Rudy Gobert Donates $500K To Arena Workers, Coronavirus-Related Services

All-Star Jazz center Rudy Gobert, the first NBA player to be diagnosed with the novel coronavirus COVID-19, has donated $500K to various groups impacted by the virus, per a team press release first relayed by ESPN’s Tim Bontemps (Twitter link).

Those groups include the 800-plus part-time employees at the club’s Vivint Smart Home Arena, in addition to coronavirus-related health service relief in Utah, Oklahoma City (where Gobert was diagnosed with the ailment) and social health care services in France, Gobert’s homeland.

“I know there are countless ways that people have been impacted,” Gobert said in the statement released by the Jazz. “These donations are a small token that reflect my appreciation and support for all those impacted and are the first of many steps I will take to try and make a positive difference.”

Per the press release, $200K of the gift will be donated to the part-time employees. Gobert will supply 100,000 Euros to the French health care system. $100K apiece will be allocated to families impacted in Utah and Oklahoma City.

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30 thoughts on “Rudy Gobert Donates $500K To Arena Workers, Coronavirus-Related Services

  1. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Well least he’s doing the right things to apologize for his behavior.

      • Dysturbed

        The concept of actions speak louder than words come into play in two ways.

        His childish actions prior to knowing that he has the virus can speak louder than his words of his apology. That is the extent that some people perhaps including yourself, are willing to see it.

        However, his actions in trying to do what he can by helping others with his check can factually be more impactful at this specific point than his apology. What is more helpful, simply acknowledging that he feels bad, or taking a measure to rectify things to an extent?

        What else do you recommend?

  2. richard dangler

    This whole thing is a hoax. Some how the media has managed to convince 325 million people that there’s a epidemic. There are literally 2k cases nation wide and only 43 deaths. That’s the size of an avg high school. People, go live your lives and stop buying into this.

    • Rewane

      I don’t get it. Didn’t almost every pandemic begin with a few individuals? By your logic, pandemics only happen when several million people gets infected at once?

      • hiflew

        You are expecting advanced logic from someone using the name “richard dangler?” Where is the logic in that?

          • hiflew

            It says that I am at least mature enough to not use a euphemism for the male phallus as an internet handle.

    • tomjoadsghost

      The media? Pay attention to what’s happening in Italy and Iran. They are a couple weeks ahead of us. Stop listening to well paid liars who peddle disinformation on purpose.

        • just-a-fan

          okay? he said literally and grossly underestimate the amount. didn’t argue over severity just dont talk about media lying then go and say that

          • GABEPERKINS1

            The point is we’ve had this pandemics before and we’ve come out ahead.. people need to not panic.. my main concern in all this is the lack of the govt getting out in front of this.. my concern is the blame game.. this is the American people.. whether republican or Democrat these are the american people..govt needs to get it together..

            • MoneyBallJustWorks

              you figured the usgov would be ahead? this whole thing was supposed to be down to 5 cases by now according to president orange

        • hiflew

          Except we are not finished with this one yet. You have to wait until it is over before you judge how serious it was. You might as well look at only the first 2 weeks of the Civil War and say, not many people died, a lot more died during the 8 years of the Revolutionary War.

      • He stipulated nationwide, but you probably ignored that to make a snarky point.


      Agree 100% live your life people thousands of people have gotten it and recovered people die every day from flu pneumonia but somehow this coronavirus Is the end of the world according to the news…

      • MoneyBallJustWorks

        ok so the flaw with that is there is a vaccine for the flu year after year. there isn’t a vaccine for this virus currently.

  3. DVail1979

    Can we put aside the petty bullshit arguing and just agree that while Gobert made a mistake hes making good now and that’s what counts .. He could have easily just made a public apology but hes putting his money where his heart is … to good use … Thank you Rudy .. We forgive your mistake and the world could use more people like you

  4. illowa

    Just in, corona virus just mutated into the brown bottle flu affecting the middle age working class. Symptoms incude no sports and multiple 30 packs.

  5. Buckman

    A document obtained by Business Insiders that hospitals are using for planning purposes estimate 96,000,000 U.S. cases and 480,000 deaths. An individual who contracts COVID-19 has 10-20x increased chance of dying compared with the flu according to statistics collected so far.

      • x%sure

        Hoping for a summer break providing time for the dispersal of test devices. There gov’t should spend freely for this. I suspect some sort of novel antibody exchange will get traction.

    • Where are you getting this from? You realize that’s a decrease in the current mortality rate by like 80%? So while losing 480,000 would be terrible. That’s 0.5% compared to the current 2.5%.

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