Joel Embiid Suffers Shoulder Sprain

9:07pm: Embiid will undergo an MRI on Thursday, tweets Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

8:09pm: Sixers center Joel Embiid was pulled from tonight’s game in Cleveland after spraining his left shoulder, according to a story from the Associated Press. The team didn’t offer any specifics beyond the nature of the injury.

Embiid got hurt in a collision with Ante Zizic late in the first quarter. He remained in the game to shoot two free throws, but was taken out at the next stoppage. After walking to the locker room, Embiid briefly returned to the team bench in the second quarter, but left again for further evaluation.

A prolonged injury would come at a horrible time for the Sixers, who are already without Ben Simmons for at least the next two weeks because of a nerve impingement in his lower back. Philadelphia begins a four-game West Coast trip on Sunday.

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46 thoughts on “Joel Embiid Suffers Shoulder Sprain

  1. aircarter777

    lol, injuries are always going to hit this team as long as they’re lead by these 2!!

    • I would have kept Butler also, but not because he doesn’t get hurt. Butler gets banged up and misses games too.

      • El Don

        Well at least Embiid ain’t the worst clutch player in the league like Butler, just for that I keep Embiid for sure! But in reality Embiid is a top 5 player, Butler isn’t or never was, maybe a top 20.

  2. JD Candello

    You know its bad when he needed Kieth Pompey to send out the tweet for him

    This one could result in a multi- week absence from the court and 72 hrs off Twitter for the Big Man

    • rexington12

      Hinkie got them as many shots as high up in the draft as possible. so that part of it worked. injuries and subpar development weren’t his fault at all

      • rgreen

        Hinkie definitely shares in the lack of development.This is still pretty much his coaching staff,and he placed no value at all in veteran leadership.His 3 top picks were also all centers.He put together rosters that might not of even won in the NCAA.

        • rgreen

          He sold high on McW,and he took advantage of Vlade Divac in the sauce trade.They’re his high points.The Jrue trade looked good,but who wouldn’t trade Noel and Saric for Jrue today? It was fun dreaming and being a armchair gm,but other than losing alot,nothing he did was anything special.

        • rexington12

          He hasn’t been with the team in 4 years. At this point Colangelo is more responsible for this team than Hinkie is. Hinkie collected lots of young talent and Colangelo hasn’t done much with it

          • rgreen

            Colangelo stunk too,im not saying he was any better.Hinkie took Embiid and collected role players.Colangelo took Simmons and wasting his other picks.Hinkie took advantage of Divac,Colangelo was taken advantage of by Ainge.They both have a role in where the 6ers are.Brand is tbd.

      • hiflew

        So the only thing he did right was not try to win? I think anyone can do that process.

  3. x%sure

    Sixers are still 15 games ahead of 9th. The EC is only about 6 deep– with Embiid.

    • hiflew

      No one thinks they will miss the playoffs, but they aren’t going to be much of a challenge for whomever gets the 3 seed. Unless they fall more and lose to the Bucks regardless of anyone’s health.

      • x%sure

        True, if Philly is collapsing, because Indy has poor key on/offs; Olidipo is minus 8, Brogdon 0. McDermott is the bright spot at 44% from 3.

        One would think after butting heads, that either Embiid or Simmons would be happy & healthy but neither seems to be!

  4. hill

    Since Colangelo took over, this franchise has been in totally disarray. No discernible strategy. It’s truly inconceivable how a team lacking ball handling and shooting singed Al Horford for $100m+….and paid journeyman Harris a bazillion $$. Inconceivable.

    • rgreen

      The team wasn’t doing much before Colangelo either.Hinkie was good at collecting picks,but he wasn’t anything special at making them.

    • Chief Two Hands

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    • I love Al Horford. Sixers signed him to be the veteran mature presence on the team. He was a good signing, you can always use a big man who can shoot a 3 aside from intangibles he brings. He might not mesh perfectly with Embiid but because Joel gets hurt or any foul trouble in the playoffs and Horford steps in becomes the guy.

      I think Horford is a major reason the Celtics became what they were 5 years ago…, when he joined they were the top teams in the east. I was hoping he’d do the same thing with the Sixers but I guess not.

      • dynasty in boston

        Danny realized Father Time caught up with Mr Horford and made an offer based on that in free agency. Once again, Philly overpaid an aging relic. 76ers are a pitiful franchise

  5. Buckman

    So much for Joel shouldering the load while Ben is out. This w would have been a good chance to make it his team. Several teams have placed their hopes in the oft injured bodies of their players including the Clippers, Lakers, and Pacers.

  6. GMB 883

    Nice, I see what you did there “shouldering the load”. Embiid seems to always be on the IL. And when he’s on the court he only dominates in spurts. Shaq and Charles called JE out against the Celtics earlier this year and he had a good game but it’s obvious he will not be the consistent 26/10/3.5 performer Philly expected.

    • Major Factuh

      Interesting point. I actually remember reading an article from 2015 about this and it’s impact on NBA players.
      “Hurt locker rooms: The four injury risks today’s young players face” from ESPN includes a section on milk drinking or lack thereof.

  7. HoopsR

    You don’t use your cap space on four players when one of them is injury prone. Recipe for disaster.

  8. dynasty in boston

    But…but…he is the best player in all the WORLD. How do I know? Because he said so. Buhahaha

  9. Dorothy_Mantooth

    It’s amazing how many missteps this team has taken over the last 3 seasons. Their first big miss was trading up to #1 overall to select Fultz, which cost them a future #1 pick and gifted Tatum to Boston. They should have stayed at 3 and kept their pick. Then they decide to offer Tobias Harris a max contract, who is a very good player but not a max player. They should have paid Jimmy Butler this money instead. Then they let JJ Reddick walk and give an over the hill Al Horford a 4 year, $100M deal. These moves have set this franchise back considerably and have all but eliminated their chance of truly competing for an NBA championship. Their stuck in the ‘above average’ category and have no flexibility to make improvements unless they are willing to move Simmons to Embid.

    • x%sure

      At least you didn’t put Tatum on the Sixers; Ainge said he preferred him regardless. Guess we will never know for sure, but would an alternative GM not have made the trade?– then no Tatum, and probably still Fultz because he made sense at the time.

      Butler yes, he was their take-charge guy in the playoffs and Embiid liked him. Should have been a clue. Pick a star not a duo.

  10. The problem in team construction is undeniable, but it’s not necessarily all or even mostly on the GMs – as both the guys hired on the HC’s watch seem beholden to facilitating the HC’s vision of the team. In isolation, their personnel moves haven’t been bad from a talent-price standpoint.

    The organization is at an inflection point. They need to cut ties with the HC, and get a FO head who can reassess this situation. They have enough talent and other assets to reconfigure this thing – even without trading Embid or Simmons – but they have to get down to it.

      • There will be a trade market for Horford. There’s a bunch of teams that are in win now mode, and many of them will be looking for a quick reload this summer without cap space or much of a FA market.

        • x%sure

          More likely to be a team needing a 5 not a 4. Unless that describes the Sixers (horrors).

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