Christian Wood Reportedly “Fully Recovered” From Coronavirus

MARCH 26: Wood has been cleared, having registered negative test results on Wednesday evening, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

MARCH 25: Christian Wood, who was the only Pistons player known to have contracted the coronavirus, has “fully recovered,” according to his agent, as our own Dana Gauruder writes for The Detroit Free Press.

Wood is one of at least 10 NBA players known to have test positive for COVID-19. Gauruder hears from a source that Wood still has to pass a few medical tests and is expected to be cleared by Thursday.

The Pistons played the Jazz on March 7, just days before the news of Rudy Gobert‘s diagnosis and the NBA’s suspension of the season. Detroit, like other squads in the league, was asked to self-isolate. That period of isolation ended today.

Gauruder adds that 17 members of the Pistons were tested for the virus, including five players.

According to the World Health Organization, the median recovery time for mild cases of coronavirus is about two weeks. For critical or severe cases, it’s about three-to-six weeks.

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8 thoughts on “Christian Wood Reportedly “Fully Recovered” From Coronavirus

  1. afsooner02

    I’d like to know how long it took him to recover and how long were the worst of his symptoms? Seems for some, relatively nothing has happened and others have severe effects. And not just people with pre existing conditions either.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    How did he beat it. And what did he take. U think they could share that with us.

    • El Don

      Dude is just the cold, you take some painkillers, hydrate, stay home, take it easy in general & it goes away, we ain’t talking about the plague, SARS or Spanish flu here, right?

      • Your right that COVID-19 isn’t any of the diseases you mentioned, but it is still deadly to some. The plague happened in Europe in the 1300s and killed tens of millions of people. At the time, many didn’t die from the plague like many aren’t dying from COVID-19. If the plague happened today it probably wouldn’t be as devastating as it was back then. Would it be like what we are seeing today? IDK maybe. The Spanish Flu happened in the early 1900s (originated in Kansas by the way), we have the whole advances in technology and medicine thing going for us today (same goes for the plague of coarse). If it happened today, It would have probably been contained fast enough where it didn’t kill over 20 million people like it did, though if it wasn’t we would probably have to do what we all are doing now. Right? SARS and COVID-19 look alike as far the symptoms. SARS was contained pretty well from what I remember. My point is, COVID-19 isn’t something mess with. Just because you aren’t seeing the same stats as the viruses you mentioned doesn’t mean it won’t happen or can’t happen.

        • DynamiteAdams

          You do realize the bubonic plague you are referencing still exists right? Not many people die from it now, mostly in poor countries with bad healthcare, but it is still around and it isn’t as bad because hygiene and healthcare in general greatly improved. I think the same will happen with this virus as we get more information about it.

          • Yes the bubonic plague is a thing, but I was speaking more on the event in our worlds history. You know, “The Plague” aka the “Black Death”.

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