NBA Prepares For Layoff Of At Least 30 Days

7:32pm: Silver confirmed that the duration of the league’s postponement “will be most likely at least 30 days,” according to an interview during Inside The NBA on TNT. When asked if it was possible that the NBA regular season would not resume at all, Silver noted, “Of course it’s possible. I just don’t know more at this point.”

4:00pm: Although the NBA has yet make a formal announcement on an initial timetable for its hiatus, team owners are encouraging commissioner Adam Silver to re-evaluate the situation after 30 days, sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link), who says the league is expected to provide an official update soon.

Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link) also hears that the NBA will shut down for 30 days before the suspension is re-assessed. Bruce Arthur of The Toronto Star (Twitter links) was the first to report that preliminary 30-day timeline, stressing that it’s a “minimum” and that the timetable may end up being largely out of the NBA’s control.

A layoff of at least 30 days doesn’t come as a surprise. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban speculated earlier today that it may take at least 60 days for the virus to run its course and for the NBA to consider resuming the 2019/20 season. The Chinese Basketball Association, which suspended its season in late January, is aiming for an early-April return, which would mean a hiatus of over two months.

In the short term, a handful of NBA teams – particularly those who have been in recent contact with affected Jazz players Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell – are self-isolating in order to minimize risk.

In addition to the teams we discussed in that earlier story, the Nuggets and Sixers are among the clubs whose players are being advised to temporarily self-quarantine, per Mike Singer of The Denver Post and Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer (Twitter link), respectively. The 76ers are organizing testing for players and some staffers, while the Nuggets have tests available if needed, according to those reports.

Goodwill reports (via Twitter) that some team owners on today’s conference call suggested that every NBA player should be tested for COVID-19 during the suspension. Given how challenging it has been for the average American with symptoms to get tested for the virus, it’s unclear how realistic it is to expect tests right now for hundreds of NBA players without symptoms.

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24 thoughts on “NBA Prepares For Layoff Of At Least 30 Days

  1. OCTraveler

    Glad NBA players have test kits available if they want them … too bad for the rest of us who may not get one if we need one. We remain a country that serves the elite first.

  2. stevep-4

    Fauci just promised on TV that kits will be readily available in the next 7 to 10 days, after a meeting at the Shite House.

    • x%sure

      Source? Reading about test kits is depressing. Hospitals cannot even analyze samples themselves. It looks like a racket from manufacturers.

      • dust44

        That’s not true at all. My girlfriend has cystic fibrosis and she took a test today at the doctor and had her results within the hour.

        • x%sure

          Umm… different thing. That’s been around awhile.

          Covid19 requires a whole new product and they’re just starting on it. There is not even uniformity on what gets tested or what is looked for in the test, nor much disclosure or even agreement on the medical terms used.

          Some hospitals are more aggressive than others but Kaiser Permanente could not do it themselves as of a couple days ago and they would be most likely to be ahead of the curve. The samples get “sent away” I’m sure along with money.

          There is an immediate tester called a thermometer, and ears, which can hear coughing. If anyone knows different about testing speak up, but if its about cistic fibrosis forget it.

          • jhiphop

            I think he meant his gf got tested because she has CF, which is a lung disease. You know about CF at birth or shortly thereafter. I lost my sister to CF 15 years ago, so I’ll be thinking about you and the gf, dust

        • stevep-4

          Also heard today on NPR podcast that the testing industry is working on a way to provide tests free of charge as quickly as they can be manufactured. There will of course be a protocol, so something like 1) people with symptoms; 2) health care and other public workers; 3) people who have traveled to areas with major outbreaks;

    • This could be the first time in a long time the NBA has discouraged traveling.

      • earmbrister

        Apparently the officials wearing stripes on their shoulders are whistling Euro Steps …

  3. Arnold Ziffel

    Rudy Gobert was defensive player of the year last season, he took it up a notch this year, shutting down the NBA.

  4. Gravy Train

    This Dr. Sanja Guptas guy is just terrible on TNT. He is all about saying anything that promoting paranoia versus practically attempting to reduce panic among the public. This guy seems completely inadequate in not only addressing the public but I would absolutely call his opinions in general into question. TNT needs to do a much better job in deciding who represents them regarding these kids of situations. At the very least, he did not seem credible. At worst, he came across as an awkward individual who is fueling the fire of paranoia.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Who does this doctor think he is offering medical opinions about a global disease? He should be downplaying the facts so we can all stop worrying about the virus that could kill millions.

      I mean, it’s only the elderly and the immunocompromised that have to worry about death. Who really cares about that??

      • JD Candello

        To be fair he’s pretty bad- Hes a made for Oprah / Dr Phil day-time television “Doctor” not a situation like this-

        Not that TNT is massive but this subject matter is above his pay scale in general so I get what the Op’s saying although I havent seen the footage myself

    • x%sure

      Well the ABC “expert”, the tall-faced blonde lady, is all about assuring people not informing them, so her & Gupta can cancel each other out.

      There are plenty of scenerios where the situation is not what we thought, better or worse.

      The testing situation is a mess and the virus is like it was engineered. Did Gupta say the whole thing is a plan to get rid of old people because that theory could be supported.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    In 30 days. They can check everyone involved with every team. Then start playoffs with no fans. Sorry Bron. This is going to be best playoffs in yrs. I hope they come back. I’m praying. Stay safe cause right now. We don’t have testing for a pandemic.

  6. stevep-4

    If they do re-start, it will be like re-starting the season as any teams with injuries that were not season ending will be full healthy. That could make things very interesting.

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