James Dolan Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Knicks owner James Dolan has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a tweet from the team. Dolan is “experiencing little to no symptoms” of the virus, the statement adds. He is in self-isolation and continues to oversee business operations of the Madison Square Garden Company.

A source tells Marc Berman of the New York Post that Dolan is with his family in the Hamptons and learned of his test results earlier this week.

Ten NBA players have tested positive for the coronavirus over the past 17 days, but Dolan is the first high-level executive known to have contracted it. The Knicks have avoided public comment on the virus since it began affecting the league, but their players have likely not been tested and have been permitted to return to their homes, according to Steve Popper of Newsday (Twitter link).

Dolan, 64, has been a controversial figure in New York as the Knicks have fallen on hard times under his ownership. His image has also been damaged by public disputes with beloved figures in the Garden such as Charles Oakley and Spike Lee.

The news about Dolan comes a day after Madison Square Garden set up a relief fund that will offer financial assistance to employees and will provide them with a salary through at least May 3. The MSG Relief Fund was announced in a letter sent to employees Friday night, writes Larry Brooks of The New York Post.

The fund was created with a $1MM donation from the Madison Square Garden Company and a matching donation from the Dolan Family Foundation. The MSG management team put in another $300K and contributions are expected from the Knicks and the NHL’s Rangers.

“I knew they’d do the right thing and they did,” said union president James Claffey. “It’s a very generous offer. It wasn’t negotiated. They just gave it, here’s what they wanted to do for our stage crews and other entertainment workers. We didn’t request it. And they’re taking care equally well of the other unions.”

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24 thoughts on “James Dolan Tests Positive For Coronavirus

  1. I get it. Folks aren’t fans of his, but I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Stay classy folks.

  2. munlou

    There are some morons out there this a serious illness nothing to laugh about grow up

    • El Don

      Really??? It’s just a cold/flu, not a deadly virus that will wipe out the world, dude! Don’t panic!

      • Chucktoad1

        This far into it and it astounds me that people are still calling just a cold/flu

  3. dave frost nhlpa

    I’ve had very few dealing with him. He’s not what you would expect,but at the end of things,he just says or does something and you say,”I need to get on the plane.”

    • x%sure

      It’s like how Robert Frost liked to put it, to wit…
      “Two roads diverged [on a business trip], and I — [dave frost nhlpa], took the one less traveled by [James Dolan], and that has made all the difference.”

  4. formerlyz

    I find it interesting that they only agreed to pay workers after he found out he has it…for a guy that has told people to kill themselves and banned children from the arena for potentially, not even 100% doing it, chanting the same thing as thousands of others, and especially the head of a corporation (they have done everything in their power to make this situation even harder), I have very little sympathy. I just hope he didnt give it to anyone else

    • 4Quarters

      I dunno. He seems like he has a short fuse, but I’ve also seen multiple pics of him smiling in photos with ushers at the annual Christmas party the Garden holds for event employees.

      He doesn’t even have to be at that party. There’s one for execs, TV staff, and players –then another for event staff. Those photos don’t get out, there’s no PR in it, but he’s there.

      I’ll ask the usher I know, who works the required 20hrs a week to get their pay during the outbreak. Those who work less were given instructions on how to apply for unemployment comp–which ALL businesses are required to pay into when they hire employees (which is why some try “under the table” cash transactions)

      Never let facts & details get in the way of some good group-think tho. Carry on.

      • ThePeople'sElbow

        oh how lucky they were to have been blessed with his excellency’s presence. why are you defending a billionaire as if he gives a hoot about you?

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