Fizdale Believes Knicks Need To Add Power Forward With Range

Although they did win two of three before the NBA suspended the season, the Knicks weren’t having the best 2019/20 campaign. Former coach David Fizdale, who New York fired back in December, believes the team can improve via free agency this offseason by targeting a point guard and a power forward with range.

“I think that if the Knicks can find those pieces in free agency,” Fizdale said on ESPN Radio recently (h/t Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News). “So the next year or two years from now, that big free agent comes through says, ‘Wait a minute, they got these pieces in place, these guys are now starting to get into the playoffs, eighth seed, seventh seed.

That’s the team I want to join in New York City, in the Garden, that could take us to another level.’”

Three-point shooting has been an issue for the club this entire season. Only three teams, the Hawks, Warriors, and Timberwolves, shot a worse percentage from three-point land than the Knicks this year.

“Just looking at the roster where they’re at — I love Elfrid (Payton), Frank (Ntilikina), and Dennis Smith Jr. — but all of them have something in common in that they’re not consistent 3-point shooters coming off the pick-and-roll,”

The coach added that he believes Mitchell Robinson can reach great heights if he continues to develop.

“And if you have a super talent like Mitchell — and I think Mitchell can end up being one of the best centers over the next ten years — you have to have a guy coming off that pick and if you have to fight over that pick and roll,” Fizdale said. “And if you do that, all of a sudden Mitchell Robinson looks totally different. And his production goes up big time.

“The other piece to that puzzle is a 4-man who can really rope that 3… Like I’ve always said, the key to player development is spacing. You want to see players look better on the court, spread the floor.”

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18 thoughts on “Fizdale Believes Knicks Need To Add Power Forward With Range

  1. cobbalicious

    They already added like 5 last off-season. The Knicks are so dumb sometimes.

    • Decius

      He said a PF with range. They have a bunch of PFs that play on the inside. I get his point. I’m not saying that’s the answer but I understand.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Morris and Portis can both hit the 3 ball, Gibson and Randle can’t really and who was the fifth?

        Knicks don’t need another PF plain an simple and the fact the coach is talking about building for the future and never mentioned Barrett as a key piece is odd. He’s their best young player

  2. natsfan3437

    That’s exactly what they need… Another power forward riiight.

    Wrong, what they need is some talent.

  3. Strike Four

    Holy god this man is the dumbest human alive.

    The NBA literally made the power forward position irrelevant in the post-Steph era. No one uses them, they aren’t a real position anymore, they were replaced by wings and stretch 5’s.

    • dynamite drop in monty

      Do you you manage to shoehorn a Steph Curry comment in every convo in your day to day existence? Like when waitresses ask if you’re done with your moons over my hammy are you like blah blah blah Steph Curry makes the best eggs and his farts smell like freshly cut grass blah blah blah

  4. Curtisrowe

    I agree. All the Knicks need is a PG and a power forward with range, And a SG, SF and a Center. And a bench. And a new owner.

    • jump shot

      Those couple, 12, 13 things would definitely get them moving in the right direction

  5. greg1

    Fiz cracks me up.

    Marcus Morris, Bobby Portis Fiz, forgot them already have you?!

    Glad he was fired, was taking the team nowhere.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    You see why he’s gone. He had three PGs he thinks sucked. What an anus. Keep Payton move the others. Draft Halliburton don’t need to sign one. Sign Gallinari he’s a shooter. He nnRandle is a gd mix. If Wiseman is there for Knicks. I draft him n trade Mitch to get Halliburton. There are plenty of 4s in draft. We have 3 picks in top 35. Can target a shooter too. Fizdale is such a Bust. Amazing how he was given a job.

  7. mlbnyyfan

    I think they need a 2 guard with range. Trade those Mavs picks for Bradley Beal. They haven’t had a good shooter since Allen Houston/John Starks.

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