • jump shot

        If you’re a 6th man on a good team you’re still a pretty damn good player. And, he is.

    • kroeg49

      Coaching philosophy in Chicago is terrible. They need a total reconstruction from Boyland to the top. Better test, Reinsdorf please sell the team.

  5. Hannibal8us

    Should have fired GarPax forever ago, and until they’re both gone the Bulls will continue to be an embarrassment.

  6. x%sure

    Apparently Reinsdorf was also surprised the Bulls made no move by the deadline… and Paxson that nobody nobody made an offer.

    • kroeg49

      Nobody wants to come to Chicago if they can get offers from any other NBA team.

      • x%sure

        Nobody even in trades, which in theory requires no player input. Nowadays, in reality, it might need an OK. That would be a Paxson excuse anyway, and be the reason he is helping to find a “voice” guy for the FO.

  7. glazedover

    I absolutely refuse to support this awful franchise until something changes. I gave up years ago and haven’t looked back. Watching the Jordan era growing up and to see what it is now is terribly painful to watch. #FIREGARPAX

  8. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Of course the coach will get fired, that goes without saying.

  9. ChiSoxCity

    The real problem is Jerry Reinsdorf. Keep him and his cronies out of day-to-day decisions, and allow someone who respected around the league TODAY to take over. That happens, the Bulls will become relevant again in five years.

  10. jdan74

    Paxson should have absolute ZERO say in who comes on next. That should be all Reinsdorf and Collins. Paxson could eff up a cup of coffee. I’d prefer to see him fired, but we all know Reinsdorf will never let that happen. Let him keep his nice high status Vice President title, but neuter him of almost all responsibilities and authority, just like Kenny Williams. Relegate Forman to watching high school ball in Iowa. Goooood riddance to both of these clowns.

  11. unclemike1525

    Those empty seats are speaking volumes. Right now the tickets are sold. Without change, they’ll soon be empty and collecting dust. Hope the Reinsdorf family is truly waking up. What’s that make for Paxson and his brother? Like 40 seasons of zero champions? Why would anyone hire either of them? Because they’re nice guys? Really?

  12. chiefivey

    boyland is one of the 3 worst coaches in the league & garpax used to be good executives but as the league changed, they didnt. so they need to be gone too

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