Steph Curry Expected To Return For Warriors On Sunday

FEBRUARY 26: After Curry went through his second full-speed scrimmage today, head coach Steve Kerr said he’d like to see the star guard scrimmage a little more, downplaying the notion that a Sunday return is locked in (video link via Anthony Slater of The Athletic).

“If it’s Sunday, great,” Kerr said. “If it’s not, that’s fine too.”

FEBRUARY 25: Warriors star Stephen Curry will return to action on Sunday following his four-month recovery from a broken left hand, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (via Twitter).

The March 1 contest, a home game vs. the Wizards, is the one Curry has been eyeing as a potential target date for more than a month. Now, barring an unexpected setback within the next few days, it appears he’ll meet that target date.

At 12-45, the Warriors rank dead last in the NBA, 4.5 games behind the Timberwolves, the next-worst team in the Western Conference. Although the team has no playoff hopes at this point, getting Curry back for the last month-and-a-half of the season will give the Dubs an opportunity to see how the two-time MVP meshes with some of the team’s new contributors.

Andrew Wiggins is the most notable of the Warriors’ newest additions, but Curry has also seen little to no playing time alongside youngsters like Eric Paschall, Ky Bowman, and Marquese Chriss, all of whom look like good bets to be part of next year’s squad.

Curry’s presence will add some extra intrigue to the Warriors’ matchups vs. contenders down the stretch. Following Sunday’s game against Washington, six of Golden State’s next seven contests will be against the Nuggets, Raptors, Sixers, Clippers, and Bucks.

While Curry’s return is around the corner, his fellow Splash Brother won’t be suiting up for the Warriors this season. The club publicly ruled out Klay Thompson for the season last week.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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46 thoughts on “Steph Curry Expected To Return For Warriors On Sunday

  1. Howie415

    Should be interesting to see how all the kids mesh with Curry. Do they go for a guard, or Wiseman, in the draft?

    • ChapmansVacuum

      Of course pre draft workouts will be a big determining factor, but I think Steph getting time with the players they have will have a big impact on the draft strategy. Also if there was a good deal to trade down some while still getting the player they prefer most is possible. I could see GSW trading down from like 1st to 5th in a guard heavy draft to get additional assets while still snagging the player they think will be the biggest contributer over the next 3 seasons instead of longer term upside.

  2. Strike Four

    Watch the NBA ratings go through the roof now the true king and true goat of the game is finally back.

    No more Harden dummy flopping…

    No more ringless Rockets fans saying “rent free” when theyre the ones who let GSW live rent free in the first place after going 1-12 in playoffs vs them…

    No more Bron crying to refs…

    …just pure hooping, love the game never love of the fame, Steph dot the absolute GOAT – better than MJ, better than Bron, better than Kobe, the TRUE GOAT!!!

    • muahahah you joking right? Trying to figure out how you will eventually play the race card or troll folks. So be honest. You really believe this?

      • Strike Four

        Yes, #StephBetter.

        MJ, Bron all these legends played within the game, but Steph changed the game. Before Steph no one shot 3’s, but today’s game is centered around the 3. The game -looks- different before and after Steph.

        MJ cant say that and neither can Bron.

        I don’t blame you thinking its a troll, you have been forcefed GSW hate narratives by ESPN and Bron your whole life. They lied. Steph has always been the most influential player in the league due to his absurd skill level at shooting. You respect the shooter, not the rebounder.

        • Dxit90a

          MJ changed the game from big man focused team to Guard focused team . He blasted open the Guard era. Steph is no where near the GOAT conversation. He is playing in the softest era of basketball. No hand check defense , restricted area under the basket , and centers can’t hang around the basket . He would be a normal star player at best in MJ era . Curry lacks toughness as seen when they lost 3-1 lead and needed to recruit KD to get less defense focus on him. Also he never was MVP of the finals what does that tell you? I know that he is not the best player on the team in the finals .

    • yanks49erswolves

      Umm… Steph is not even in top 10 all time never mind GOAT. I’m hoping there are drugs involved in this comment.

      • Strike Four

        I’m stone cold sober. Steph is the best player in the history of the league, period.

        Only Wilt Chamberlain is in the convo for how influential he was on the entire league and how the game is played. But he played in a weaker talent era and slower paced game with lesser athleticism.

        Steph Curry is better.

        • Curtisrowe

          You’re such an obvious troll that it is ridiculous. Tone it down a little.

          • HoopsR

            The flag doesn’t depict a mentally healthy individual. This guy definitely believes steph is better. It’s better to leave these people alone, like a crazy homeless guy.

            • x%sure

              Flag depiction reference? Believable, esp given Strike4.

              Anyway Curry did redefine what a good shot is; this has been mentioned a number of times in media, referring to the length of his shots.
              But he’s not tough enough to be called the best. Possible top 10. Say top 20.

              Agree about MJordan from Dext90a though I’m not thrilled about it. In the beginning forwards were called forwards because they were the scoring ones, and guards got back on D. But the NBA wanted more excitemet.

    • amk3510

      LMAO delusional Warrior fans are something else. MJ still has double the rings Steph does and he certainty never blew a 3-1 finals lead. The greatest of all time doesn’t let a series like that get away. Espically on a team that broke the regular season win total. Curry isn’t even a top 10 player ever put down the crack.

      • Howie415

        Curry hasn’t retired yet. He can still earn more rings. Especially with a coach like Kerr.

        • amk3510

          Warriors will be swaping out prime KD for Andrew Wiggins. That says it all on why their window is closed and no one will be scared of them next year at full health.

          • harden-westbrook-mvps

            Plus they lost Iggy and most of their other top defenders except for Green and Thompson. Teams next season will be putting up somewhere between 115-120 a game against the Warriors.

            • Howie415

              Actually, Chriss, Paschall, Wiggins, and Smilely are proving to be above average defenders. The Warriors might make something out Bender. They have a potentiality strong second unit. Pretty good for a rebuilding team. With the 1st they have coming in the next 3 years, the Dubs are in a great position.

            • macdaddy96

              Warriors give up 115.1 points per game. Rockets give up 114.2. Let that sink in. A championship pretender and the worst team in the league record wise are almost identical this year.

              • HoopsR

                Sinks in as bad logic. The perennial championship contender is lightyears away from a (until recently) a perennial rebuilding team, no matter what stats they have in common.

      • Strike Four

        Is it a team game or solo game?

        Steph didnt blow a 3-1 lead, his team did after Bron cried to the NBA league office and somehow got Draymond suspended -during- the finals, a thing that has never happened and should have never happened.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Rockets went 5-8 against the Warriors during the last three playoffs. The rest of the NBA was 9-38 during that span.

      • amk3510

        I think this is Daryl Morreys burner because he tweeted that like it was an accomplishment. When does the “Warriors hardest west competition 2018-19” banner go up?

        • HoopsR

          It is. I don’t understand this kind of talk when no one wins it every year. That is the only time saying something like this makes sense to me.

      • Strike Four

        You literally posted a losing record as a positive and IM delusional? LOL what a joke.

        • HoopsR

          If the argument is beyond your understanding, don’t reply. We’re trying to have a real conversation here.

  3. mlbnyyfan

    I bet regardless what happens GS wins lottery anyway. That’s exactly what the basketball gods want

    • HoopsR

      It would make for a good story line and if we’re being real, that’s all that matters to the people running the show. What soap opera will garner the most profits.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Sure that’s admirable, but how foolish are the Warriors going to look if something happens to Curry playing in meaningless games?

      • stevep-4

        No games are meaningless. Fans pay meaningful money to attend and they appreciate seeing real players rather than warmed over D League guys and re-treads waived by other teams.

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