Celtics Among Teams Exploring Clint Capela Trade

The Celtics are among the teams engaged in talks with the Rockets about a possible Clint Capela trade, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (Twitter link).

Boston has long been considered a possible fit for Capela, since the team has relied for most of the season on low-cost big men like Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis. Acquiring an impact center like Capela, who’s capable of rim-running on offense and protecting the paint on defense, could make sense for a club that’s loaded with quality wings and has Kemba Walker running the show at the point.

Capela’s $14.9MM cap hit complicates matters to some extent, since the Celtics likely don’t want to move Marcus Smart and have no other expendable mid-level-type contracts for salary-matching purposes. Still, it’s not impossible for Boston to match Capela’s salary without using Smart — the team could package three less expensive players, including one or both of Kanter and Theis, to get to the necessary $9.9MM. Houston may not want to cut multiple players to accommodate those incoming pieces, but some could hypothetically be re-routed to teams with open roster spots.

The Celtics also have extra first-round picks available to include in a trade, if they so choose. In addition to their own 2020 first-round selection, the C’s hold the Grizzlies’ top-six protected first-rounder, and the Bucks’ first-rounder.

As Wojnarowski notes (via Twitter), the Rockets’ ultimate goal in dealing Capela would be to acquire a wing and another center. Securing a package that features one of Boston’s centers and a first-round pick which could be flipped for a wing would be one path to achieving that goal. Robert Covington and Andre Iguodala are among the players on Houston’s radar, Woj adds.

The Hawks have been cited most frequently as a potential landing spot for Capela, and the Kings are said to have expressed interest as well.

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27 thoughts on “Celtics Among Teams Exploring Clint Capela Trade

  1. Cs: capela
    Hou: Theis + Covington + williams
    Minnie: Langford +Memphis 1st (v.cs) + Houston 1st

      • DC CLOWN

        That $$$ doesn’t work – Minny would have to take on roughly three of Theis//Kanter//Williams//Langford. And then probably some picks as only Williams is an expiring

  2. Bihdaddy5312

    I have a 4 team trade with no draft picks involved. Sweeten this deal up with picks and it will be great for all teams involved. Minn receives:D.Russell(G.S.), P.Tucker(Hou), D.House Jr.(Hou); Mem receives:T. Chandler(G.S), R. Covington(Min), K.Bates-Diop(Min); Hou receives: A.Iguodala(Mem), G.Dieng(Min), G.S. receives: C.Capela(Hou), J.Okogie(Min). This will give Houston 2 players that they want, give Memphis a good bench for a playoff run. Helps minnesota and g.s. to get rid of baggage players.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Make that Iggy and Dieng for Capela, House, and Tucker? Hell no! That’s a ridiculously terrible trade for them…..

    • hiflew

      So you have Houston getting buyout candidate Iggy and Dieng a bad contract at best in exchange for not only their best trade piece in Capela, but also Tucker and House? And Memphis gets Covington and two other players for just Iggy?

      Try again.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      If the Rockets get KAT and Covington instead of Iggy and Dieng in this deal, that would make way more sense than this garbage trade.

  3. Curtisrowe

    Capela, Taytum, Brown, Walker, and Hayward with Smart as 6th man would definitely move the Celtics up from having pretty much no chance to beat Milwaukee to having a slight chance, but I don’t see how they match salaries

    • mcase7187

      You do realize that they have split there 2 meetings and they where both close games so there is a chance they could beat them without CC

      • Curtisrowe

        Yes, I said there is pretty much no chance. That means there is a chance.

  4. amk3510

    Trading Capela to get Covington or Iggy does not make the Rockets better. Its has to be a move to get them some cap breathing room long term.

  5. joemoes

    Capela for Adams and Gallinari. Idk how money works out or any of that. But this trade is a win win.

    • joemoes

      I did not know Adams was only 26. I feel like he’s been in the league 15 years so probably disregard my trade proposal

  6. Tazza

    Celtics: Aaron Gordon + Clint Capela
    Magic: Gordon Hayward + Romeo Langford
    Rockets: Enes Kanter + T. Ross/A. Aminu + 2 second rounders 1 from each team

    Celtics get the rebounding they need and stay young. Tatum gets more minutes at SF and Gordon gets minutes at PF.
    Rockets get their choice on two “wings” plus they get a more than capable centre that also gets buckets.
    Magic get a star SF instead of playing Gordon there and they also get a back up SG with potential

      • hiflew

        Neither would the Rockets. The only team that would benefit would be the Celtics.

        • Tazza

          Rockets in my opinion are better off keeping Capela because I really rate him but apparently they are after a centre and wing then this deal gives them both.
          Kanter is a solid bench scorer or can be a starter. Then either Ross or Aminu.
          Ross is a again a solid bench scorer and would suit the Rockets playing style. Aminu is more of a SF/PF that defends at a really high level and can shoot a little bit of 3s.
          Aminu and Tucker would be great defensively and nice corner options on offence.

    • Tazza

      Magic benefit cause Gordon isn’t good at SF and Hayward is.
      Hayward would thrive as more of a main scorer in Orlando. This season he is shooting at 51/38/88

  7. I think Boston can do it if they want, and without rearranging the rosters of multiple teams.

    Bos: Capela and filler
    Hou: Kanter/Theis, RWIII and Covington
    Minn: Langford, Ojeley, Boston 1st and filler

    I’d offer it from Boston’s standpoint, and take it from Minn’s standpoint. Not sure about the Rockets, but they get the big wing that (I think) is driving this entire thing and some replacement 5’s. With some tinkering it might be able to be done without the Rockets paying luxury tax.

    • bostonbosox

      So your saying boston trades kanter,rwIII, langford, oheleye a first and filler? Ya nuts

      • So, you believe that’s some great package of assets? LOL. Only the two centers even play much, and they wouldn’t play much at all once Capela gets there in any event. I included “all” those great players because salaries have to match. Not even sure the Rockets would want the Celtics’ centers. Really don’t fit great.

    • x%sure

      Looks good. Wiggins could use a spur, or two… the experience with Culver shows that, tho who knows what’s going on in that head. He’s not even with D’Lo anymore.

      Boston fans would think the final piece was gotten… despite the post above. True some youth is lost.

      Houston gets a complement to Tucker. Fertita might like it anyway even if the staff doesn’t.

  8. traderumors

    GM Ainge will never make a deal for the C’s. He falls in love with his players too much, so every year he makes the same excuse that we wanted to deal but it takes two to make it happen and the other teams just wanted too much. Plus I think he’s still gun-shy from the Kendrick Perkins trade.

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