Al Horford Dismisses Trade Speculation

After a weekend report suggested that the Sixers may explore trading Al Horford this summer, just one year into his four-year contract with the club, the veteran big man was asked on Monday about the possibility of an offseason deal. Predictably, Horford dismissed the report, as Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer writes.

“All I can say is I am focused on right now,” Horford told Pompey. “I can’t control speculation. That is a decision they would have to make when the time is right. Right now, I am focused on getting some wins for our team.”

Horford received one of the most lucrative long-term deals of the 2019 offseason, with the Sixers envisioning the 33-year-old as someone who could play alongside Joel Embiid and provide solid minutes at the five when Embiid sits.

However, it has been a shaky fit so far. Horford is averaging just 11.7 PPG and 6.7 RPG with a career-worst .435 FG% in 56 games (30.6 MPG). He was recently moved to the bench for three games, though he has returned to the starting lineup during the last week with Ben Simmons and Embiid sidelined.

If the 76ers do try to move Horford in the offseason, his contract figures to be a turn-off for potential trade partners. He’s owed a guaranteed $54.5MM over the next two seasons, with a partially guaranteed salary ($14MM of $26.5MM) in 2022/23. He’ll be 36 years old by the time the contract ends.

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23 thoughts on “Al Horford Dismisses Trade Speculation

  1. phillyballers

    His contract matches up for a few potential trades. The sixers will just have to use their remaining draft capital to get a good enough player back.

    46.5M to work with. Richardson, Smith, and Scott also don’t provide a great fit.

    Love, Wiggins, Beal, DeRozan, Hield, Barnes, LaVine, Fouriner probably could be had in the right configuration and picks.

    Well see what happens on draft night.

    For now, I’m happy if he helps progress Shakes game. They need someone to develop into a keeper.

    • Those players may be available in trades but which would actually work.
      Horford for Love would never gain traction, I think GSW really like Wiggins, Beal isn’t moving unless someone gives up 3 firsts and more, DeRozan would be an awful fit, Heild would be a good shooter but locker room fit? Barnes would be good return for Horford and LaVine against bad fit and high value.

      But do agree Horford should be on the trade market and I am also liking Miltons game.
      Milton and Richardson could be a great bench duo at PG and SG

  2. Start with top 8-10 teams in the league. Easiest landing spot would be the Clips if they don’t win, and they had issues with AD or GA. Multi-team would be better, although just between them:

    Clips: Horford and Philly 1st (15-30)

    Sixers: Lou Will, Zubac and McGruder
    (MM in a S&T is an alternative as well)

    • x%sure

      The Clips kind of got their Horford when they got Marcus Morris.
      They also have a different personality/reputation than Horford does. Next year tnough this could be a goal for the Clipper FO if the playoffs do not go well and they bicker.

  3. Sixers should definitely be looking at possible trades because they aren’t anywhere near where they wanted to be and Horfords contract is the worst we have.

    I’d trade Al Horford and 2 second round picks for Harrison Barnes.
    Then follow that up with Zhaire Smith and a second for Mo Bamba

    Before you ask about trading 3 seconds having already traded 3 seconds to GSW we have heaps okay. 3 this year, 2 next year, 1 the year after that..

    Barnes would be our best 3 point shooter out of the starters, he’s currently hitting them at 37%. He would also bring loads of playoff experience. He’s also a team player that doesn’t mind being a 4/5th option like he was at GSW. He’s also a nice defender on the wing.
    Bamba would be a working progress stretch 5 than can block shots and be efficient as a back up to Embiid. Bamba is a 7 foot, 21 year old who averages 15 mins per night and puts up 6/5/1 with 1.5 blocks while shooting 36% from 3. I think he could be really good especially with someone like Embiid helping improve him.

    I’d also move Richardson to the bench and he can lead that group like how he lead the Heat last year.

    1. Simmons. Milton. Burks
    2. Korkmaz. Richardson. Thybulle
    3. Barnes. Robinson
    4. Harris. Scott. Pelle
    5. Embiid. Bamba. OQuinn

    • Curtisrowe

      Why in the world would Sacramento want Al Horford?

      Also, why in the world would Orlando want Zhaire Smith?

      • x%sure

        Why wouln’t Philly want OQuinn backing up Embiid? If it matters, Bamba would not like that job. It would not matter that Embiid is injury-prone because a high pick would not to be in a position to root for that.
        OQuinn has both fine numbers, and is happy to be in the league. I presume he is good for Embiid to practice against.

        • Kyle OQuinn was rumoured to be wanting a release 3 weeks ago.
          Bamba is already playing back up centre to Vucevic anyways, sure he’d rather back up and learn from Embiid.

          • x%sure

            This is true, and it’s not Bamba’s call anyway, but like DXC’s suggested trade, it doesn’t address Philly’s problem of players not getting along. Bamba would feel passed off and be another sore spot.

            OQuinn is that, but probably just dislikes being relegated to 3rd string, and for someone hard to root for. It’s probably fixable if they take him off ice.

      • Horford fills the centre position they have struggled with for awhile and he also helps them defensively which is their biggest weakness. His on court fit with Bagley would be really good and he would be a nice locker room player. Plus the kings get back 2 seconds and lose Barnes deal

    • DynamiteAdams

      I like the Barnes trade but Zhaire smith has no value. No way in this league the Magic trade Bamba for scraps

      • Smith ain’t that bad and has been alright when he gets the opportunity it’s just not very often he gets the chance. Plus Bamba hasn’t exactly had much minutes or anything in Orlando anyways plus they also get a second rounder

  4. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    The Sixers are on the verge of a rebuild. They never got this team right unless you consider building Dumpster Fire an accomplishment. In addition their Coach Sux too

  5. Buckman

    Am I missing something because how is a 33 year old (34 in June) with 3 years left at $25 mill per year a hot commodity? Westbrook and Paul look better on their contracts than Horford looks on his right now. As an opponent GM I would not make any of the deals. Harrison Barnes is in his prime! LAC is giving up 28 PPG to get someone who is on the decline and scoring 13 PPG the last 3 years.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Ya. You’re definitely missing something. :)

      Horford is currently rated as an average NBA starting center according to 538’s RAPTOR metric, 41st in the NBA according to VORP, and 50th according to BPM. All these metrics have their pros and cons, but he’s absolutely a starter on an average to above average team. Even at $25 million, even at 34, there will be a solid market for him.

      To say nothing of the fact that the guy could easily be rated more highly if he was a selfish player.

      I expect a lot of teams to trade for him if/when he becomes available.

      • Cfan99

        One reason Horford left the Celtics was he didn’t want to play center. He expected to primarily be a forward with the 76ers.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Westbrook is definitely worth his supermax contract, so that’s a poor comparison. A better one would be injury-prone Steph Curry.

  6. x%sure

    Philly should move the coach, then address Al Horford… unless, as the saying goes, a team “blows them away” with an offer for AH.

    IDK that coach Brown is horrible, but it’s not working and it might with another making the calls. This would make a big difference for Horford in setting his objectives.

    The thing where Horford simply does what Embiid is not doing, is not fair to anyone.

  7. Jason Lancaster

    Whiteside and a late 1st for Horford makes sense…and it’s a deal that Portland and Philly can make at the draft too.

    Philly gets cap relief, a productive backup center on an expiring they can potentially flip, and an asset for a future deal; Portland gets a big that can play at the 4 or the 5 with no problems. Win-win.

    • Do like your line of thinking. But Portland said they don’t want to give up picks …
      and I think Philly would want more of a player it can use than Whiteside. Barnes for example would be a good starter and someone who plays both ends of the floor and apparently has a bad deal. Plus the kings have had a weakness at defence and at centre for awhile Horford addresses both of those issues

  8. hoosierhysteria

    When does the coach take responsibility for not being able to fit these great players into a system? Butler had to leave. JJ Redick had to leave. Now Horford is benched because the coach can’t figure it out the coach is the issue not the players. Should we bring up Ben Simmons lack of offense of production?

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