Knicks Notes: Oakley, Lee, Rose, Harkless

Charles Oakley offered his opinion on the Knickscontroversy involving Spike Lee during a radio interview this morning, relays Steve Popper of Newsday. Appearing on ESPN’s “Golic and Wingo,” Oakley said the dispute stems from an organizational philosophy set by owner James Dolan.

“When you see a business like this year after year … having problems off the court, trying to get people to come to games and they’re not coming because it’s a toxic situation, because it’s so much control going on … egos,” Oakley stated. “These people who run a team, sometimes owners sit back and watch; this guy wants to be the CEO, the head of operations, he wants to be in control. It shouldn’t be run like that. It should be run by a group of people, not a control freak.”

Oakley also suggested that these incidents alienate players who might think about joining the team. New York had an embarrassing experience last summer when it failed to land any top talent despite having enough cap room for two max offers.

“Even Dwyane Wade said, they treat you like that, how you think they’re going to treat us?” Oakley added. “… The thing that kills the team, kills their hope for the future, you get a new president [Leon Rose] and don’t get to introduce him to the press, to the people because of this. It just wiped the whole thing out. You did something positive and you’re right back at ground zero.”

There’s more tonight from New York:

  • Rose took a low-key approach to his first day as president of basketball operations, writes Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic. Rose didn’t hold a press conference or talk to any media. He met with players and staff and promised to build relationships. “We’ve been through a lot of up and down this year — coaching changes, president changes, a lot of family tragedies — but he really wants to stick with us,” Kevin Knox said. “He’s going to make sure we get better, the team gets better. As a player, that’s what you want to hear.”
  • Warriors general manager Bob Myers tells Marc Berman of The New York Post that Rose’s background as a successful agent will help him succeed as an executive. Myers was the pioneer for that transition, leaving Arn Tellem’s agency in 2012 to take over Golden State.
  • Maurice Harkless has made an impression on the coaching staff since being acquired from the Clippers at the trade deadline, observes Ian Begley of “People use the term versatility a lot but when I watch the games, and then I go back and I watch in on video again, I see more things that he did that maybe I didn’t even notice,” interim coach Mike Miller said.
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23 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Oakley, Lee, Rose, Harkless

  1. amk3510

    MSG is now a communist state with no negative comments about supreme leader Dolan

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          Yes, you’re right. Most people confuse communism with authoritarianism. The former being a utopian system where scarcity has basically been abolished thus making material wealth completely meaningless.

          • x%sure

            The only way to abolish scarcity is to reduce expectations.
            Segueing back to the Knicks

          • amk3510

            Not confusing a thing. Communism always has dictators that censor free speech… no matter how much people try and make excuses like “the right type has never been implemented”.

    • illowa

      Ha. Supreme Leader who appoints his apprentice and then said apprentice takes the Empire and then he gives his…..nevermind.

  2. Decius

    His ego will not allow him to get out his own way. This will end badly for him. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  3. Socrates Curveball

    CAA now runs the Knicks just like the crosstown baseball Mets. Dolan is in hiding. It’s a mess.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Lakers and Warriors don’t have James Dolan or Fred Wilpon as owners.

        It’s a mess for the Mets and KnicIs with those 2 as owners.

  4. JonnyLucas

    You guys are nuts. I’m with the Knicks On this one. Why does spike lee think he’s too important for the VIP entrance?! I think he thinks he IS the Knicks in some way… that he can go through the team entrance because he’s part of the team. Entitled dudes thinking they are entitled to more entitlement. SMH.

    • metsie1

      It’s just so easy to rip the Knicks. However, I am with you on this one. Who is Spike Lee? He doesn’t want to use a VIP entrance? He is not an employee. Then he uses his influence to go on First Take to air his beef? Like everyone else should be offended for his entitlement behavior? He sounds like a petulant 10 year old child.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      Except spike Lee isn’t just any fan..

      1. He’s famous

      2. Unlike most famous fans he actually injects himself into the game by and tries to have an impact on the team and game. He’s heckled refs heckled opposing players. You can look up plenty of images of spike Lee engaging with players before games on the court, getting stare downs for the heckling, etc.

      3. On top of being a super fan and famous guarantee he’s donated $$$ possibly millions towards foundations charities etc represented by the Knicks.

      VIP gate, player gate, a guy like Spike Lee that’s invested so much and brings notoriety in numerous ways to a team that hasn’t been good since JVG in early 2000s is it really worth telling a guy like that which gate to use? Not really.

      It’s more about James Dolan being incompetent as an owner and alienating the franchise than it is which gate spike Lee is using.

      • Down with OBP

        It’s totally fair to want Lee to go through another gate. But there was no reason to make it a public display unless you just wanted to show everyone who’s the boss I guess. A press release that uses the term “laughable” for a super fan is probably doing PR wrong.

        • JonnyLucas

          I might be wrong, but I’m pretty positive it was Spike who made it public first in ESPN. He was mad and sought out a platform to rant. I might be wrong, like I said, but that’s the sense I have of the timeline.

          • There was a video that showed him in heated argument with security that prompted explanation for what happened. I don’t know if the Knicks “laughable” press release came first or Spike’s interview but it was justified for both sides to make media statements for their side of the story.

      • Being famous is not a feature for Spike. Being the guy who is a icon of fan dedication for the team is his calling card. He’s put in the years, and VIP treatment for him should be accommodating him in any way that is reasonable. Is it unreasonable to allow him to enter by the employee entrance? I have no idea what trouble is caused by him using a particular elevator. He has stated that he was not given any notice there was a problem with it. This isn’t just some schmuck who had some popular movies recently. He’s not the upper echelon of celebrity royalty either, but he has put in the years of dedication to the team. If he’s not asking for big sacrifices from the business, you just accommodate him and extend every courtesy to him. Simple,except in the world of the Knicks.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Politics n Knicks really. Dolan has been a bad owner. Since he got here. Was given MSG by daddy. They got lucky with Ewing. Riley as coach built a nice team. But then wanted piece of franchise. When negotiating his next contract. Never going to happen. So he got a piece of Heat. JVG had some success. But they were acquiring vets. Signing FA n trading their draft picks away. Have never rebuilt after Ewing. Always tried throwing money at issues. This is first time they have gone the draft route. Needs to be finished. Done a bad job if developing. Even gone backwards with some. Still this draft is huge for us. And have assets to acquire a nice player. Develop the young guys. Get the right coach. They will be in a good place. With a young team. Do not mess this draft up. Got 3 picks in top 35.

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