Western Notes: Suns, Gallinari, Hood, Lakers, Mudiay

After the Suns waived Tyler Johnson earlier this week, head coach Monty Williams said Johnson’s replacement on the roster will get the chance to be part of the team’s longer-term plans rather than just being a rental for the rest of the 2019/20 season, as Gina Mizell of The Athletic relays.

Word broke this afternoon that, for now, Jonah Bolden will be the player occupying the roster spot that Johnson previously held. Bolden is only getting a 10-day contract and could end up being a short-term solution as the Suns deal with a bevy of frontcourt injuries. However, if he makes a strong impression during his first few games with the team, a second 10-day contract and perhaps even a multiyear deal could follow. If not, Phoenix may look elsewhere for a player that can fit into the club’s plans beyond this season.

Here’s more from around the Western Conference:

  • After holding onto Danilo Gallinari through the trade deadline, the Thunder may explore sign-and-trade scenarios for the veteran forward this offseason, according to Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman, who is skeptical that the rebuilding squad will be enthusiastic about a pricey multiyear contract for a player entering his age-32 season.
  • Trail Blazers swingman Rodney Hood, who is out for the season with a torn Achilles, spoke to Casey Holdahl of Blazers.com about his recovery process and sounded like someone who plans to pick up his 2020/21 player option. “I really want to get back as soon as possible so I can help our goal toward a championship next year,” Hood said.
  • Some rival executives believe there are holes on the Lakers‘ roster and are skeptical of the team’s chances to defeat the Clippers in a seven-game series, writes Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report. With those critiques in mind, Pincus explores what options the Lakers might have on the buyout market in the coming weeks.
  • With Mike Conley healthy again, Emmanuel Mudiay has mostly fallen out of the Jazz‘s rotation for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean the team doesn’t need Mudiay, says Tony Jones of The Athletic.
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16 thoughts on “Western Notes: Suns, Gallinari, Hood, Lakers, Mudiay

  1. Gallo sign and trade seems interesting but he will be 32 so what salary will he want and how many years. His value was high heading into this season but I think will be falling away heading into next season.

    Maybe there could be some 3 team sign and trade deal.
    KLove to Portland, Gallo on a 1 year deal plus a first to the Cavs, Zach Collins also sign and traded to OKC.
    Let Hassan Whiteside walk in FA clearing 27mil which is plenty for Love who’s getting about 25mil. Portland get Lillard McCollum Ariza Love and Nurkic with Simons Hood and Melo off the bench plus a vet on the minimum or two.
    Cavs get back a first for Love and get Gallo on an expiring deal which they could package in a trade for more draft picks or a young player. Saves them a lot of salary cap space that they can use to design Drummond with.
    OKC clears salary cap, gets a good young player in Zach Collins and only has to give up a first to do so. Could even be a lottery protected first.

    • Portland isn’t going to give up a 1st and Collins for Love. If anything they would want a pick back for taking on that contract.

    • OKC give up the first to the Cavs, Portland just gives up Collins.
      OKC might think why should we give up a first but they have lots already so giving up a lottery protected one shouldn’t be a huge loss and Collins would be a good gain for them rebuilding.
      They could give up the Heats 2023 lottery protected first they own to the Cavs and it’s not a huge loss.

      • 1 year 24 mil..
        why wouldn’t he accept that kind of money and then enter FA again for 1 last good contract

        • I give no fox

          Because he will make more than that on a multi year deal as one of the best FAs available. If he is at his peak value and will only decline going into next year, as you initially claim, he would be wise to secure the long term commitment now.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Only a small number of teams will have a lot of cap space this summer so a lot of players will likely settle for 1-year deals.

  2. Skip, Tampa

    Gallinari should have offered Riley a 3/$45M extension deal. Betting he would have taken that. Much easier to move 15 than 23-24. Could still offer it to the Thunder in July to stay.

    • x%sure

      If Gallo really really wanted the Heat, then probably Riley would approve. Then lean back and laugh.

      • SheltonMatthews

        They could only offer him 2 seasons due to the CBA. They only wanted him for one season guaranteed either way though, to preserve cap space for 2021.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Was thinking the same thing. He did say he would sign for less to be on the right contender long term.
    Nah, not happening, yet ???

  4. hinglemccringleberry

    “Others potentially available could include Corey Brewer, Joe Johnson, Jeff Green, Jonathon Simmons, Trevor Booker, Tyrone Wallace, Nik Stauskas, Shelvin Mack, Jeremy Lin and Iman Shumpert.”

    None of these guys will help the lakers. I’d rather them look at the G-League

  5. I think it very unlikely that the Heat and Gallo would hook up this summer. The Heat should have sufficient cap space to sign Gallo, and wouldn’t need to go through the trouble of a S&T. But if they hold to their plan, they’ll be looking to use it on a 1 year basis. Gallo isn’t a member of the Heat because he didn’t want just a 1 year (1/1) extension. So, unless Gallo has a change of heart, or the Heat scrap their plan for summer of 2021 FA spending spree, it won’t happen.

  6. david722

    Lakers used all their assets for a 2 man show and apparently whiffed by over estimating Kuzma’s contributions. They will be exposed by some of the better teams in the playoffs. They are vastly improved over the past few years, but there is absolutely no quality depth and no assets to get them.

  7. PhoenixSuns480

    We should try an sign KAT an Russell this offseason at least I think they’re both FA if not we should definitely try to trade for them before Booker ends up dippin to Minnesota to play with them since they’re such good friends plus our lineup would be dope af especially if we are able to keep Oubre an Rubio honestly feel like we’d be a title contender with that move Ayton an KAT in the front court an Russel Booker an Oubre in the back with Rubio leading our bench would be legit but knowing our front office we won’t do a dam thing an end up losing Booker for not at least trying to get better the fact we didn’t even try to make any moves just tells me they’re giving up on 2020 an with the pick we’ll get we might as well trade it away kuz that’s exactly what we’ll do in a couple years to whoever we draft I just wanna see Booker in the playoffs I know he’ll kill it once he gets the chance we just have to give it to him even we only land KAT I think will be enough to make the playoffs maybe one or two role players like Mudiay would be nice

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