Knicks To Target Scoring Point Guard In 2020 Draft?

With the Knicks‘ playoff chances for 2019/20 essentially dead, the team has its eye on the 2020 draft class. And according to Marc Berman of The New York Post, the Knicks’ scouting staff has been informed that the top priority for the club’s lottery pick is a scoring point guard.

Despite using their 2017 lottery selection on Frank Ntilikina and acquiring former top-10 picks such as Elfrid Payton and Dennis Smith Jr., the Knicks have been unable to secure a long-term answer at the point guard spot in recent years. It remains to be seen whether New York will find its answer in this year’s draft, but there should be some options, especially if the team remains in position to pick in the top half of the lottery.

Berman singles out LaMelo Ball as one possible target, noting that Leon Rose was expected to be Ball’s agent at CAA before Rose agreed to become the Knicks’ next president of basketball operations. Cole Anthony (UNC), Tyrese Haliburton (Iowa State), Tyrese Maxey (Kentucky), and Killian Hayes (France) are other young guards who figure to be on the Knicks’ radar on draft day, says Berman. All those players are projected to come off the board between No. 4 (Ball) and No. 12 (Hayes) in ESPN’s latest mock draft (Insider link).

With the Knicks’ front office in a transition period, it can be tricky to know what to make of reports like these, since it’s unclear whether they reflect the preferences of interim head of basketball operations Scott Perry or incoming head of basketball operations Rose.

However, Berman writes that the Knicks’ aggressive pursuit of D’Angelo Russell at this month’s trade deadline was under Rose’s “consultation,” which suggests the veteran agent has had a voice in the front office even before he finishes tying up loose ends at CAA and officially joins the franchise. Russell, of course, would have perfectly fit the description of a scoring point guard.

According to Berman, the Knicks’ other priority in the draft will be a swingman with three-point range, something that RJ Barrett (.318 3PT%) hasn’t yet shown. Berman notes that New York could use the Clippers’ first-round pick to target that sort of player.

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37 thoughts on “Knicks To Target Scoring Point Guard In 2020 Draft?

  1. hiflew

    A couple of point guards in the draft and a couple of power forwards in free agency. Rinse and repeat.

    I have to wonder if there is any franchise in all of sports whose fans I feel more sorry for than the Knicks. Lions? Marlins?

            • harden-westbrook-mvps

              In the 100-year history of the Cardinals (in Chicago, Saint Louis, and Arizona) they have never had a coach win 50 games. They are by far one of the worst run organizations in professional sports.

              • hiflew

                The Cardinals may not have won championships, but they haven’t really been an embarrassment to their fans since they were in St Louis. Being bad is not nearly embarrassing as being incompetent.

                I will give you the Browns though. I can’t believe I forgot them. Nets are not great, but not as bad as the Knicks.

              • x%sure

                You’re not making a good case. That was a bad list. Cards were in a SB. The Nets are rising.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Washington Generals haven’t beaten the Globetrotters in decades. That makes then slightly worse than the Knicks.

      • hiflew

        In fairness, the Generals have always played the toughest schedule in all of basketball. They aren’t loading up on wins against cupcakes.

    • MarlinsFanBase

      Marlins have two championships.

      I can understand feeling sorry for the Knicks because many of their fans also root for the Mets and Jets for a trifecta of ineptitude.

      • x%sure

        NY is full of aholes, among many other types. Plenty of high bidder types available, or prez candidates. Who is most desperate?

      • Jesus, dude. You even bash the Mets on Hoopsrumors. I guess you need to when you’re a fan of one of the worst franchises in sports. The Marlins are poised for yet another last place finish this season with almost no prospects going forward. Enjoy that.

    • Thuggababyy

      Marlins have actually won this century and again not too long before that

      • hiflew

        Winning a championship (even two) does not absolve all sins. The Marlins will probably never live down the label of “fire sales” and of Jeff Loria’s swindling of the city of Miami for that awful stadium.

        Even if the Knicks were the #1 seed in the East right now, they would still be an embarrassing franchise. It’s not all about winning.

  2. Knick FO chiefs have a long history of evidencing their ineptness early on in their tenures. To date, however, none (that I know of) have been able to do so prior to taking the job. Hopefully, Rose is not trying to be the first. I’ll judge him on his acts (not rumors), but this isn’t a good read.

  3. tiredolddude

    If they can find a guy who’ll average 40 a game, they may be competitive

  4. eyesaiah

    They obviously looking for Melo Ball. Knicks bout to have 10 guards on the roster

  5. jeremy

    well they can thank phil for that 17 pick. they wouldnt be in this mess if they actually knew how to draft well or even sign a decent team.

  6. Norm Chouinard

    The Knicks are targeting another scorer who can’t shoot. What could go wrong?

  7. KnickerbockerAl

    Frank has not been developed. DSJ looks scared. Payton is solid. But more a backup. Halliburton is a pss first PG. what this team needs. Run the offense get your team gd shots. What we need

    • MarlinsFanBase

      With what? They have nothing of value other than giving up their lottery picks. If other teams haven’t been able to land him with far more assets, the Knicks aren’t getting him for the garbage on their roster.

  8. Barrett cant shoot it well enough to be the high volume chucker that the knicks want him to be at the 2, and with his paltry assist to turnover ratio he also shouldnt be their pg. He needs to slide over to the 3 (or stay there i don’t really watch them) where his current strengths play better and continue to work on FTs and his jumper. He can also work on his play making in-game in a more lax and less intensive secondary facilitator role. Put on some weight in the offseason get to the low 210’s so he can body most small forward as this year he’ll be getting knocked around (but they should stick with it). Barrett cant be an “out of the league lvl” bust for them. Go ahead and take a safe pick if you go for a PG, nba ready jumper is a must as well. Defensive intangibles make for lil more then a bench player if you cant develop their offensive game in any meaningful way.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Barrett is doing great for a rookie on a poorly coached team who was playing out of position most season. Barrett isn’t the problem.

    • hiflew

      With this lackluster draft crop, a top 3 pick might be more overpaid than Wall. At least Wall can play at an All Star level. Meanwhile, this class is looking so much like 2013, maybe even worse. There is not one player on the board that doesn’t have multiple questions about either health or ability in my opinion.

  9. Halliburton is the best fit for the Knicks, most polished passer and shooter of the PG’s in the draft. Keep Peyton around for next season to give Tyrese an experienced backcourt mentor.

    Likely won’t be available in the mid-20’s, but if the Knicks could find a way to trade up into the mid to high teens and grab Saddiq Bey with their second 1st, he would be a great fit.

  10. MarlinsFanBase

    Interesting how the Knicks are still looking for a PG. To think, if they had fired Phil Jackson before the draft instead of after he drafted Ntilikina, they could’ve drafted other better options instead of the 3 or 4 they passed up on for this wasted pick.

    • hiflew

      Like Malik Monk? He was considered the next most likely pick for the Knicks. It’s not he is burning up the league either.

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