LeBron, Giannis Draft Their All-Star Teams

Thursday night’s NBA All-Star draft has concluded, with captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo making their selections.

James surprised no one by taking Anthony Davis No. 1 overall. Giannis followed that up by selecting Joel Embiid. The two stars went back-and-forth selecting from the pool of starters with the Lakers’ star picking all of the Western Conference players that were voted in and the reigning MVP picking all of the Eastern Conference players.

In the second round, Team Giannis’ first pick was teammate Khris Middleton. LBJ’s first selection of this group was Damian Lillard, who will reportedly put on a rap performance during All-Star weekend.

Up until the selection of Ben Simmons, both Antetokounmpo and James had stayed within their respective conferences with their picks. After it was all said and done, each side will only have three players from the opposing conference. Here’s a full recap:

Team Giannis

Team LeBron


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13 thoughts on “LeBron, Giannis Draft Their All-Star Teams

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Only an idiot would pass on Harden three times and on Westbrook six times. This game is going to be totally one-sided and boring.

  1. Giannis like I said is a bad captain…

    Needed to pick Kawhi Leonard first …

    LeBron has by far the best team and is yes of making a trade his year maybe he will waive Chris Paul and get in Paul George hahaha

  2. hiflew

    So in other words it’s basically the East All Stars vs the West All Stars. All the starters are that way and most of the reserves.

    This whole “pick up game” set up is just ridiculous. Having actual teammates like Simmons and Embiid on different sides in the ASG makes no sense. It’s just stupid.

  3. formerlyz

    Damn I was way closer last year than this year lol…last year I was only 1-2 people off. This year 4 off, including a starter

    I had Team LeBron: Anthony Davis, Kawhi, Harden, Kemba…Lillard, Ingram, Gobert, Simmons, Chris Paul, Jokic, Kyle Lowry

    Giannis: Luka, Embiid, Siakam, Trae Young….Middleton, Butler, Donovan Mitchell, Bam, Tatum, Westbrook, Sabonis

    None of this matters, really, but there are some interesting things you can turn into a story there, mostly from the Giannis side

    • x%sure

      Giannis trying to avoid an Embiid matchup like in the playoffs?– even winning can be losing, if something crucial is given away before it counts.
      Or maybe he wants to get a feel for him. Embiid kind of avoided showing anything in the last PHL-MIL matchup.

  4. El Don

    Giannis started well with Embiid but then… Oh boy, Siakam before Luka???
    Kemba before Harden???
    Bam before Simmons???
    Gobert before Jokic???
    Boy, oh boy!!!

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