Mavericks Protesting Loss To Hawks

The Mavericks have filed a protest with the league office to contest their loss against the Hawks on Saturday, according to Marc Stein of the New York Times (Twitter link).

Dallas is citing a “misapplication of the rules,” according to Stein, and the team hopes to convince commissioner Adam Silver that the final 9.7 seconds of the game be replayed with Atlanta holding a two-point lead in a jump-ball scenario.

The play of question saw Hawks guard Trae Young attempt a layup that was blocked by Mavs forward Dorian Finney-Smith. Officials stopped the play, calling Finney-Smith’s block a goaltend. While that happened, Hawks forward John Collins grabbed the ball and converted a putback.

The officiating staff reviewed the play and determined that a goaltend shouldn’t have been called, but the crew decided to count Collins’ basket. Atlanta went on to win 111-107.

“One of the refs told one of the players it was an inadvertent whistle that came after the putback – but everybody who was watching it said it came before the putback,” Mavs owner Mark Cuban said, as relayed by Mark Townsend of The Dallas Morning News. “That’s neither here nor there because if it’s a goaltend and then it’s an inadvertent whistle, you stop play. But then they went and reviewed it. And they reviewed it for a goaltend. So either you can’t review it because it’s an inadvertent whistle, or you review it and it’s a goaltend, the play stops right there, unless there’s something I don’t know, and that’s always possible, but I’ve never seen anything like that.”

This is the league’s second protest of the season, with the Rockets unsuccessfully contesting a double-overtime game against San Antonio in December. Atlanta was led by Collins’ 35 points, 17 rebounds and two blocks on Saturday, winning its second straight outing.

Regardless of the league’s decision on the game, Cuban will likely receive a fine for publicly criticizing the officiating. He’s received several fines during his time with the team and is widely known as one of the league’s most outspoken owners.

“It would be one thing if we were making positive progress. But we’re not,” Cuban said. “Out of the 70 refs, give or take, I think I counted 17 that have five years or less experience. That’s a lot. And you can’t expect new refs to be any good. And that’s because we do such a horrific job of training in the G League. Not a poor job. Not a marginal job. We apply literally no resources. The Joey Crawfords and Bennett Salvatores, I’m so glad I can call those guys out, because they’re awful at their jobs.”

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15 thoughts on “Mavericks Protesting Loss To Hawks

  1. gymnasium

    maybe don’t sit your top 2 players since you are playing the hawks Mark. Then one play won’t be the issue. Your mistake

    • justinkm19

      I agree, I was mad that they sat both, but now I think they’re trying to line up with the Nuggets in the first round. We are better on the road so no point in trying to get home court.

  2. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Maybe the Celtics will do the same after the terrible officiating today in LA. It’s disgusting how the league officiates so many games in the Lakers favor.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Lmao if we are throwing stones in glass houses.

      Harden should be fined every time he gets a fake foul the refs call in his favor.

    • amk3510

      That was a bad officiated game all around. Its hilarious how much this Rockets fan acts like the leauge is out to get his team and push the Lakers. Maybe you should have won while your window was open.

      • politicsNbaseball

        Their window was never open. They were never getting past Golden State.

    • x%sure

      HWM is wearing his anti-Laker clip-ons on top of his RocketRed-tinted glasses.

    • Dodgethis

      No one has benifited more from poor officiating than James “flop” Harden. Well, maybe senior travel, LeBron James.

  3. Sheep8

    Has anyone officiated on here before? It’s not easy! the game moves really fast and literally every call is a judgement!

    • dcahen

      Sheep, that’s irrelevant. Watch tape after games with the explicit motive in analyzing the refs “judgment” after the fact, in slow motion if necessary. The NBA has always, I repeat, always had different sets of rules for superstars. I always thought they let the continuation rule go from 2 steps to 4-5 with Jordan, then Kobe (RIP), but Labron takes

      • dcahen

        Sorry, I went to reword something & it posted it; I was saying LaBron takes officiating favoritism to a new level. It’s not just the traveling that gets overlooked, but his physical style of play should foul him out of every game; but he usually ends up with 1-2 fouls. He shoves, goaltends, mugs, moves his pivot foot 2-3 times…I could go on.

        The reason why Cuban will not only lose the protest, but will get fined as well, is that it’s not really a ref problem, it’s an NBA problem; & who’s judging the protest? Why the NBA themselves, of course!

        • x%sure

          decahen Jordan & Bryant would flinch away from a defender, presenting the illusion of a push. It is easy to point to. The thing about Lebron travelling though is just reluctant recognition of his importance, blaming him for what everyone is doing and is thus legal. Actually more players would flinch more often if they could, but it’s harder to make a shot doing that.

          If you think its easy for a ref to see everything in basketball, and also blame famous names for widespread errors, then you’re deluded in a celebrity culture.

          • mikesnug

            I agree it’s hard to see everything, specifically when a guy is in the paint rebounding or shooting…. but crap, out front where EVERYBODY can see, and no calls.. this is the way the NBA wants it!

  4. mikesnug

    Doesn’t matter the circumstances.NBA officials are the worst in all professional sports.. young officials or experienced ones… I wouldn’t give you fifty cents for every last one of them…they are horrendous!!

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