Pistons Notes: Casey, Walton, Hall, Doumbouya

Pistons coach Dwane Casey didn’t sign up for a rebuild, but that’s the situation he finds himself in, as James Edwards of The Athletic details. Casey will have three years remaining on his contract after this season and the front office has a plan in place for a turnaround. He did that with the Raptors and he hopes to get a chance to coach the finished product in Detroit. “You’d love to finish what you start building,” Casey said. “That’s what you want to be known for, and you want to have an opportunity to finish.”

We have more on the Pistons:

  • Point guard Derrick Walton Jr. hopes to stick with the club beyond the 10-day contract he signed on Friday, as he told The Detroit Free Press. Walton became a free agent when the Clippers dealt him earlier this month to the Hawks, who quickly waived him. “They like that I make shots, that I make other players better, that I think the game and overall, I’ve always been know as a great teammate, a great locker room guy,” said Walton, who grew up in Detroit and played four seasons for the University of Michigan. “I think that’s going to follow me wherever I go.”
  • Forward Donta Hall, who has been playing for the Pistons’ G League affiliate in Grand Rapids, also signed a 10-day contract over the weekend after Markieff Morris‘ contract was bought out. Hall will provide depth in the frontcourt, at least in the short run, Keith Langlois of the team’s website relays. “Being down Markieff, he gives us another long guy inside,” Casey said. “He’s been playing well, playing hard with our G League team, giving us everything. … Won’t hesitate to play him if the situation calls for it.”
  • Developing Sekou Doumbouya into a star, as the Bucks did with all-world talent Giannis Antetokounmpo, is one of seven ways the Pistons can emulate Milwaukee’s blueprint for success, Matt Schoch of the Detroit News writes.
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16 thoughts on “Pistons Notes: Casey, Walton, Hall, Doumbouya

        • hiflew

          The Suns might not actually be a bad fit for Blake, assuming the acquisition cost is not too high, that is. A package of Oubre, Kaminsky, Bridges, and a pick might work once the cap resets.

          • Pick? If they put oubre kaminsky (!) Bridges also without a pick Detroit will make the deal

            • MrWood

              Screw the kick?!? Oubre is 24 years old and about to be a legit T50 guy for the next 6 years… for Blake? Nooooooooo. Don’t do it. Run away… admiral ackbar is telling you it’s a trap!

  1. x%sure

    From the link, where the Pistons are advised to emulate the Bucks:
    “When [Thon] Maker went to Milwaukee management asking for more minutes in his third season, he was benched for seven straight games until Detroit traded for him.”

    New tidbit?– for me anyway. Thon is not progressing of course, not really a player & probably older than 23.

    Doumbouya should be traded as they need someone to step up now on a now-depleted team. Development is usually an illusion. DoomToYa is “toolsy” as the writer said, so should fetch something.

  2. Tazza

    Detroit is a terribly ran team.
    They had Drummond for years and years and he didn’t progress much but he did a little. He is the leagues best rebounder and is a constant 15/15 guy.
    They held on to him for far to long and end up with next to nothing.
    They traded in for Blake Griffin which was a risk and at the time he was a top 5 PF but now he is just an overpaid and injured PF.
    They brought out Reggie Jackson… why? That’s literally made no sense you got nothing for him and you make yourself worse.
    They also waived Morris again why? GSW managed to get 3 second round picks for Burks and GR3. You should’ve got something back for Morris.
    Thon Maker hasn’t been developed at all, and your best player this year and an emerging young player Luke Kennard was also traded at the deadline.

    • diller1340

      I’d argue that after not being able to trade Jackson or Morris that the front office looks good by buying them out. It tells future players that might sign with the team that the front office will look out for them. The team decided it was going to play its young players and Kackson and Morris

    • diller1340

      I’d argue that the front office looks good by buying out Jackson and Morris. Once they couldn’t trade either of them at the deadline the team already decided it was going in a different direction and was going to play the young players. So for the rest of the year Jackson and Morris would have just rode the bench on expiring deals. Son now by buying them both out and letting them go to contenders it tells future free agents that the front office will look out for the players best interest thus possibly making Detroit more attractive to potential veteran players

      • Buckman

        A buy-out made more sense for Morris but Jackson would have had some trade value next year. I would buy out Jackson if you thought that his injuries would lead to diminished quality, minutes, or both.

        • diller1340

          Jackson’s contract was up at the end of this season. So once the trade deadline passed he had no trade value….. so buy out made sense

    • diller1340

      And by the way…… Luke Kennard was NOT traded at the deadline…… he is just currently hurt

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