NBA Announces 3-Point, Slam Dunk, Skills Challenge Participants

Names have been gradually trickling out, but we now have all the participants for the league’s 3-point, slam dunk, and skills challenge contests, which will take place during All-Star weekend in Chicago later this month.

The three-point contest will contain a new wrinkle. There will be a pair of extra shots, with one location at the top of the key to the left and one to the right, as shown in this diagram. Those two basketballs, which will be green, will be worth three points apiece.

The following players will complete in this new format, according to the league’s press release:

Here are the participants for the Slam Dunk Contest (press release):

Here are the participants for the NBA’s Skills Challenge (press release):

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19 thoughts on “NBA Announces 3-Point, Slam Dunk, Skills Challenge Participants

  1. mcase7187

    The slam dunk is a joke now a days they should bring 2 street ball players not pros some of those kids are just nasty

  2. stevep-4

    I guess Vince Carter couldn’t convince them to allow the spring-shoes as part of the new rules

    • bravesfan88

      James was never going to do a slam dunk contest, he felt he could only “lose” by participating, so he never did it..

  3. richard dangler

    Has the nba finally stopped pushing the wnba players down our throats during all star weekend? Literally no one wants to see them.

  4. Thuggababyy

    I didn’t know Pat Connaughton threw down like that.

    But I did know his nickname is “Vanilla Thunder”

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