Latest On Knicks’ Front Office Shakeup

As the Knicks restructure their front office, Allan Houston appears to be in line for a promotion, according to Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News.

Houston, 48, was New York’s former assistant general manager and currently serves as GM for the organization’s G League affiliate in Westchester. He was a strong proponent of hiring that team’s former head coach, Mike Miller, as the Knicks’ interim coach after David Fizdale was fired. Houston has been with the organization since 2008 and has survived multiple management shakeups.

Bondy shares information on a few other prominent figures:

  • The Knicks have given up on an attempt to lure Rich Cho from the Grizzlies‘ front office. A source tells Bondy that Cho is happy in Memphis, where the team is a surprise playoff contender with a bright future built around Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. Cho has more than two decades of experience as an NBA executive and is a former GM with both Charlotte and Portland.
  • Vice president of player development Craig Robinson, best known as the brother of former First Lady Michelle Obama, is seeing a reduction in responsibilities. Robinson was hired three years ago by ousted team president Steve Mills to run the Knicks’ player development initiative. However, the organization has experienced a mixed draft record during that time and is using a lineup mostly consisting of players who were developed by other teams.
  • No decision has been made on GM Scott Perry, but he has a strong relationship with William Wesley (“Worldwide Wes”), who will have an unofficial role with the team through his close ties to incoming president of basketball operations Leon Rose. Perry was an executive in Detroit when Wesley was managing former Pistons star Richard Hamilton.
  • Bondy confirms that Tom Thibodeau, a former client of Rose’s Creative Artists Agency, is expected to be considered for the head coaching job.
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18 thoughts on “Latest On Knicks’ Front Office Shakeup

  1. crazylarry

    And the dumpster fire continues to run downhill. This is as strong as a case there is in Pro Sports for the league taking back a franchise. What does this cost the league annually to have the Knicks as a laughingstock?

      • Reflect

        Imagine how much more valuable they would be if they weren’t also the dumbest NBA franchise.

      • Yes, even with an incompetent fool as owner, they’re the most valuable franchise in the sport. So…. don’t you think it would benefit the league if they were any good? Having them be even a decent team that will play a round or two in the playoffs would increase ratings and revenue. Instead they’ve been trash for almost 20 years straight (a couple of OK years mixed in).

        I say this as a fan, too. I would watch much more basketball if they Knicks were worth watching and I didn’t have to worry about enriching Dolan. And there are plenty of others who feel the same.

  2. A new regime keeping people from the old regime around (changing / reducing responsibilities, reassigning, etc.) leads to a bloated organizational structure with competing fiefdoms and agendas. It’s been the Knick way. Hope Rose can change it. There’s no reason for guys like Perry (or his group of scouts), Mills’ scouts or Robinson (or his people) not to be replaced.

  3. TJECK109

    Ouch you know your career is heading in the wrong direction if you get your responsibilities cut by the Knicks

  4. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Dolan needs to step aside and let people run the team.

    Start by hiring Troy Weaver. Learned under Sam Presti who’s kept things stable in OKC since Westbrook and Durant left.

    Hire Becky Hammond as HC. Bold move but basketball is basketball and she worked up one of the greats in pop.

    Roster needs a shake up. You look to being in Bogdanovic, 4 years, or DeMar DeRozan, 3 years. You also look at bringing in Glenn Robinson 111 for bench. Bring back Marcus Morris

    Far as draft goes, Knicks need to build the roster, bring in a competent scouting department, and trade their top 5 pick.

    I say approach the Celtics about trading the Knicks top pick for Celtics 2 highest 1sts, Langford, Edwards, and Tacko Fall, plus a future 1st.

    Payton PG
    Bogdanovic or DeRozan SG
    Barrett SF
    Morris PF
    Robinson C

    Bench of Edwards, Langford, Fall, Robinson 111, plus their would be 3 draft picks, Trier or Dotson

    I’d trade Randle and Knox for draft capital. Any other vets I’d look to trade as well like Gibson.

    • jump shot

      If Becky was a male it would take longer than 2 years as a player development coach and two years as a “front of the bench” assistant to get a HC job. Is she that much better than 99% of the other (male) assistant coaches in waiting?

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        2020. Male or female shouldn’t matter.

        You hire the best person available.

        Given Hammond’s track record of success as a player, success in assistant coaching, coaching the spurs summer league (not her most defining resume item, but none the less applicable). I’d says she’s one of the better candidates out there.

        Are there better? Probably. Would they want to be HC of the Knicks? Who knows.

        Are there ones that learned under all time great coaches like Pop? Not many potential candidates can say they learned under HOF coaches.

        • jump shot

          What success as a player? In the women’s leagues? That would (should) speak volumes if she was vying for a wnba job, not the nba. Success as an assistant??? What has SA done since she’s been an assistant? And, whatever it was , it’s not like she was the lead or top 2 assistant. Ime Udoka (now w PHI) was a higher asst. than her. And mentioning Summer League… I won’t even go there, that’s so meaningless. So, the only only “real” thing she has going for her candidacy is just that – she’s a female. Nothing else on her resume’ separates her from her male peers. I’m not anti-Becky OR knocking her. I’d certainly have no problem with her coaching my son (if I had one – I’ve been blessed w daughters). I just don’t think she’s “paid her dues” YET like her male counterparts have to before the get to stand UP and coach.

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